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Saturday, November 2, 2013

halloween samhain day of the dead

halloween samhain day of the dead

Merticus Stevens
Merticus Stevens4:59pm Oct 27
Vampire Community Archive:
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[utah_pagan_community_publications] File - New flyer
Utah Pagan Community Publications is looking for submissions for a Community Cookbook. please submit recipes for Appetizers, Beverages, Bread, Salad, Soups, Main Dishes, Desserts, Canning, Vegan and Vegetarian, Organic, etc. Please also submit your recipes for Incense, Oils, and other Craft Projects. If you would like to include a short description of your recipe please do so. Magickal associations, appropriate sabbat, pictures or anything else you would also be appreciated. I am really excited about this project and would love to here from you! 

I will also be looking for a name for our cookbook, if you have any ideas please submit them.If your name gets chosen for the cookbook, you will receive a free copy.

Do not hesitate however to submit literary/art etc. works I will save them for our next publication.

To submit your work simply search the following words on Yahoo Groups: Utah Pagan Community Publications. Or contact me off list at: or

Or call me at: 801-309-5392

This is a project that depends entirely on you!

Thanks a bunch!

Happy Submitting

Bye, bye!

Blessed Be!

Carlee Nowling , Christine Moonflower 
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[Vampiresofutah] File - finding a donor 
Some ideas for you...
1. Finding sources/donors 
�	Some Ideas & Tips on finding Sources on Sanguinarius's Page. 
�	Sites on hemachromatosis (basically healthy people who would benefit by being 
o	Throwing out good blood, a U.S. News and World Report article 
o	IronMan - The Lighter Side of Living with Hemochromatosis! (see especially the 
link labelled Fun With Phlebotomy!) 
o	Iron Overload Diseases Association 
(The above sites on hemachromatosis are not of much direct help in actually 
finding donors, but you may find it useful to know that such people exist and 
constitute a small yet significant portion of the population.) 
�	My article on Finding donors in the BDSM scene (primarily of use to female 
2. Personal ad sites and other places to meet people 
�	List of vampire-related classified ad sites, on my Vampiric People's Resource 
�	National Gothic Singles Network 
�	Jaguar's D/S-BDSM Personals 



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The Utah County Freemason MeetUp
Added by David W. Reed
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
7:00 PM
1087 South 750 East
Orem, UT 84097
Will you attend?
4 Free Thinkers attending, including:
"Becoming a Freemason is one of the best things I've done in my life. Come find out..."
"Hi I am currently serving the Brothers of Damascus Lodge as Worshipful Master."
Ever wondered why so many great men throughout history have been Freemasons? Want to know why millions of men from every social, political and religious background become Freemasons? Come join our group of Freemasons and Friends and find out why ...
Come learn about the oldest Fraternity in the World!
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 7:00 PM · 2 attending

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From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan
Are you ready for Samhain?
Are you ready for Samhain?
Image © Getty Images;
Licensed to

It's the end of October, and that means it's time to celebrate Samhain, if you're one of our readers in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a season when the fields are dying, the earth is growing dormant, and the nights are getting longer and colder. It's a time when the veil is thin, and many of us choose this as a season in which we honor our dead and the ancestors who came before us.
If you're one of our readers below the equator, you're gearing up for Beltane, when the earth is coming back to life, the land is beginning to green, and the buds and blossoms are blooming. A time of fire and fertility, Beltane is also a time when the veil between our world and the metaphysical one is thin. Be sure to check the sidebar on the right for links to our Beltane content.
No matter which of these seasons you may be celebrating this week, I wish you and yours a blessed and bountiful Sabbat!

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Samhain Rites and Rituals
Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Samhain, but typically the focus is on either honoring our ancestors, or the cycle of death and rebirth. This is the time of year when the gardens and fields are brown and dead. The nights are getting longer, there's a chill in the air, and winter is looming. We may choose to honor our ancestors, celebrating those who have died, and even try to communicate with them. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying for Samhain -- and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.
Samhain Magic and Divination
Samhain is a good time to work with the spirit world.
Will you be working with spirits
at Samhain?
Image © Getty Images;
Licensed to
For many Wiccans and Pagans, Samhain is a time to do magic that focuses on the spirit world. Learn how to properly conduct a seance, how to do some Samhain divination workings, and the way to figure out what a spirit guide is really up to!
Search Related Topics:  samhain  divination  fall celebrations
Samhain Traditions and Folklore
Interested in learning about some of the traditions behind the celebrations of the late harvest? Find out why Samhain is important, learn why black cats are considered unlucky, how trick-or-treating became so popular and more!
Search Related Topics:  samhain  fall celebrations  wheel of the year
Samhain Craft Projects
Make a straw man with the remnants of your garden.
Make a straw man with
the remnants of your garden.
Image © Patti Wigington 2009;
Licensed to
As Samhain approaches, decorate your home (and keep your kids entertained) with a number of easy craft projects. Start celebrating a bit early with these fun and simple ideas that honor the final harvest, and the cycle of life and death.
Search Related Topics:  samhain crafts  halloween crafts  pagan craft projects

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Reminder from: supaganalliance Yahoo Group
Title: Witchs' Brew - St. George
Date: Sunday November 3, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm (GMT-07.00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Location: Starbucks at Barnes and Noble in the Red Cliffs Mall
Notes: Come out and meet other local pagans for chat and coffee.
[GreenPaganPride] File - Join The Growing Team!
114 current Members & we have now saved 183,225.1 sq ft! Keep up the awesome
work & ask your friends or family to join in to take back our planet.

Invite a friend to our ecology fund team to heal our Mother Earth &
give animals back their homes! When we all work together to spread the
word the healing is so much faster.

Ecology Fund

By visiting Ecology fund each day you can save 63 sq ft of land for
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Pagans Save The World is a Care2 group I created to help save & heal
Mother Nature. If you wish to visit? Here is the URL but you must be
signed into Care2 to join & view this group.

~Pagans Save The World~ 447 Pagan Member & Three Hosts:)

Love & Light

Greetings & Bright Blessing!

Here are some Fund raising ideas you can do at Pagan Pride to make our world greener & show Gaia you still care!

Every dollar plants a Tree! Raising as little as $25.00 in a fundraiser on Pagan Pride day & planting 25 trees will be a gift to the earth & animals that will last lifetimes! This is so easy to do! Even if people all get together & throw in a few dollars that money will start adding up! 25 Trees is a very small goal but even if it was just 25 it really does make a difference.

American Forests

American Forests works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. Healthy forests filter water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon, and provide homes for wildlife. Help plant trees to restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and to clean our air and water. Every Dollar Plants a Tree! 

25 Trees - Forest Member 
100 Trees - Forest Protector 
250 Trees - Forest Steward 
500 Trees - Forest Guardian 
1000 Trees - Forest Legacy 
Sustain the Legacy ($1,000+) 
Learn about other ways individuals and corporations can help through donations, endowment funds, and bequest.

Please respond to this File & share your Gaia Healing ideas for Pagan Pride as well we would love to hear them:) Share these ideas with your Coven & Freinds. You can also send them an invite to this group by visiting this URL:

Love & Light


(Group Owner)

~Green Pagan Pride~

Vikings Beheaded, Buried Slaves As 'Grave Gifts,' New Study Suggests

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 and 2 others.


Sharing from the heart as a Mother who lost her one & only son to suicide when he was 25 yrs old. Step lightly & watch what you say to me regarding this issue. I don't take kindly to mean remarks regarding suicide. If you haven't lost someone to suicide you don't have a clue & have no right to judgement. Thank you. In memory of my son Ken, angel date Dec 1. ~WitchDust~

Here is how I set up for my Samhain Ancestrial meditation ritual. I think it went really well. My grandparents chest works as an excellent alter for rituals. Most times, it's my coffee table..

Teas can be made for pleasure, for relaxing, for energy and for healing to name
only a very few. How and what you need and want from the tea you make is completely
up to you.
1. Place about 1 tablespoon of the herb you will be using into a cup. If you
are making a teapot full, use 1 tablespoon per cup.
2. Boil a cup or pot of water and pour it over your herbs.
3. Cover it and allow it to steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
4. Add honey or sugar and enjoy.
Dose, As needed. Just for a nice surprise of flavor try making your tea using Brown Sugar. It’s very nice.

Author Lady Abigail - Information via Witch of the Old World Book of Herbs by: Lady Abigail on CD. All rights reserved under the US copyright laws and statues. Copyright © 12312011. For more information or see to purchase see: The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe:

* Because we have to: The Don't be Stupid Clause or Disclaimer ... If you are allergic to this herb don’t use it
When a magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook Olympia, Wash., in 2001, shop owner Jason Ward discovered that a sand-tracing pendulum had recorded the vibrations in the image above.

Seismologists say that the “flower” at the center reflects the higher-frequency waves that arrived first; the outer, larger-amplitude oscillations record the lower-frequency waves that arrived later.

“You never think about an earthquake as being artistic — it’s violent and destructive,” Norman MacLeod, president of Gaelic Wolf Consulting in Port Townsend, “But in the middle of all that chaos, this fine, delicate artwork was created.”

The Mind Unleashed

Good Morning LGBT News Fans! Have a great weekend!
#rainbow #equality

In astronomy, new moon is the first phase of the Moon, when it lies closest to the Sun in the sky as seen from the Earth. More precisely, it is the instant when the Moon and the Sun have the same ecliptical longitude. The Moon is not normally visible at this time except when it is seen in silhouette during a solar eclipse. See the article on phases of the Moon for further details.
The original meaning of the phrase new moon, sometimes still used in non-astronomical contexts, was the first visible crescent of the Moon, after conjunction with the Sun. This takes place over the western horizon in a brief period between sunset and moonset, and therefore the precise time and even the date of the appearance of the new moon by this definition will be influenced by the geographical location of the observer. The astronomical new moon, sometimes known as the dark moon to avoid confusion, occurs by definition at the moment of conjunction in ecliptical longitude with the Sun, when the Moon is invisible from the Earth. This moment is unique and does not depend on location, and in certain circumstances it coincides with a solar eclipse.
The new moon in its original meaning[citation needed] of first crescent marks the beginning of the month in lunar calendars such as the Muslim calendar, and in lunisolar calendars such as the Hebrew calendar, Hindu calendars, and Buddhist calendar. But in the Chinese calendar, the beginning of the month is marked by the dark moon.
Although the new moon is typically depicted as a black circle, its actual phase is a very thin crescent, because the moon does not pass directly in front of the sun (except during an eclipse).
The first phase in the lunar cycle is the new moon. The moon is positioned between the sun and Earth at 12 o'clock. From Earth, the sun and moon appear to be in the same part of the sky and will rise and set together. The side of the moon that receives the sun's light is facing away from Earth, so no moon is visible to us on Earth's surface. On a very clear night, you might be able to make out a faint gray outlined view of the moon. This comes from the light of the sun being refracted off the Earth and back out to the moon.
One day after the new moon, a faint sliver outline can be seen low on the western horizon at sunset. The moon has moved from new to a waxing crescent phase. As the moon continues in its counterclockwise orbit, the crescent grows larger, or waxes. One week later, the moon reaches its second primary phase, the first quarter moon. Accordingly, the moon has moved one quarter of the way around Earth.

Blessed Be,

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The Witches' Voice, Inc. shared a link
Hidden Ireland: Ancient Ireland’s secrets unveiled
Impressive round towers, isolated dolmen stones and long-forgotten tombs stand as they have done for centuries, away from civilisation as we know it, all waiting to be visited by us.
We must always follow the directions of the Great
Spirit, and we must listen to him, as it was he that
made us: determine to listen to nothing that is bad.

Tools of The Craft Witchcraft and Magick

Tools are visual, symbolic aids that possess no power of their own. If you feel no desire to have some or any tools that are mentioned, don't get them. For many years, the only tools I used for rituals or spells were candles, a candle holder, incense, and sometimes a pen and paper to write something down and burn. They were just as effective as the ones I do with tools.

How can you do a ritual or spell with no tools? It's quite simple, by using your personal power. How meaningful, powerful, and effective any ritual or spell is depends entirely on how much energy YOU put into it. Your personal power is the single most important, and only necessary tool you need. Many who are just starting out feel that they have to rush around going bankrupt to get every tool they see in order to perform a ritual. They feel that it can't be done without them or that the tools themselves contain the energy they need. This is simply not true.

The tools you have should be chosen because you are drawn to them or feel that they will enhance your rituals. They are used as vessels to direct YOUR energy. Something to remember when you begin collecting your tools is that they don't have to be expensive. An athame can be a black handled common kitchen knife (mine is a letter opener). Your pentacle can be drawn on a piece of paper or carved in wood or clay. Don't feel obligated to have to purchase fancy, expensive ones.

Once you have chosen a tool to use for rituals, it should be cleansed and consecrated. After this is done, it should NEVER be used for other purposes. If you use your athame to do a ritual and then go butter your toast with it, it no longer carries any meaning. Although the tools possess no power of their own, they do carry a special symbolic meaning and your energy. After consecration, they have a purpose and therefore should be only be used for that purpose alone.

Personal Power -The Most Important Tool of all
There is one tool in The Craft that surpasses all others. Every other tool ,no matter how expensive, will be useless with out it. When it comes right down to's the only tool you need. That tool is YOUR personal power. To enhance your personal power, you need to exercise it. Practice visualization, concentration and meditation techniques ,and be able to ground and center yourself. No ritual or spell will ever be successful with out personal power.

Athame (ATH-am-EE, ATH-am-ay)/ Sword
The athame is used for commanding and manipulating power and directing the energy raised during rituals and spells. The knife is usually black handled, doubled-edged and dull as it does not actually cut anything on the physical plane. It is for directing energy in a dimension where real knives are useless. Some Witches prefer swords. The athame stands for intellect, right thinking, and calculation. It is linked with the element: fire, and is a God symbol.

The bell is commonly used to invoke the Goddess. It's also used by some to signify the beginning and ending of rituals. When purchasing a bell make sure the tone is pleasing and special to you. If you ring one and the first thing that comes to mind is maid service, you've got the wrong one.

The bolline is the tool used for cutting things in the physical realm. It is commonly white handle and sharp. It is used for harvesting herbs, wands, plants, inscribing symbols on candles and magical tools used in ritual.

Book of Shadows
This is your personal book of spells and rituals. In creating spells and rituals it is important to keep detailed records of the results of your works. The date, time, moon phase, exactly what you used and thoughts on your over all feelings of it once completed. If you found the results of it unsatisfactory or it felt like something should have been different, you will be able to go back and change it. Some Witches (like myself) keep several other things in this book, such as dreams and interpretations, meditation exercises, divination records and a daily journal. Although it is traditional to write your BOS by hand, many keep theirs on disc.

This is used to sweep away negative energy to cleanse and purify the area in which a ritual will be done prior to casting the circle. "Jumping the Broom" can be added to handfastings or Beltain/Mayday rituals. It can be used as an instrument of protection by hanging or placing it at the front and back doors to your home. Brooms come in many varieties the straw ones in most stores, to a variety of hand-made ones which are more costly. It is both a Goddess and God symbol. Element- Water.

The cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess. It can be the main focal point in rituals, used for making oils and brews, and for divination such as scrying which is done by filling it with water, entering a meditative state and gazing into the still water (if cold or steam if hot). Another divination used is filling it with water, dripping candle wax in and interpreting the message given by the form the wax takes. The cauldron is usually made of black cast iron and has three legs.

A stemmed cup made of brass, silver, crystal or anything that feels right for you. It is a symbol of emotion and fertility. Chalices are used in dedication and initiation ceremonies, holiday rituals to honor the Goddess and God and spell work. It holds water or ritual beverages such as wine, cider or fruit juice for those who do not drink alcohol and minors. It is a Goddess symbol. Element- Water.

A 5 pointed star surrounded by a circle. The top point representing the Spirit, the other 4 North, South, East & West. The circle represents universal wisdom. It's a symbol of protection used in rituals, worn as an amulet & hung over doors. After having numerous mishaps at airports, I drew a small one on a piece of paper and placed it in my luggage. Since then I've never had problems or lost my luggage! Element- Earth

Used for focusing energy, invocation and drawing a ritual circle or other symbols on ground or sand. Many different types of wood can be used for a wand such as willow, elder and oak, to name a few. Any branch which is fairly straight works just fine. Some like to decorate their wands by engraving symbols on them, tying leather straps to the handle, attaching a quartz crystal on the end and so one. Your wand should reflect you. With that in mind, be creative and enjoy the experience of crafting and bonding with yours. Element- Fire

Along with the tools described above, it's a good idea to keep a stock of the following other items: candle holders, candles in a wide variety of colors, a good assortment of incense, fabric in various colors to make mojo bags and sachets, a compass, various colors of thread (preferably cotton), herbs, dried plants and spices, salt, and an assortment of jars and bottles to store various herbs and oils.

Lady Abigail
From my Learning Your Craft Class
Copyright © Lady Abigail 02251995

Daily Devotion of the Goddess

May Her blessings reach all far and wide,
Giving honor unto the Goddess with dignity and pride.
Let our thoughts and my actions within this day,
Give honor unto the Goddess in every possible way.

Lady Abigail
Copyright © 11022013


This spell directs someone's vision back towards themselves, making you invisible to them. Not literally of course. For this spell, you will need:

• A small mirror
• Photo or drawing of the person
• Piece of onyx
• A pinch of mugwort

Place the mirror flat on a table, and sprinkle a pinch of mugwort in one spot on the face of the mirror. Lay the photo face-down on the mirror so the face of the person is over the mugwort. Repeat the following words:

You cannot see me
You cannot hear me
You do not want me
Now let me be

Now set the piece of onyx on top of the photo, also over where the persons face is (or as close as you can get since the photograph is lying upside down at this point).

Repeat the words again, and leave the items on your altar to keep this person away. For the most powerful effect, cast this banishing spell on the night of the new moon.

witchcraft banishing spells
Frozen in Time

Another classic banishing technique is to freeze someone to make them powerless against you. You just need:

• A small piece of paper
• A black pen
• A small piece of black string
• Water
• A freezer

On the piece of paper, write the name of the person you want to banish. Tie a single knot in the middle of the string, and concentrate on why this person is bothering you when you tie it.

Fold the paper up, with the piece of string tucked in the middle. Add a few drops of water to the paper. Don't soak it. You don't want to obliterate the name inside. Just dampen it enough that it will freeze solid. Place the wet folded paper in the freezer and leave there until the situation is passed.
Wendy )0(

Emerald — Emerald balances emotional turmoil, and the confusion of your time and space perceptions, centering and bringing you into the Now. It encourages you to contemplate Spirit, the desire to serve, brotherly love and truth. It intensifies your Chakra energies and opens you up to your own Divinity and bestows deeper spiritual insight. Emerald brings you prosperity, tranquility, compassion and balance. It protects against temptation and seduction. Emerald is the stone of physical immortality and rejuvenation, the fountain of youth that keeps youthfulness! It’s a wonderful gem to give and receive love. • Chakras: Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus Please help extend this post's reach! Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ √ Like √ Comment √ Share √ Info Source: Photo Source: — with Ernie St Paul and Tatjana Jelovcan.
Witchy Stargazing
One of the most popular stories from ancient mythology is told in a group of constellations that highlight November’s sky. Andromeda, the princess, was rescued by Perseus from the sea monster Cetus. She had been chained at the edge of the sea on orders from her father, king Cepheus, after her mother, Cassiopeia, angered the gods with her vanity. These five characters stretch from north to southeast in the evening sky.

November 1: Getting Closer
Comet ISON is racing toward a close encounter with the Sun on Thanksgiving Day. It’s still too faint to see without a good telescope, but if it survives its passage by the Sun it should shine in the early morning sky in December.

November 2: Solar Eclipse
A solar eclipse will darken the skies over central Africa tomorrow. The eclipse begins in North America, where the Moon just clips the rising Sun along the east coasts of the United States and Canada.

November 3: New Moon
The Moon is new today as it crosses between Earth and Sun. It is lost in the Sun’s glare, but will return to view as a thin crescent low in the early evening sky by Monday or Tuesday.

November 4: Tail of the Whale
Deneb Kaitos, the “tail of the whale,” swims across the southern sky. The moderately bright star forms the tail of Cetus, the whale or sea monster. At 9 p.m., it stands about halfway between the southern horizon and the point directly overhead.

November 5: Moon and Venus
The crescent Moon slips past the planet Venus, the “evening star,” the next couple of evenings. The brilliant planet is to the left of the Moon early tonight, and will be closer to its lower left tomorrow.

November 6: Andromeda
A faint but famous princess crowns the sky on November evenings. Andromeda is high in the east as night falls, and directly overhead by around 10 o’clock. A slightly curved line of three equally bright stars marks the constellation.

November 7: Time Travel
The bright orange star Aldebaran is low in the sky this evening. It is 67 light-years away, so the light we see from Aldebaran tonight left the star 67 years ago. The Pleiades star cluster, which is more than 400 light-years away, is above Aldebaran.

Lady Abigail
McDonalds Observatory

Wow what a mess … Yesterday I purchased some “NATURAL” black stones for some holiday arrangements I am working on. Being in a hurry I just picked up a couple of bags via Walmart and rushed home. Once I poured the stone out to use them I noticed they had a very waxy feel.
Wax or a petroleum wax like some paraffin’s are not healthy for plants, animals or children. So not wanting to have to go back and forth the store to return and find more I just decided to clean them by boiling the wax off. Even I was surprised how much wax, paint or dye had been added that was removed by the boiling. It took two times of boiling and rinsing but I did get it all off and the stones back to natural stones.
So when you are buying natural stones, check them and make sure they are truly naturel. Otherwise, you get some nasty stuff.
Lady Abigail

Herb of the Day: Crocus
From: Witch of the Old World Book Herbs
by: Lady Abigail

Crocuses are one of my favorite spring flowers. These tiny flowers with their bright colors pushing up through the frozen Earth to hail the coming of spring warms my heart. That maybe why the Crocus is a symbol of love and used in love magick. 

Folk Names; None Known.

Magickal Powers;

Love and Visions.

If Crocus grow freely around your home this is a sign that true love wells within the home.

Depending on the color of the first flowering Crocus of spring. You can tell what your future may hold during the coming seasons.

Crocus Signs;

White; means you will have or find peace and healing.

Yellow; means there will be changes in your life.

Purple; means will have spiritual growth.

Lavender; means you will find blessings.

Blue; means there will be opportunities coming.

Yellowish/Green; is a warning of problems and or sickness.

Any Color from the norms, such as pink, red, or amber;

Means you will have great luck in love and life.

Medical Use;

Aphrodisiac, Fevers, Cramps and Calm Nerves.

The stigmas, the long thin red center prong of the Crocus is the herb known as Saffron. Saffron is an expense herb because it is not easily harvested.

Saffron has long been used as an aphrodisiac and used for visions.

Saffron has a natural narcotic in it and given in a tea mix will ease fevers, cramps and calm nerves.

The plant can be used as a politics and reduce bruising and strained mussels.

Author Lady Abigail - Information via Witch of the Old World Book of Herbs by: Lady Abigail on CD. All rights reserved under the US copyright laws and statues. Copyright © 12312011. For more information or see to purchase see: The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe:

* Because we have to: The Don't be Stupid Clause or Disclaimer ... If you are allergic to this herb don’t use it

For attuning with the element of fire, here is another herbal bath recipe. If you use oils instead of herbs, remember 1 part is equal to 6 drops of oil.

Fire Bath
3 parts Frankincense
2 parts Basil
2 parts Juniper
1/2 part Orange

After the lateness of last night, we could probably all use this bind rune, lol.

The powerful energy of the Sun Rune, Sowlo, combines with Dagaz to bring security and light and act as a channel for the Life Force.

Thanks to Being Liberal for the image.


Ha ha true ~SB
So True

Aged Wisdom

Memories are like sparks within the night,
Sometimes they linger, sometimes they take flight.
And like the fire from which they glow,
They warm the heart so love can grow.

Lady Abigail
Copyright © 08282011

May the Samhain Spirits guide and protect you! Blessed Be!
Lots of us do magic and ritual on two Samhains a year. Can you name them this year. A clue, one of them is Oct. 31st...

In Short The Celtic Tree Calendar Beth (Birch) December 24 to January 20 Luis (Rowan) January 21 to February 17 Nion (Ash) February 18 to March 17. Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14. Saille (Willow) April 15 to May 12. Uath (Hawthorn) May 13 to June 9. Duir (Oak) June 10 to July 7. Tinne (Holly) July 8 to August 4. Coll (Hazel) August 5 to September 1. Muin (Vine) September 2 to September 29. Gort (Ivy) September 30 to October 27. Ngetal (Reed) October 28 to November 24. Ruis (Elder) November 25 to December 22. — with Hazy Chibee Elf.
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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1 MOON IN LIBRA Rock and roll! Who says the cosmos doesn’t have a sense of humor? Uranus, known as the Great Awakener makes an exact square with Pluto the transformer today. (Think change, big change!) This is the 4th of 7 exact squares occurring between 2012 and 2015 between these two planets. We’ve been through it before so this is not a new energy. However, each time they connect it’s as if the world and our minds open and get kicked up to a new level of thinking. Adjusting our sights to know just what structures need to go and which new ideas need to be embraced and actualized can be a rewarding challenge. But here is where some of the cosmic fun comes in. Retrograding Mercury, the Sun and Mars can’t resist joining this eccentric party. Mercury and the Sun join forces to initiate even deeper psychological and intellectual insights. Because both are at 9 Scorpio, they also connect with both Uranus and Pluto. Go deep! They also make a connection to Mars which energizes thinking and conversations. The Moon in Libra plays an important role too – part referee, part instigator. She is encouraging us to re-claim the shadow parts of ourselves and to find a new balance and equilibrium. Daily Muse: Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. (Howard Washington Thurman) Artwork by @[147899578611839:274:The Official Josephine Wall]
Brightest of Samhain blessings to all, and a special love to all followers of the Seax-Wica, celebrating it's 40th anniversary.

Daily Devotions of the Goddess: A Path

Within my own sorrows
At times so dark and deep,
My eyes can not open
For the tears of my grief.
Passing through tunnels of time
Searching to see the light,
Sometimes my soul struggles
Sometimes my soul will takes flight.
Up hills of predigest I climb
Through thorns veiled in lies,
It matters not what they have said
I shall not allow the truth to die.
Through all the conflicts
There are glories untold,
For I keep in my heart
The Ultimate goal.
When Walking this path
That I have always known,
It’s not so very hard
For I never feel alone.
Spirited souls unnumbered
are standing always near,
Showing me within the truth
I need never have fear.
One day without warning
Of what is to come,
Our world will be united
Our voice shall sing as one.

by; Lady Abigail
High Priestess of Ravensgrove Coven
Copyright © Lady Abigail 022504
Author's Notes: With thanks and Blessings, to my Great Grandmother, my teacher and Witch.

If there was ever such a thing as a holistic solution to weight loss, Gabriel Code would be it.

Morning Blessing

Mornings coming let us call the dawn,
As together we stand with love as our bond.
With honor and blessings unto the Goddess of light,
As we bid Farwell to a mystical night.

Lady Abigail
Copyright © 12312011

Good morning all! We had our ritual last was quite nice to just sit outside with the felines afterwards and talk, and just hangout. It was one of those rare Florida nights that it was breezy and clear. So how did everyone else evening go? Love to read about it...
Hugs from south Florida.
~Lady Angelique~


The art of scrying. Whether you use a crystal ball. Or perhaps a crystal itself. Some like a mirror or even a black mirror. Then you have bowls of water. Including black bowls or even crystal bowls. Nostradamus a very famous seer used a brass cauldron on a tripod.
My best recommendation is to breathe deeply relaxing your body that will then in turn relax your mind. stretching your neck and breathing deeply.
As you gaze into your crystal relax your eyes and allow them to do the work for you. I always tell people " remember when you were a kid and you would stare into the bathroom mirror? Your vision started getting a little shaky and blurry? Some times you started seeing double? Then you got scared a quit doing it? " Well go for that lol. 
The more relaxed you can become will gazing not really staring the more effective scrying can become. And as in all things the more practice the more it will work.
Placing a crystal on black cloth or any cloth that is solid in color will help as well and some times people like to use a candle light that is reflected in the crystal as well.
Most of all try different ways to see what will work for you.Good luck have fun RELAX!
~ Lady Moon

Well, it's the first of November. Time to buy next year's Halloween candy.

~ Lord Phaphos

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This bind rune is for our male witches. Enjoy guys!

Attraction, Virility (male) – This bind rune uses Kenaz (torch, fire) Laguz (water, love), and Ingwaz (Ing the Earth God, male sexuality), to manifest the fiery passion, and smooth flow of Fire and Water, with the Seed of Freyr, the god of pleasures and prosperity. Excelent for a man who wants to attract that special woman.

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The Yin Yang symbol is more influenced by eastern spirituality than contemporary Pagan or Wicca, but it does bear mentioning. The Yin Yang can be found all over the place, and is perhaps one of the most commonly recognized symbols. It represents balance - the polarity of all things. The black and white parts are equal, and each surrounds a dot of the opposite color, showing that there is balance and harmony within the universe's forces. It is the balance between light and dark, a connection between two opposing forces.

Sometimes the white portion appears at the top, and other times it is the black. Originally believed to be a Chinese symbol, the Yin Yang is also a Buddhist representation of the cycle of rebirth, and of Nirvana itself. In Taoism, it is known as the Taiji, and symbolizes Tao itself.

Although this symbol is traditionally Asian, similar images have been found in the shield patterns of Roman centurions, dated back to about 430 c.e. There is no scholarly evidence as to a connection between these images and the ones found in the Eastern world.

The Yin Yang might be a good symbol to invoke in rituals calling for balance and harmony. If you seek polarity in your life, or are on a quest for spiritual rebirth, consider using the Yin Yang as a guide. In some teachings, the Yin and Yang are described as a mountain and a valley -- as the sun climbs over the mountain, the shady valley is illuminated, while the opposite face of the mountain loses light. Visualize the shift in sunlight, and as you watch the light and dark exchange places, what was once hidden will be revealed.

Blessed Be,

Picture by Merlynhawk

Angelscope October 31 - November 4


Opens the doors to joy and happiness. Stimulates free expression of desires, passions, and emotions. Encourages simple and innocent feelings of love. Intensifies relationships by endowing them with the forces of nature.


Many shade of gold/Carnal reds/all the greens of nature/Colors of flowers and butterflies


A - As in arrow, Ending with a soft breath out
Ri - As in Reading
Ya - As in Yard
El - As in Elevation


A - The origin of the sensory world; the foundation of human emotions and passions. Enhancement of visual senses and hearing acuity. Supersensitivity.
Ri - Rotation, return, renewal; the natural cycles of existence. Radiance. Charisma. Inner vision and foresight on a universal scale. Princely leadership.
Ya - Master. Dexterity, expertise; human action aligned with divine universal principles.
El - Ending vibration of the Angel's name. Principle of excellence; chosen; elite. Elevating force. Source of perpetual transformation and evolution.


O Angel Ari-Ya-El,
In your garden
Thousands of new galaxies
Bloom every morning.
And Angels, from star to star,
Jump through the worlds.
O Ari-Ya-El,
My heart is calling you,
Your name shines in my night,
My dreams spiral toward you,
O Angel Ari-Ya-El,
In a whirlwind of joy
Your pulse lifts me up and takes me
To the source of celestial loves.


In Akkadian, the name Ari-Ya-El literally means, "The presence of living beings on this earth, simple and naked," or "Earthy physical sensibility radiates outward, toward the Divine Presence."
Have you ever wished people could return to a simpler time, when men were men and women were women, and instinct took care of the details? You can. Just stay close to those in harmony with Angel Ari-Ya-El. Earthy and secure, natural and nature loving, these enviable women and men are able to experience freely the simply joys of life on earth, to allow themselves to experience physical pleasure without guilt, and to enjoy the blis of an endless innocent, happy childhood.
The guardian of every natural instinct and spirti, Angel Ari-Ya-El awakens and enhances the happy vibrations of nature, make birds sing and leaves rustel, lights up the colors of flowers, enhances the tast of fruit, softens the strokes of lovers. Needless to say, for those in this guardian's protection, life is a bountiful garden where everything in it lies waiting to be discovered, tasted, touched, breathes, admired, loved. The cupids that fly through the air, unabashed by their innocent nudity, or that wait in the branches to stimulate romantic passion with the point of their arrows are a testimony to the springlike freshness and purity of emotions awakened by Angel Ari-Ya-El.
Of course, there are limits to natural living in the contemporary world. Angel Ari-Ya-El doesn't intend for you to march naked into the office or proposition and attractive co-worker, claiming that Cupid made you do it. In fact, those born between October 31 and November 4 will feel this powerful Angel's influence in many different ways. They will see, for instance, that their life on this earth is not a punishment but a happly sojourn. They will welcome their earthly companions-including animals, plants, single-celled organisms, and even minerals-as the sublime and loving gifts of a bountiful Creator. And most of all, with Ari-Ya-El's encouragement, they will truly live in the moment, enjoy the present, and live each second of their lives as it unfolds, without clouding it with comparison to the past or aspirations for the future. For those people, the garden of Eden blooms at their doorsep, each morning the sun brightens the sky with a new light; each day is a rebirth.
If you are one of the lucky few born under the protection of Angel Ari-Ya-El, you may apear to others as if you lack ambition. In this world, where so many are striving for some ineffable joy that will, they hoep, materialize someday in the future, your innocence joie de vivre can look like a waste of time. By invoking Angel Ari-Ya-El, you will receive a remedy for the undeserved judgment of others, particularly those who don't understand the value of stopping to smell the flowers.
Depending on time and circumstance, you and all of those close to Ari-Ya-El will find peace in a rural setting, by joining a community that is close to nature, or by participating in clubs that allow you to explore and observe the natural world. The harmonic vibrations of Angel Ari-Ya-El encourage men and women to seek out, everywhere and in all circumstances, the source and origin of things. Therefore, you will never be contented living a life of pure contemplation. Instead, you will find a way you can live in empathy with life on earth but explore it like an eage, rising up on the currents of your interest, locating the answers to life's mysteries from above. If circumstances permit, you may literally take to the air and survey your surroundings by plane, hot air balloon, or glider. You may even get your pilot's license. Whether you choose to take your search off the gound or not, Angel Ari-Ya-El bestows upon you and all of those in his/her kinship the ability to elevate themselves, to keep a lofty persepective on things, and to seek out the natural influences on every aspect of life, from the way the moon governs the tides to the effects of DNA on your daily behavior.
Sometimes, those under the protection of Angel Ari-Ya-El, when they are well integrated in contemproary society, may choose an inner path to express their vision. This enables them to draw strength and knowledge from the natural model while living a moders, perhaps urban, life. Wherever you make your home, Angel Ari-Ya-El encourages an empathy toward a natural environment, one in which the things your uncover outdoors are brought in to become functional objects or beautiful design elements.
With the help of Angel Ari-Ya-El, men and women express their love of life by improving life on earth, creating objects that emulate plants, animals, or other natural things, or preserving the natural resources of their planet.
The harmonic vibrations of Angel Ari-Ya-El, amplified by invocatio, exalt all sensations, give all emotions a radiating power, and refine thoughts. Those under the protection of Angel Ari-Ya-El intuitively and subtly perceive that everything that is born and grows on earth has its source in the heavens.
In supreme harmony with Angel Ari-Ya-El, men and women reinforce their loving ties with all of nature, extend their symbiotic union to the whole planet, and embrace all of the suns and planets of the cosmos in the warmth of their passion. Then, when their hearts are filled with wonder, stars flower in the fields of night, suns propel rays of life, and constellations unroll spirals of love.

From: Angel Signs
By: Albert Haldane & Simha Seraya with Barbara Lagowski

Lady Fae~

Herb of the Day: Daisy
From: Witch of the Old World Book Herbs
by: Lady Abigail

My first divination in love magick was using a Daisy. You may have already used this love divination with a Daisy also. You pull each flower petal from the Daisy one by one while chanting, “he loves me he loves me not.” Sound familiar?

Folk Names; Field Daisy, Ox-Eye Daisy, and Moon Daisy.

Magickal Powers;

Healing, Love and Lust.

Daisy can be used in love spells and to bring a uncontrollably sexual desires unto you or toward you.

Medical Uses;

Antispasmodic, Reduces Chest Colds, Coughs, Conjunctivitis, Reduces Sweats, Swelling and Bruising

All the parts of the Daisy is eatable and can be used in foods and drink.

The plant and flowers of the Daisy can be made into a tonic for chest colds and coughs due the antispasmodic properties.

A infusion using whole Daisy and water, (distilled is best) makes a good wash to soothes conjunctivitis.

A poultice made from the leave and flowers can be applied to wounds to sooth and bruises to lesson the swelling as well as bruising.

For thousands of years the root from the Daisy has been used to reduce the sweating caused from tuberculosis. I can be taken in tonic form.


Since the ancient times Daisies are consider the woman's herb, and have been used to dedicate the Goddess Artemis.

Author Lady Abigail - Information via Witch of the Old World Book of Herbs by: Lady Abigail on CD. All rights reserved under the US copyright laws and statues. Copyright © 12312011. For more information or see to purchase see: The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe:

* Because we have to: The Don't be Stupid Clause or Disclaimer ... If you are allergic to this herb don’t use it.

Too messed up for words.

Thanks to Boycott Koch Industries for the excellent image.

Thanks to Boycott Koch Industries for the image.
We know about the many families these cuts will effect, but how about the Veterans our politicians claim to care so much about?
Upcoming Cuts to SNAP Will Result in Roughly 900,000 Veterans Having Less for Food
I'm sure by now many of you have heard about the upcoming cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka SNAP), 
Blessed Samhain Dark Moon! All Souls Day! Dia de los Muertos! Samhainized A-Souling Song

Blessed Samhain Dark Moon! All Souls Day! Dia de los Muertos! Samhainized A-Souling Song

How do we awaken? How do we transcend? The answer lies in practice. Practice practice practice every day, even if there are days where you don't feel like it. Meditate every day. Pray. Go for nature walks. "I'll be fine today if I skip my meditation" the mind says. "I'm not currently feeling stress so I don't have a reason to discipline or silence myself" the mind says. Discipline of the mind and body is absolutely essential to spiritual progress (if we can speak of it as being a progression). What choices are you making today, and which ones will you make tomorrow? Will you choose to give yourself 5 minutes of silence before breakfast? Will you choose to shut off the television and go outside instead? Will you choose to make healthy choices, to think positive thoughts, and to bring your awareness back to this present moment? Will you daydream your day away, or will you take time to slow down the movement of thinking to allow yourself to see the divine perfection in every aspect of your life? Will you choose to let your thoughts run your life? We are all guilty of not practicing as much as we should, I as much as anyone else. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Are we awake, or are we just flirting with the idea of being awake? You have the power and will to do this. You are the chooser. You are the observer. You are the Mighty I Am. A message from one of our administrators, @[1254664005:2048:Steven Bancarz]. Namaste, @[149658285050501:274:Earth. We are one.]

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-Ri <3 div="">

A stunning new view of the Witch Nebula unveiled by NASA for Halloween is actually the home of baby stars just beginning their cosmic lives.

El Dia de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead)-
The day of the dead is a Mexican and Mexican American celebration of dead ancestors which occurs on November 1 and November 2, coinciding with the similar Roman Catholic celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
While it is primarily viewed as a Mexican holiday, it is also celebrated in communites in the US with large populations of Mexican Americans, and to a lesser extent in Latin America.
Despite the morbid subject matter, this holiday is celebrated joyfully, and it occurs at the same time as Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. The mood of the day of the dead is much lighter, with emphasis on celebrating and honoring the lives of the deceased, rather than fearing evil or malevolent spirits. The orgins of the celebration can be traced back to the indigenous people's of Latin America, such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Purepecha, Nahua and Totonac....See More

Aged Wisdom

We are those whom call themselves Pagan, Witch, Worshipers of the ancient ways. We understand that we are living in the times of great change. No longer do we hide in the shadows of the world, for we exist proudly in the light. Nor shall we merely endure the misconceptions of others but be the change we seek. For we are the living transformation held within the spirit of compassion and truth ...

Blessed shall we be,
Lady Abigail
Copyright © 04292010

I hope every one's Samhain was lovely! ~ Lady Moon

Today is El Dia de los Muertos! Since my husband is Mexican I celebrate Samhain and The Day of the Dead! Tonight will be the night i light my Samhain fire and do my tarot readings. My husband will leave his offerings and pay his respect. So for me I get 3 whole days of spirits!
Is there anyone else out there that is Mexican?
Goddess Bless!

Don't forget this weekend we turn our clocks back...
Lady Abigail

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How to watch the November 3 total solar eclipse online |
Relatively few people will see the totality - when moon covers sun completely - in the solar eclipse of Sunday, November 3. Info here on how to watch online.
When the Bronner family, founders of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, decided to commit to passing I-522, the Washington State GMO labeling initiative, they did it in a big way. This one small family-owned business has spent an astonishing $2.3 million to pass a GMO labeling law in Washington State.

Why take such a big risk? Because the Bronners know that if we win this battle, we will win the war.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Bronner Family ‘Thank you!’ for supporting I-522 and our Right to Know:...See More

When the Bronner family, founders of @[33699882778:274:Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps], decided to commit to passing I-522, the Washington State GMO labeling initiative, they did it in a big way. This one small family-owned business has spent an astonishing $2.3 million to pass a GMO labeling law in Washington State. Why take such a big risk? Because the Bronners know that if we win this battle, we will win the war. TAKE ACTION: Tell the Bronner Family ‘Thank you!’ for supporting I-522 and our Right to Know: Learn more about the Bronner Family's commitment:

I woke today, tired, weepy and just plain blah. I don't know if I'm just drained from last night's rituals and all the trick or treating, or if it's just a rough day growing a human, lol. So I wrote this, essentially begging for help to get me through the day. Hope this helps those of you feeling me today!

~Daily Prayer~

Earth please ground me
As only you can
Air blow away my negativity
Like nature's biggest fan
Water nourish my body
And wash away my fears
Fire give me passion
That last for all my years
And spirit soothe my soul
And take away my tears
Blessed be

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A Disruptive and Inconvenient Realization | The Wild Hunt
WH Contributor, Teo Bishop, writes about the disruptive and inconvenient realization that Paganism no longer serves him as it used to.

Yesterday had to be a record breaker of Halloween Parader's, Sorry we ran out of candy !!! Next year we'll be more prepared, I'm guessing double in size of people from last year woo hoo~~ Ya'll are awesome for coming out and trick or treating down main,, the costumes where amazing!!! Hope everyone had a great time!! 

Halloween  — with Penny Jensen McInelly and 2 others.

With Penny Jensen McInelly and 2 others.
Remember Witches its Day light Savings time on Sunday don't forget to set your time pieces back an hour! ~ Lady Moon

Share and Print Spells: For Grounding Energy

Some of these shares are old. Some of just cool, some are fun and some of these have very old spell words and ideas. They are not always going to sound "Wiccan friendly." Remember not all Witches are Wiccan and some of these spells, poems and shares can be older than Wicca.

Lady Abigail


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