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Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Women's Day!

Take a look at you!

International Women's Day! Goddess blessings for Women's Equality, Education, Freedom, Safety, Wellness, Peace, Joy:
International Women's Day! Goddess blessings for Women's Equality, Education, Freedom, Safety, Wellness, Peace, Joy:
PHOENIX MEDITATION with Lee-Anne Peters on Temple of BalanceRadio.


Join Lee-Anne for this amazing double hour where we will meditate in the first hour and do readings in the second hour. The meditation focus is on PHOENIX. PHOENIX is the symbol or rebirth and 
When MICHAEL's previous family packed their bags they forgot to pack MICHAEL. Their move left him here at The Humane Society of Utah. MICHAEL is a 1 year old Maltese and Shih Tzu mix (a little on the bigger side for this mix at 22 lbs.) MICHAEL is a shy and scared boy here at the shelter, he will not come up you in TINY TOWN like the other small dogs, and you may have to carry him out because he'll refuse to walk. But once MICHAEL warms up to you, he'll give you kisses and wag his tail. His previous owners didn't leave us with much info, but due his nervous nature he may do best in a home with mature children. He gets along fine with the other dogs in TINY TOWN and we do not know if he is housebroken. If you have been looking for pup to join your‪#‎underbiteunite‬ club, then come meet MICHAEL! Adoption not in the cards right now…Then help a fella out and spread the word by LIKING and SHARING this post to help MICHAEL find his forever home. Ever wondered how the adoption process works at the HSU…!

Angels and Daemons

Daemonolotry, Post Two – This is My Religion

*As a Daemonolator, I would like to shed a bit of light on some commonly held misconceptions and beliefs regarding Daemons; Their origin, purpose and what it means to ‘honour’ Them. 

(For the previous post in this series, please go to the ‘photos’ section at the top of this page, then, ‘albums’, then ‘Angels and Daemons’).

I am theistic in my belief system (many Daemonolators are not), so this series of posts will reflect that philosophy.

The term ‘religion’ often gets a bad rap. For me, religion is a sacred reverence and respect for the Divine; a bond between humans and the Gods that allows our energies to flow from one to another.

For some, a strict ‘organizational’ flow to the transference of these energies is helpful. For many, it is a distraction. I fall in the latter category.

I do not hold to the ‘initiations’ of men nor do I belong to any ordered or methodized sect. I understand the value in such systems for some, but I personally find them constrictive and controlling.

Witchery is a by-product of my religion. I use magic to attain goals, initiate internal changes and influence my environment.

My primary motivation is kinship with the Gods. I want to look Them in the eye and have Them look back in mine and for us both to recognize in the Other, a Friend.

As in all things, Seek Your Own Truth.

Veritas mea est in tenebris. Ave Lucifer! - BW

(1) “In our religion, there is no heaven or hell. Many [Daemonolators] believe in reincarnation of our own personal energies.

Within the practice of Daemonolatry there are many rites. Most of them are meditative (and include prayer and mental exercises), while others incorporate magic in which requests are burnt, incenses and candles are lit representing certain aspect of the ritual’s design.

Many different forms of magic are used in conjunction with our religion. This depends on the individual’s preference.

We encourage a personal belief system that fulfills the needs of the practitioner.

….people misconstrue our magical practices as our religion. Magic is generally what people see on the forefront.

What we gain from that practice is inner peace, positive self-image, strength and courage and a deep seated knowledge of ourselves and humanity.”


Sources: (1) The Complete Book of Demonolatry, S. Connolly; DB Publishing (2006)

Image: 111 by jiaojiefeng

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me. – Maya Angelou

Long before she became one of the greatest voices of our time, young Maya Angelou aspired to become a San Francisco streetcar driver. She diligently pursued her goal and went on to become the city's first Black streetcar conductor at the age of 16.

On this International Women's Day, encourage a young girl to chase after her dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem. You never know how PHENOMENAL she may become! (P.S. Don't forget to encourage yourself, as well: It's never too late to be all that you can be!)

Learn more about Dr. Angelou's streetcar story at

Interesting find, may change the way we view ancient 'homo erectus'.
A 1.8 million-year-old skull found in Georgia could turn current understanding of evolution on its head. A new study claims that early man did not come...

by JOHN SUMMERLY A wave of viral and bacterial infections is sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere and people are taking longer to heal from.

“A handful of religious groups should not be allowed to define marriage for all Americans,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “That is fundamentally at odds with what religious liberty is supposed to be about. The Constitution guarantees protection for everyone, not just a privileged few.”
Honestly, this comes as no great surprise. His Holiness has always been a proponent of justice and equality. Still, the support is appreciated.

The Dalai Lama has come out in support of gay marriage, saying it was “okay” and a personal affair for people of the same sex to commit to each other.“If two...

This is a basic candle spell to help mend a rift between parent and child. It's is very much like my friendship/relationship mending spell.


1 white candle
A photo of you and your child/children( if you don't have one, draw one)
Wine glass or whatever you have handy filled with water.

Place your picture in front of you and encircle it with salt. Light your candle and place the glass in front of it, so that you can see the flame through the glass.

Once you are set up, take some deep breaths in and out, until you are relaxed. Picture you and your child/children during happier times. Remember your laughter and talks together. Picture embracing each other in forgiveness.

3 Times Chant:
Water in this glass that I enchant
Please hear my wish I wish you to grant
With your healing ,soothing ways
End this rift for all of days
I miss my child/children
If they miss me
Then bridge this gap
So mote it be

When you finish , snuff your candle,drink the water and hang your picture where you can see it. The lines of communication are now open for you to write, call or visit your loved ones to begin the repairing process, or receive messages from them.

Anne Rice commented on this.

For Anne Rice fans all over the world, March 9th is a big day. As previously reported, this is the day the iconic author of “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Live

Thanks, everyone who Liked our Facebook Page for The Fifth Sacred Thing! And if you haven't yet--hey, it's free and it will really help us move the movie forward!
An interesting and in-depth piece...

T. Peter Park is a retired librarian with a Ph.D. in European history from the University of Virginia. He has white hair and a round, red face. His eyes are..
Today is International ‪#‎WomensDay‬ and we’re celebrating the inspirational women we work with each day. See some of the faces of Habitat:

Habitat for Humanity recognizes International Women’s Day 2014 by celebrating the women we work alongside. Homeowners, volunteers, mothers, daughters, friends — every woman deserves a decent place to call 
Can you name all three fairies from Sleeping Beauty?
Tantric Sex Transcending all Duality
Tantra Soulmates for those who wish to Meet "open minded" people,with a view to experience deeper more meaningfull relationships and practice "tantric sensuality"

Tantra Soulmates's photo.

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                                           This is us!

Spectacular photos from around the natural world...

In celebration of Mother Earth, here are 12 stunning photos showcasing the diverse collection of landscapes found across the planet.
"If it’s meant to be, it will be..." and other awful pieces of advice:

Some pieces of advice are enough to send any upset person over the edge.

"The only thing that limits us is our imagination."

Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible scenes. In this witty how-to, he describes how he makes these fantastical scenarios come to life, while keeping them visually plausible.

After 12 days of searching, he had lost hope. But then he learned about this awesome tip and how this has reunited many lost dogs with their families.
Last year The Humane Society of Utah transferred 879 animals from other shelters to our shelter to help them find their forever homes!‪#‎loveutgiveut‬

MARCH 20th A special day to SHOW YOUR LOVE in a special way. Love Utah Give Utah! Our state's biggest-ever day of giving! Donations made to the HSU go towards funding one of our many programs like our Rescue department that has worked with 250 other shelters/Rescue groups in helping place animals into loving homes.

Mark your calendar or go to
 and SCHEDULE your donation to come out on MARCH 20th!

INCREDIBLE! Please express your support for the bill and thank Mr. Bloom for introducing the Orca Welfare and Safety Act (AB 2140) here:

A California state legislator wants to ban the orca killer whale shows at SeaWorld, in the wake of CNN's controversial documentary "Blackfish."
Odin with Hugin or Munin.


Don't be jealous fellow man Goths, Anheruvika is not only a hot model, but a musician from the band FRECUENCIA hailing from Spain. This amazing image is from Check out his music and his gallery here;

Found on Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch
As today is Mother Earth Day, here is a little something I threw together.

Arianrhod, Cybele, Danu and Demeter
The womb of the earth rests within you
Gaia, Hu-Tu, Iord and Kali
Mothers of life
Mokos, Rhea, Sita and Terra Mater
Life and creation are yours.

Earth Mothers one and all
Guides of life and nature
Through strife and peace
You are with us always.

Ancient mothers who gave life to all
Healing mothers who give strength to all
Thank you great goddesses,
The Mothers of all life.

~)O(~ Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings ~)O(~

We've just finished an amazing show at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC. Now we're on our way to Durham, NC for a‪#‎doubleshowday‬ !!
No problem to this bunch....

                                         ************ Johnny Depp Break************

Lets spread some good luck magick this weekend in 3 easy steps!...

The Top Ten Medicinal Herbs for the Garden

      WE Welcome our lycan brethren and sisteren!

Share and Print Spells:

Some of these shares are old. Some of just cool, some are fun and some of these have very old spell words and ideas. They are not always going to sound "Wiccan friendly." Remember not all Witches are Wiccan and some of these spells, poems and shares can be older than Wicca.
If your reading this you know you are surpost to be part of ours!

Magnificent Crones pics
☽○☾ Celestial ☽○☾ Pics
☽○☾ Blessings ☽○☾ pics
Our Brothers pics

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A different way to color eggs! -pamd-

                                         *********** Hugh Jackman Break************

                                                        ***** Johnny Depp Break*****

Blessed Mother
Full of light
Guiding me
Both day and night
Full of grace
Power and strength
Protecting her earth
At any length
Wise and strong
Harsh yet sweet
With nature flourishing
At her feet
I'm humbled, awed
By all she gives
I'll love her always
As long as I live
Blessed be

Biophotons and Lymphatic Detox
Light is the language of life. Biophotons hold the keys to the quality of life of all living beings.

I have our Animal Spirit Guide of the Day, I hope you enjoy learning about him. Desirae:)0(

~The Unicorn~

Unicorns are symbols of innocence, good will, fame, prosperity, healing, gentleness, purity of mind, personal power, naivety, joy, life, nature and freedom.

Unicorns help with emotional and physical healing. They are a symbol of spiritual growth. Many healers of all kinds have the unicorn as their guide, especially veterinarians and reiki healers, and most children at one time or another, though they may not remember as they grow older. Unicorns seek to remove negative energy. They will often guard other animals, horses very commonly.
Magickal Energy

The Wiccan belief is that when witches become one with the deities through rituals, they become in tune with the overall life force or cosmic energy. This allows the witch to somewhat control that energy (meaning the energy from themselves and their environment) and direct it for “personal” change through magick.

The theory follows the scientific concept that all matter vibrates with its own energy. The speed of that vibration is dictated by the movement ofthe molecules that make up the object. Whether the object is solid or not is also determined by the movement of the molecules. According to the book “Spellworks for Covens,” energy from the witch’s body also has a vibration — both a physical rate of vibration and a spiritual rate of vibration. During power-raising rituals, witches believe that the molecules from both their physical and spiritual sides meld together to increase their overall energy and create a pathway for energy to flow through them. In order not to deplete their own personal energy stores, they can also pull energy from the Earth and sky.

by Lee Ann Obringer


Mother Earth Day
Spell Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Rue
Today is Mother Earth Day, a festival that's celebrated in China. This is considered the birthday of the earth as a mother goddess. One of the ways celebrants like to recognize the Earth Mother's special day is by burying gifts for her in the ground. Choose whatever you wish: a coin, a stone, a flower, or even a handful of fertilizer! Dig a small hole and sit quietly on the ground and thank Mama Gaia for all the life that she supports, including your own. As you place your gift to her in the hole, say:

"Blessed be, my Mother Earth, I celebrate your very birth. I offer this gift, a little token, with gratitude this spell is spoken."

Use your hands to push the soil back over the gift. Meditate on the earth as a goddess, nurturing all life with her body and giving endlessly to all her children.

Did not realize it is "International Women's Day" so, i will say this ; Isis is one of the Goddess's that always comes to mind , even for those of European Craft . Pretty clear in the Egyptian writings as to the profound significance and the teachings extensive as each of us uncover and study .

Just also sincerely wish all the Ladies a good day , your day- and every day.

Goddess Blessings -Ramon.

Once upon a time, in the long lost days of Al Khem, or ancient Egypt, there was a Temple at Sais dedicated to Isis. Inscribed on the altar of this temple were the following words:

“I am she who separated the heaven from the Earth. I have instructed mankind in the mysteries. I have pointed out their paths to the stars. I have ordered the course of the Sun and the Moon. I am queen of the rivers and winds and sea. I have brought together men and women. I gave mankind their laws, and ordained what no one can alter. I have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused truth to be considered beautiful. I am she who is called the goddess of women.

I, Isis am all that has been, that is or shall be; No mortal man hath ever me unveiled. The fruit which I have brought forth is the Sun.”
Inscription from Isis Temple at Sais

Gods You Can Call Upon for Specific Spellwork:

Adonis: Greek; consort of Aphrodite. Also another name for “lord”.
In Phoenician his counterpart is Astarte.
A vegetarian God. Roman counterpart is Venus.
Apollo: Greek and Roman; twin brother of Artemis. God of the Sun, Light and the Arts.
Cernunnos: Celtic; Horned God and consort of the Lady. Also Kernunnos.
Eros: Greek; God of Romance and Passionate Love.
Hymen: Greek; God of Marriage and Commitment. His counterpart is Dionysus.
Luce: Italian; Soul mate and Brother of Diana. Father of Arcadia. God of the Sun and Light.
Osiris: wiccan; counterpart of Isis. Over-all God form including vegetation and after-life.
Pan: Greek; God of Nature and the Woods, Laughter and Passion.
Also music and personal abandon. Of course, you can refer to either the God and/or Goddess as merely Lord and Lady if it makes you feel more comfortable.

All people should be happy,safe,be treated the same as all others,
As Shakespeare  once wrote"  I am a human. Hath
not a human eyes? hath not a human hands, organs,
dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with
the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
human is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison
us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not
revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will
resemble you in that."(yes I did change Jew and christian with human) 

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The ultimate SELF EMPOWERMENT is to learn how to be guided by our Inner Guidance System, step by step, day by day, learning about the power of Choice and Self-Love.

As we gradually learn to live from this INNER COMPASS, we become less concerned with what others think, and more at peace with ourselves and accepting of our life path.

Artist: Patricia Ariel.


Attention all vacant laps! ROBIN, not only has a fantastic hairdo but would love a lap to call her own. This 3 year old Jack terrier mix is a transfer from another shelter so her history is a mystery. ROBIN loves to be held and gets along great with her kennel mates in TINY TOWN. If you think ROBIN is the one then come down and check her out at The Humane Society of Utah. Let's all work together to help ROBIN find a new home. Just need to click LIKE & does wonders to spread the word and find new forever families for our orphaned pets! has
all the how-to info on adopting from the HSU.
My latest article …. Nature as Teacher … available at this link, part of the just published CIRCLE Magazine on Our Sacred Environment - available in digital & in print:
Just Published! CIRCLE Magazine Issue 116 on Our Sacred Environment. Includes my article Nature as Teacher. More info:

Just a friendly reminder  Don't forget to Spring forward. It's so nice getting to use the word SPRING in a sentence while winter is still around us lol!

Create Magic Around Me ~ Centered Inspirations Pendant - NOW AVAILABLE! - $11.95

Find your inspiration, bring it to center & wear it with heart!

These beautiful pendants are an excellent form of affirmation that you can keep close to your heart as a reminder of your path as you create magic everyday!

Each pendant holds an inspiration inscribed on the back reading "I create the magic around me."

Made from fine lead-free pewter. Size 1 1/4? diameter. Proudly handcrafted in the USA.

Find your inspiration, bring it to center & wear it with heart! These beautiful pendants are an excellent form of affirmation that you...
PUMPKIN is all dressed up for Caturday here at KITTY CITY. This dapper 2 year old would do best as a only child. PUMPKIN wants all the attention for himself! He is litter box trained and looks excellent in a bow tie! Come to KITTY CITY for a "get to know you" visit...or click LIKE & SHARE to help PUMPKIN find a forever home with a forever family. Adoption info? Check out

                                                   ******* Johnny Depp Break*******

Looking for a well behaved Gentleman….NICCO is your man. This 7 year old Yellow Lab is good with dogs and kids, he is house trained and walks politely on a leash. NICCO would enjoy daily strolls around the neighborhood to keep him fit. Does NICCO sounds like the right energy level for you? Swing by after work for a “meet and greet” we’re open till 7pm! Or click LIKE & SHARE to help us get the word out about this handsome guy. Adoption info?!

DISCUSSION: Wicca ~ Witchcraft: Nature Spirituality & Personal Empowerment

Recently an image was posted here that said: "I am Witch. I don't wait for Karma." So far, it has garnered over 7,000 likes and inspired over 260 comments. These comments ran the gamut from loving the statement to outrage at the audacity of the post. Some said that they often gave karma a nudge. Some said they'd always be patient for karma to act. Some said that the post gave Witches everywhere a badreputation and that our posting perpetuated the perceived negatives of our beliefs and practices. Some pointed out that they felt the statement was totally against the fundamentals of the 3-fold Law. Others pointed out that that particular law was held by Wiccan's, not Witches, therefore the point didn't apply. Needless to say, the conversation is quite lively and interesting and there are quite a few gems to glean along the way as you read through! Thank you to those who've posted so far, and if you're interested in reading, do visit the image in our Photos section here:

This discussion is directed toward the Nature Spiritualists, be you Wiccan, Witch, Druidic, Shaman, or any of the other spiritualities and practices who work with nature energy. I'm interested in hearing what you believe Nature IS. How does it work? Is it solely in the realm of positivity and light? Does it counterbalance with retribution and darkness? Does it wait for karma? Or is it karma itself?

As nature spiritualists who work with that energy, do we have the ability to call upon the deities and energies available to us to protect ourselves? Can we, without guilt, utilize the energies to reverse negativity directed to ourselves, loved ones, or a given situation? Does nature not have an intrinsic balance; light and dark, beautiful and voracious, extroverted and reclusive, sensual and aloof, violent and benevolent? As nature spiritualists, are we not able to reach within and find that we are all, each and every one of us, comprised of natural balance? Both light and dark? And within that, we are able to manifest our realities in empowered ways, utilizing the magick and energy that surrounds us? Can we not strive to know and embrace our innate goodness, knowing that we also carry within a strength of person and purpose so that we can walk through our lives knowing that through our personal empowerment we are capable of harnessing the balanced energies of our spirituality in ALL ways and utilize that energy toward the greater good? Realizing that at times we may need to reach into the darker elements to provide protection, cleansing, reversals, bindings, or otherwise? Or are we, as natural spiritualists, only afforded the singular element of light and positivity to work with? If so, is that balanced?

What are your thoughts?

Rachel Jones I think most people misunderstand karma, it is neutral; not vengeful or benevolent. There is a real difference between the workings of karma and our own actions.
Karma just IS, it brings things back into balance - however that may transpire.
We are sti
ll ultimately responsible for our actions, this is a separate issue from karma.
In my life, if I find negativity directed at me, I will protect myself. I return the energy from whence it came, lovingly and with gratitude for the lesson it brought to me. More than often though, a simple energetic disconnection from that person or situation is enough to enable me to move on.
I love my shadow side as much as my light side; they are both part of what makes me whole.

                                                  ********** Johnny Depp**********


No words needed!

SLEEPY is just one of a few puppies in our Foster Department. Check out for more info on this adorable doll!


Be sure to SHARE recipe to save to your own Timeline - 1/2 c cooked chopped skinless chicken breast
- 3 Tbsp chopped apple
- 2 Tbsp. chopped grapes
- 2 Tbsp. Natural Peanut butter
- 1 Tbsp Greek yogurt
- 2 Tbsp Honey ( optional )
- Romaine lettuce
- Mix all chopped ingredients in a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Spoon into lettuce leaf, roll & serve. Enjoy !! More

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Hutchings Museum will be hosting our own "Night at the Museum" event where all the exhibits come to life just like the movie!  We will have actors running around all kinds of historical characters. Roman soldiers, Egyptians, Civil war, cowboys, etc. We will have live animals everywhere, and even the T-Rex skeleton will come to life and will be moving.

The Museum address is 55 N. Center Street in Lehi, UT

Everyone of all ages will have a blast with all the live animals and characters running a muck! 

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History of Ostara - The Spring Equinox
Ostara is a time to start planning your spring gardens,
and welcome the greening of the earth.
Image © Sandy Jones/Getty Images
Ostara is coming up for our northern hemisphere readers, on March 20. This is a season of balance, equal parts light and dark, as well as being the onset of spring. This time of rebirth and renewal is one in which the life begins to return to the earth - you may notice little green shoots peeking up through the snow, the days will begin to seem sunnier and warmer, and the nights aren't quite as chilly as they were before. The spring equinox season has plenty of folklore associated with it - let's look at some of the customs and traditions of the season!
If you're one of our southern hemisphere readers, be sure to read about some of the traditions of Mabon, the fall equinox, in the sidebar over on the right hand side!
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Spring Equinox Around the World
While Pagans and Wiccans are celebrating Ostara, and Christians are observing Easter, it's important to remember that the dawning of spring has been observed for a long time in many other cultures as well. Traditions vary widely from one country to the next. Here are some ways that residents of different parts of the world observe the season. Read Full Article
Search Related Topics:  ostara  spring equinox  pagan celebrations
Deities of Ostara
Deities of the Spring Equinox
Early spring blossoms are often associated
with deities of rebirth and renewal.
Image © Patti Wigington 2009
Spring is a time of great celebration in many cultures. It's the time of year when the planting begins, people begin to once more enjoy the fresh air, and we can reconnect with the earth again after the long, cold winter. A number of different gods and goddesses from different pantheons are connected with the themes of Spring and Ostara. Read Full Article
Search Related Topics:  spring equinox  ostara  spring celebrations
Ostara History
The spring equinox has been observed by various cultures for centuries. Let's look at how this agricultural marker has evolved into a time of celebration. Read Full Article
More Ostara Traditions
Easter Eggs: Pagan or Not?
Decorated eggs are found in the spring
celebrations of many cultures.
Image © Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 2007
Ostara falls during a time when plenty of celebrations are going on. From the Roman festival of Matronalia to the Christian Easter celebration, spring is a season of importance to people in all sorts of spiritual traditions.

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