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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interview with a Real Vampire(not jokes!)

Mrs/Ms. Norton,

Do let me know if you need anything else!

1. First I live in Utah a state were people are very P.C. and being different is shunned upon (people fear the LDS church) So,how would you make a coven/group friendly and appealing to Vampires who are seeking others like them?

That is a good question. Meetups used to be the best real way to meet and explore the common ground. I suggest locating likeminded people by posting on various forums and bulletins boards locally to meet at your local coffeehouses or libraries. Any quiet but public place you can sit down and get to know people.

2. How would one invite those who are interested in a group with persons like themselves without making them feel disrespected or that it would become public knowledge that they are a Vampire?

It is fairly easy to become involved. Find reputable places through The Atlanta Vampire Alliance, and others that have been around for a long time. They respect one’s private life.

3. What's the biggest fear or concern to Vampires today?

Bing outed and losing one’s child is the biggest. There is a few court cases involving that issue actually.

4. Has this lifestyle affected you and/or other in your family?

I have almost no family so I can’t really comment on that one. But it has changed my life as it has allowed me to live life on my own terms, doing what I love – creating books and art. I have hundreds of friends all over the world and many amazing people I call best friends out of it. Without this change, I would not have had certain experiences, such as a private art lesson from Joseph Vargo of Monolithgraphics, or spent nights in Michelle Belangers vast library chatting on deep intellectual thoughts with her and friends, or attended so many events to learn how others think and feel.

5. What is the Best and worst thing about being a Vampire?

By what I know from friends, the feeling of being alone and suffering physical conditions is the worst part. The best part is sleeping in to avoid sunlight! All kidding aside, we have a huge appreciation for the cathartic value of aesthetics in music, art, literature, film and have some very wonderful people to share our existence in this dark world. I feel happy to be a part of it all.

6. Do you believe that all people should be treated equally ?

All people aren’t equal. Let us be perfectly real here. Stratification is a very obvious thing, we all have different levels of intellect and social conditioning so we collectively and individually all behave differently so it stands to reason by our very actions we all can not and should not be treated the same. By the same token, we all should be treated fairly and in accordance to our actions.

7. Are there some media Stereo types that you would like to have broken or them to stop using?

Oh I could (and did) write a book on the subject! Embracing the Darkness: Understanding Dark Subcultures was all about breaking media hype and public stereotyping! The song by Voltaire Vampire Club is full of jokes and real situations that the public uses – but sadly it is actually the various albeit small percent of the vampires themselves who contribute to the very problem. They feel they have to be a certain way to ‘be a vampire’ and are walking clichés. Just be yourself!

8. Are the current Vampire tends like Twilight and Vampire Diaries a good thing or a bad thing and why?

It brings awareness to the lifestyles and people in the community, but it is bad because it brings its own set of problems with the attention.

9. Do you feel you are well respected in the Vampire community?

I certainly would like to think so! All joking aside, The Vampire Don once told me “You are an Elder because you did something – you got off your a** and wrote a book!” I do know from fans letters and the warm welcome I get from people when I go to events they seem to like me, so I am honored and do my very best to represent them when speaking in public.

10. Are you the head of any Houses or groups in your area and are new member welcome?

I happen to be in an enormous amount of groups online but am not the head of any. I used to be co-chair and founder of The Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance of two hundred members but it eventually ended after a few years. I don’t have the time to lead any group but I do enjoy learning from many. Sociology from a sub cultural standpoint is what brought me to this type of thing in the first place.

11. Are you a Sang or A Psi Vampire?

Neither, I am an occult researcher and vampirologist (a nod to college Martin Riccardo for coining the term). I do happen to be a member of the VVC and several other groups in the community however and have been accepted as part of the community.

12. Do you have a type of religion in your life and If so, how do you balance being a Vampire and faith in your life?

I am a card carrying member of The Church of Satan, and my current rank is that of Warlock. My faith allows for me to indulge in whatever pleasing aesthetic I find harmonious to me and Satanism and Gothic classical appreciation for the finer things in life such as music, wine and ark trappings is very compatible.

13. How to you Balance your Day side life and your Vampire night side?

I can only speak for myself, but my persona is both. I tend to be pretty lucky as my life’s work as a writer and publisher keep me public just being who I am. I couldn’t imagine it being any different. But my career is not in jeopardy and I don’t have a family to worry about.

14. Do you go by a Vampire name out of protection or other reasons and why?

I go by the name that I used online to connect with people of different subcultures online from years ago so that they would be willing to open up to somebody who was not an outsider, similar to Katherine Ramsland in the beginning of Piercing the Darkness. The difference is, it stuck with me so people only know me by that pen name. But I don’t hide my real name, and use it as publisher and founder of Dark Moon Press.

15. How has the new Vampire craze effected you or others in the Vampire Community?

Myself, not really other than my books are becoming more read and I find the response by email to various articles I write for Yahoo Contributor gets positive responses. As far as other people, yes it has effected everything to the fact the lifestyle is more open to public scrutiny and growing acceptance (as evident by Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead by myself, and Joseph Laycock’s book Vampires Today) is used for examples in news sources for documentaries. It is a huge community and growing bigger all the time.

16. Do you think movies such as Twilight and tv shows such as Vampire diaries bring in the wrong type of person in to seeking the Real Vampire Community

Oh without a doubt! These types are not seeking the VC at all, what they want is to be told their fantasy world is real and are crushed when told it is not. The Atlanta Vampire Alliance reports that during such premieres they get huge amounts of new member applications and queries that ask questions readily available to anyone who does a careful search for sane answers. It is shocking how little people use their heads before opening their mouths these days. Deep, probing questions are fine; I just wish there were more of them.

17. Has the Internet helped or harmed the Vampire community?

Both. The internet is a double edged sword. More and more I cringe reading Face Book posts of the tripe that makes one think the online world is populated by Twilight vampire wannabes who truly think Edward is out there. But much of the Elders works can be found as well as guidance if you seek the right source. Double check and question everything!

18. Is Discresstion still very important to Vampires?

I think for legal reasons such as child custody cases and someone’s employment at stake there needs to be. One must use common sense.

19. If are an open person?are other drawn to you or do they shy away from you?

I used to be pretty shy and introverted. Now as a former radio show host and public speaker, I am out in the public much more and don’t mind the public viewing my so much. But overall I do tend to keep to myself outside of conventions and college lectures. People are somewhat intimidated by how I look even in a solid black suit but do warm up to me rather quickly.

20. How old do you tell people are and is it your true age?

Well there is no sense in lying when information is out there. I really hate the people who post “I’m a hundred year old vampire from Romania” Please. That is the reason why you don’t get credibility from the so called normals of the world.

21. Do you tend to dress the Vampire part more of the time and how does this effect you regular daily life ?

Considering I am what I am all the time, I guess so. Does an all black suit including shirt and tie with silver jewelry make one vampire or just classy? I couldn’t tell you! I do recall standing in line to cash a check and two huge linebackers were behind me when I dressed this way (of course I had long hair and a black overcoat with the suit) and one told the other to move up closer. I will never forget how the larger of the two said “Hell no man- Vampire in Brooklyn there gonna jump up and bite my neck!”

22. If I were to meet you on the street would, I guess you’re a Vampire( cause lord knows people don't guess I'm a psychic,witch,reverend,vamp)?

You just might! I typically wear all black but am well dressed (I have an image to keep –wink)I am told I have a look about me that either draws people to me or makes the avoid me, depending on your sense of awareness and empathy level. Children tend to be the most amusing for me as they are still unaffected by social contracts – that is to say they keep it real and don’t pretend! Kids will either stare and point or hide from me. I seem to fascinate them.

23. Are most Vampires Dark and Brooding, or is that my perception of the one I've met?

Many are, but you get all types and personalities in the living vampire community. That is what makes it so interesting!

24. Do you have some type of fangs?

No I never felt the need for any.

25. If you are a Sang (I once saw some questions on a Vampire site for teens it asked:) Can you smell Blood? How long can you go with out Blood? ( this one made me laugh!) Can Vampires Smell a women on her period and does it bother you?(the last question is optional!

Some people have an amazing sense of smell. Don Henrie told me of his experiences when I visited him right before the airing of his spot on Tyra Banks that his challenges were to smell and tell what foods were in front of him. Blood itself does have a very distinguished scent to it so it is very possible. Some vampires claim to be able to last months without blood, others

Corvis Nocturnum

Author of: Embracing the Darkness; Understanding Dark Subcultures, and most recently, Allure Of The Vampire; Our Sexual Attraction To The Undead.

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