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Saturday, March 1, 2014

spring is coming!

spring is coming!

Here are over 300 mind expanding documentaries organized perfectly into over 30 categories! From the mysteries of the cosmos, to the origins of religion, there's nothing that this list doesn't cover!
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Shane Murray vividly recalls the scowl on the face of the young Native woman at Haskell Indian Nation University’s Cultural Center when he placed a pair of tiny handcuffs on her desk. “She knew immediately that these were child’s
Thousands of students are converging this weekend to stand up for their future and say no to Keystone XL!

Join ‪#‎XLdissent‬-East:

Join #XLdissent-West:

In case you missed this article earlier in the week.

""They all have at their core this idea that a person's religious beliefs trumps their need to serve the public," says Robert Boston, the author of the forthcoming book Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn't Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do. ..."From the perspective of religious conservatives, there has been too much change, too quickly," says Boston, communications director for the advocacy group Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He says that conservative Christians are uncomfortable with the ways in which recent civil rights movements are changing America into a more open — and more secular — place."
Arizona and other states are considering bills allowing business owners to refuse service to gays or other groups that offend their religious beliefs.
Tantra is a path that leads your life energy towards the highest peak of consciousness and love, without suppressing the pleasures of the body. It is the path of those who have enough courage to say yes to all the aspects of life. Osho

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"If you can not find the truth right where you are now,
where else do you expect to find it ?" Dogen

Let Peace and Peace and Peace be Everywhere

Are you supporting your introverted students?
Consider this report card comment. It is very common. If you are a teacher, perhaps you’ve written it yourself: “He’s a great student, but he’s quiet in class. I wish he’d speak.
Spreading Kindness
Meadow Linn - Savor the Day

I heard a knock on my front door this morning and saw a friendly face peeking through the window. It was my mom, bearing a huge smile and a beautiful orchid. She surprised me just to say, “I love you!”

While drinking my morning tea, I’d mentioned to my mom on the phone that I was feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been really excited for all the transition and transformation that seems to be afoot this year, but sometimes the weight of it can get pretty heavy. New ventures can be exciting, but sometimes during the buildup, it can feel a bit like riding a pendulum that swings back and forth between euphoria and despair.

As I sipped my earl grey, worries about money, career, love, and health all seemed to compound. At the very moment that I was feeling the most alone, there was my mom to offer a hug and a simple, “I love you.”

The fact she stopped what she was doing and came to see me made all the difference. Being kind doesn’t have to take a lot of time, energy, or money, but it can change the course of someone’s day (or even life). Sometimes spending two extra minutes on the phone to find out how someone is doing is all it takes. Or, it can be a genuine smile when you pass a stranger on the street or a nod of sympathy when you see a new mother struggling with a screaming baby in public.

Last weekend I got a taco at my favorite takeout place. The family in front of me was twenty-five cents short when their bill was rung up. The cashier plunged her hand into the tip jar and pulled out a quarter. The look of relief on the parents’ faces was palpable. No doubt the missing quarter from the tip jar will be replenished ten-fold as a result of this kind gesture.

Almost always, when we perform a random act of kindness, it boomerangs back to us. What we put out into the world is reflected back like an image in a mirror. However, this only happens when it’s a true act of kindness. Being nice because you believe the Universe will reward you carries a very different energy than spreading joy and love because that’s what’s in your heart.

Last week, completely out of the blue, FedEx pulled up in front of my house. The driver hopped out and handed me a green cardboard box. I couldn’t imagine what it was or whom it was from. As soon as he drove away, I tore into the box and found a vase full of flowers and a note that said: “May your day be bursting with JOY! Watch the flowers bloom as your life continues to bloom! It’s going to be a spectacular year!!!” My friend Aimee, all the way across the country, had no idea that I’d been feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of my future; yet, she seemed to know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Aimee’s gift of love will come back to her in the most miraculous ways; this I know. When you give genuinely, without strings attached, and you spread kindness, the world suddenly becomes a kinder, more loving, and more generous place.

Just thinking about this act of kindness fills me with warmth and brings tears of joy. The unexpected gift provided love and support at that exact moment I needed it. I realized that if Aimee believes in me, then I have to believe in me too. And, that is powerful. It’s nearly impossible to succeed if your biggest critic lives inside of you.

What can you do today to spread more joy, love, and kindness? What steps can you take to be a better friend, a more sympathetic girl/boyfriend, or a kinder person? Maybe you buy coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru or maybe you decide to let the guy with only three items in his cart go in front of you at the supermarket. Perhaps you call a relative to say, “I love you,” or maybe you make a delicious meal for your spouse instead of barraging him/her with problems the moment you get home from work. Whatever you can do to be more kind, do it now.

Les Nisbett's Photo from March 1, 2014: Happiness Check out our photo gallery.
I love this meme from my
 6-week online course. And the message is sooooo true—'Is This For My Highest Good'.
So maybe you’re not used to asking yourself what choice to make for your highest good, so how did that go? It may take some practice, but keep.
Do you have any extra towels laying around? If so, WE NEED THEM! Our clinic is running low on towels. You can drop your donations off anytime during our adoption lobby hours Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun 12pm-5pm


This worked well for me for many years - it's a simple, weed-free way to grow lettuce, spinach and even radishes. Take a 2 cubic feet bag of potting soil (I used Miracle Grow), rumple it around quite a bit to loose the soil, poke quite a few holes in the back side for drainage, then lay the bag on a smooth surface that will allow drainage and not get too hot, and cut out the top, leaving about a 4 or 5 inch border all around. Lightly rake through the soil to even it out and loosen it even more, then carefully, and evenly sprinkle the seeds around. I put my salad green seeds in an old spice bottle with large shaker holes, added some cornmeal, shook it all up to mix well and sprinkled them out of it. I put the cornmeal in there to allow me to see that I had covered the soil evenly. If doing radish seeds or spinach, just make lines the depth mentioned on the seed pack, plant the seeds and cover appropriately. For salad greens I sprinkled a lite covering of soil over the cornmeal and seeds and then spray-misted to water them in. I put my bags on metal sawhorses and grates to make them waist level. This kept the bags off the hot concrete and I didn't have to bend over when cutting my salad. When harvesting, just use a pair of scissors and cut what you need - don't pull the plants out. Same goes for spinach - they will grow back almost magically overnight, and you can't tell where you cut. Spray mist the seeds and plantlings at first when watering, until they are established, then you can water more vigorously as the plants mature. You will probably need to water more often, since the depth of the bags are not as deep as a regular in-ground garden. I just kept mine moist, but not sopping wet.

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Ring of fire: how the Northern Lights look from space -#NASA -

exactly! (thank you for the original post in my news feed, Scott Haddock !
Sweet, loving, reliable, affectionate and well-mannered are all words used to describe CAL. A 1 and half year old Pittie mix who is good with dogs of all sizes, lived with children 9 years and younger and is house broken. CAL is pretty smart too, he already knows how to sit, shake and lay down! CAL would love an active family that would take him hiking because he loves to play in the water! Sadly CAL wound up at the HSU when his family were no longer allowed to keep him. If you are looking for a perfect family man…then come meet CAL at The Humane Society of Utah! Love this face but adoption is in the cards right now…LIKE and SHARE to help us, find this lover a forever home! For more information on how to adopt from the HSU go to
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"You're on the wrong side of history." - Whoopi Goldberg

Today, artist and humanitarian Whoopi Goldberg released a video with the Human Rights Campaign with a message for the presidents of Uganda and Nigeria, “you’re on the wrong side of history.”

Watch and share her important message and read

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A favorite from the Book of Shadows group on the NING site. Check it out at
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 The Blyssful Witch - Dark Paganism and the Occult
Spiritual and Magical Philosophies – All Goddesses are Not One Goddess

“One curse of modern witchcraft is the chant of ‘all Goddesses are one Goddess.’

They are not. 

Practical magical Work throws dust in the eyes of any claims that they are.

It is all very well to cut the Universe in two, call one part Goddess and the other God, but in terms of getting results, I have found it is better to use more delineated and specific parts.

Calling a Goddess by the wrong name will get the same reaction as shouting out the wrong name when you are hard at it with your Lover.

A hefty bitch slap from a Divine force will knock the idea that Goddesses are simply ‘archetypes’ right out of your skull.

This kind of offence will not be forgiven however many offerings you heap on the altar. Goddesses do not forget.

Get the Name right.

The pagan and occult revival has turned many places into a ‘mummy hunt’. There is book after book detailing the worship of ancient Goddesses, their mantras and rituals and images apparently set into amber.

If the writers were more honest, they would admit that they are liberally troweling New Age cement and setting politically correct keystones into their royal arches…

There are techniques to be taken and lessons to be learned from the past, but these grave windings can become a tourniquet around the limbs of the Living Arte.

It is not just humans that change, Goddesses change too.

They do not remain as they were if they are being worked with.

Neglected Goddesses do appear ‘trapped in time’ and many have gone feral.

You cannot forge a relationship with a living Goddess by living in the past.

If you want to work with Babalon, then say Babalon.

Shout Babalon.
Scream Babalon.
Whisper Babalon.

Be with Her Now."

Source: The Red Goddess, Peter Grey; Scarlet Imprint [Bibliotheque Rouge] (2007)

Image: Motherland Chronicles #10 - Throne Lady, Tobiee (Tobias Kwan)
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Good summation.
Now that I've finally got the utter failure that was the season finale of American Horror Story: Coven out of...
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Know Your Roots: The Salem Witch Trials began on this day in 1692. Now, over 300 years later, Salem is "Witch City, USA".
One town's strange journey from paranoia to pardon

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Hecate Blessings of Transformation at this Crone Moon, Dark Moon about to be New Moon time!
Gizmo and Sugar are currently the "Cutest Siblings" Supurrrlatives holders at KITTY CITY. They have super fat faces, and when they cuddle, they kinda squish together. They have been together for 7 years, and we dont want to separate them...So if you would consider adopting these great torte twiners come down to KITTY CITY for ‪#‎Caturday‬ and meet these lovely ladies, or LIKE and SHARE to spread the word! More info needed? Then head on over to

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Is the Goddess Hekate, THE Goddess of the Witches?
What do you think and why?

For years I have been teaching that death is not the end of existence, nor is it something to be feared; there is life beyond this physical world. Earth is only one part of a vast multidimensional universe.
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Remember that screaming Mandrake from harry Potter? Well, they’re real!
European mandrake is native to the Mediterranean region, and Pliny the Elder tells us its root was used by ancient surgeons as an anesthetic, and as a booster for fertility. Today, it is sometimes found in alternative medicines as a remedy for asthma and coughs. Like the American mandrake, the root can be poisonous. By the sixteenth century, mandrake had made its way to English medicinal gardens.
When it comes to folklore, mandrake gets pretty interesting. A number of medieval herbals, such as the Herbarium of Apuleius cite the use of mandrake root as a cure for demonic possession. It’s also recommended as a preventative against witchcraft. Certainly, this idea may be due in part to the notion that a few hundred years ago, illness was sometimes seen as evidence of demonic influence – use the mandrake, get rid of the demon, the illness goes away.
Mandrake became a popular ingredient in magic because the roots tend to bear a resemblance to the human figure – an early example of poppet magic in action. Mandrake roots were and still are often used to represent either a male figure with a beard, or a female with a head of bushy, wild hair.

The plant was rumored to grow under a hangman’s gallows, and it was believed to be death to dig up the root, which was said to utter a shriek and terrible groans on being dug up, which none might hear and live (Harry potter! Ha!)
Use mandrake in your home to ward off negative energy. Consider planting it around the perimeter of your property as a barrier, or place some under your doorstep for protection and fertility. Some hoodoo traditions recommend wrapping a whole mandrake root in a dollar bill and carrying it in your pocket for financial fortune.

114 current Members & we have now saved 183,225.1 sq ft! Keep up the awesome
work & ask your friends or family to join in to take back our planet.

Invite a friend to our ecology fund team to heal our Mother Earth &
give animals back their homes! When we all work together to spread the
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Ecology Fund

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Pagans Save The World is a Care2 group I created to help save & heal
Mother Nature. If you wish to visit? Here is the URL but you must be
signed into Care2 to join & view this group.

~Pagans Save The World~ 447 Pagan Member & Three Hosts:)

Love & Light


Greetings & Bright Blessing!

Here are some Fund raising ideas you can do at Pagan Pride to make our world greener & show Gaia you still care!

Every dollar plants a Tree! Raising as little as $25.00 in a fundraiser on Pagan Pride day & planting 25 trees will be a gift to the earth & animals that will last lifetimes! This is so easy to do! Even if people all get together & throw in a few dollars that money will start adding up! 25 Trees is a very small goal but even if it was just 25 it really does make a difference.

American Forests

American Forests works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. Healthy forests filter water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon, and provide homes for wildlife. Help plant trees to restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and to clean our air and water. Every Dollar Plants a Tree!

25 Trees - Forest Member
100 Trees - Forest Protector
250 Trees - Forest Steward
500 Trees - Forest Guardian
1000 Trees - Forest Legacy
Sustain the Legacy ($1,000+)
Learn about other ways individuals and corporations can help through donations, endowment funds, and bequest.

Please respond to this File & share your Gaia Healing ideas for Pagan Pride as well we would love to hear them:) Share these ideas with your Coven & Freinds. You can also send them an invite to this group by visiting this URL:

Love & Light


(Group Owner)

~Green Pagan Pride~

Some ideas for you...
1. Finding sources/donors 
� Some Ideas & Tips on finding Sources on Sanguinarius's Page. 
� Sites on hemachromatosis (basically healthy people who would benefit by being 
o Throwing out good blood, a U.S. News and World Report article 
o IronMan - The Lighter Side of Living with Hemochromatosis! (see especially the 
link labelled Fun With Phlebotomy!) 
o Iron Overload Diseases Association 
(The above sites on hemachromatosis are not of much direct help in actually 
finding donors, but you may find it useful to know that such people exist and 
constitute a small yet significant portion of the population.) 
� My article on Finding donors in the BDSM scene (primarily of use to female 
2. Personal ad sites and other places to meet people 
� List of vampire-related classified ad sites, on my Vampiric People's Resource 
� National Gothic Singles Network 
� Jaguar's D/S-BDSM Personals 



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Dear U2 Fan, Don't miss the 2014 Academy Awards this Sunday evening - the band are performing their Oscar-nominated song, 'Ordinary Love'.  The lyrics to the song, explained Bono this week, were influenced by reading the love letters of Winnie and Nelson during his years in prisonOrdinary Love, adds Idris Elba, who plays Mandela in the film,' is no ordinary song, as President Mandela was no ordinary man.'  This will be only the second time the band have played Ordinary Love to a live audience. The first was a special acoustic version, as guests of Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Watch it here.  And just in case you missed it, there was another special debut in February - Mark Romanek's video for 'Invisible'. Take a look.  best wishes The Team. 
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Circle Sanctuary The air is frosty but the days are getting longer - it is March at Circle Sanctuary
Events at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
Sanctuary Day Circle SanctuarySaturday, March 8, 9:30-4 Sanctuary Days are times when the community comes together to work on volunteer projects at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve.  Volunteers are critical to everything that Circle Sanctuary does, so come out and help make the magic happen! Weather permitting we'll be working on tasks inside and out including:
  • Cleaning and preparing ritual supplies 
  • Owl's Nest shop cleaning and restocking
  • Outdoor land work (weather permitting)
Full Moon Circle Friday, March 14, 7-9pm Join Jen Snow in letting go of Winter blahs with personal purification through crafting an energizing incense and a balancing bath infusion to take home for personal use.   It is time to let go of the hold that Winter had had on us, release negativity, and get ready for the Magick of Spring!   This event is free and open to all adults - Online RSVP requested.
Welcome Spring Festival Saturday, March 22, 9am-7pm Call in springtime and celebrate the equinox at this joyful community festival with an herbcraft theme.  Together we will connect with new herbs and plants to help us in our spiritual journey, while weeding out that which needs to change within ourselves and our homes.   Register or learn more online.
March Nature Preserve Visiting Days Visit Circle Cemetery or connect with the sacred spaces of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve during our expanded March visiting times:
  • Wednesday, March 12, 11am-3pm.  Tour at 1pm.
  • Wednesday, March 26, 11am-3pm.  Tour at 1pm.
  • Saturday, March 8, 10:30-3.  During Sanctuary Day, no tour.
Events Around the Nation
Circle Sanctuary at Paganicon March 14-16 near Minneapolis Visit Circle Sanctuary's booth in the exhibitors' hall and participate in workshops by Circle Sanctuary community members, including the editor of CIRCLE Magazine. More information and registration online at
Selena Fox at Sacred Space Conference March 13-16 in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area Selena will be facilitating two rituals on Brigid Healing and Ancestors,  and presenting workshops on Pagan Death Passages and Crone Magic. More information and registration online at
Events Online
Circle Craft Study online with Selena Fox Tuesday nights, 8-9pm central Selena Fox teaches about Pagan life, spirituality and practice in live, internet radio broadcasts.  Listen live online via the links below or listen later when archived as a podcast.  March's dates and topics are:
Circle Talk Radio Wednesday nights, 8-9pm central Connect with Circle Sanctuary in a new internet radio series, Circle Talk, with views and news from the Circle Sanctuary Community and beyond.  Listen live online via the links below:
* Pagans who have served or are serving in the U.S. Military who want to be have an audio presentation of the Pagan Military Service Ribbon during this show need to submit information online by Monday, March 3 and then will need to call into the show.  For further information contact the Circle Sanctuary office.
Upcoming Events
Earth Day Festival at Circle Sanctuary Saturday, April 19 This festival is free and open to the public.  Registration coming soon!
- - - Circle Sanctuary | PO Box 9 | Barneveld, WI 53507 To change your preferences, please click this link. To unsubscribe, please click Unsubscribe. Circle Sanctuary will not sell, trade, share or rent your email address.
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The moon is full of magic! Image © Getty Images; Licensed to
The moon has been a source of inspiration and power for a long time, so why not take advantage of that moon mojo when you're working on ritual and spellcraft? While each month's full moon has its own unique set of correspondences, there are many traditions that believe that the different lunar phases should be used for different types of magic. We'll also talk about lunar folklore, moon rituals, and what to do with all those full moon names if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Lunar Folklore and Legends
The moon is, in terms of distance, the closest heavenly body to earth. We can see it in the sky for three weeks out of four, and people have, for thousands of years, used its light to guide them in the dark. In addition to the personification of the moon as deity, there are all kinds of fascinating legends and myths associated with the moon and its cycles. Read Full Article
Search Related Topics:  moon magic  folklore 
Monthly Full Moon Correspondences
How To Hold an Esbat Rite - Celebrate the Full Moon
Each moon cycle has its own correspondences. Image (c) 2007 Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
Each of the full moons has its own associations with magic and folklore. Here's a comprehensive list of the different full moon phases, along with links to detailed information about how to celebrate them appropriately. Southern Hemisphere readers, there's a special section just for you, to help figure out how to celebrate where you live! Read Full Article
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Lunar Deities
For thousands of years, people have looked up at the moon and wondered about its divine significance. It should come as no surprise that many cultures throughout time have had lunar deities - that is, gods or goddesses associated with the power and energy of the moon. If you're doing a moon-related ritual, in some traditions of Wicca and Paganism you may choose to call upon one of these deities for assistance. Let's look at some of the better known lunar deities. Read Full Article
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Lunar Phases and Magical Workings
Full Moon Water Scrying Divination
In some traditions the phases of the moon are important to magical workings. Image © Getty Images
For many Pagans and Wiccans, the cycles of the moon are important to magical workings. It's believed in some traditions that the waxing moon, the full moon, the waning moon and the new moon all have their own special magical properties, and so workings should be planned accordingly. If your tradition follows these guidelines -- or if you think you'd like to time your magic based upon the phase of the moon -- here are some tips on what sort of magic to perform during the various lunar stages. Read Full Article
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