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Sunday, April 27, 2014

new blog Spring Fundraising Drive: is a non-profit organization that depends on your donations to operate. It takes (only) $6,500 each month to run's web department, with a...
Connect with the Dragons, and fly with them into a multi-dimensional junction of time and space where magick can, and should take place!
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Celebrate National Poetry Month with some of our favorite spoken-word performances at TED:
Brave and beautiful expressions from some of the world's most talented spoken-word performers.

Free e-cards from your favorite movies

Life choices...
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Thank you all for your generous support! We could not be getting through this difficult time without you.
I just got back from another afternoon at the hospital with MG. Daughter Gail and granddaughter Alessandra also came up to spend the day with her.
MG was doing pretty well today, after dialysis and treatment with her new cancer med yesterday. This drug is called Kyprolis (carfilzomib), and is newly-approved by the FDA. So far it seems to be working well! MG was alert and sociable all day.
John Sulak (our biographer) also came for a visit, with the other members of his family, Alicia and John. Here's a really great review of our life story, The Wizard & The Witch. If you've read and enjoyed our story, please consider writing a review for Right now there are only 7 reviews of this book on Amazon...
When I was given a copy of this book to review I wasn't sure I could do it. I wasn't sure I could actually read about another persons life. I'll be honest, it's not something that really intrigues ...

What are they always looking at?
Cats are considered by many as symbols of mysticism because of their elegant and flexible body, as well as their…

◐Oº°‘¨ INSIGHT ¨‘°ºO◑
Q. How can I conquer my negative thoughts?
A. Keep showing them the door, and if that means you have to walk over to a door and send them out there - then DO IT! Keep doing it and doing it if they persist.
To conquer your negative thinking you MUST get back in charge. Step into the DRIVERS SEAT, and kick those negative thoughts out.
Use your stubbornness if you have to to do it...
Once you can get back in charge like that, then you may like to start singing to yourself a positive affirmation that really touches you. If you find yourself slipping, then sing / repeat / say / write this affirmation to remind yourself.
Find something in your life regularly to be grateful for, notice what is working and dont get too caught up in what isnt.
Our resource suggestions to help with this insight:
◐ BOOK: Affirmations -

◐ RADIO ARCHIVE: Affirmations -

I trust this helps,
with LOVE,
Lee-Anne PetersTemple of Balance
~ inspiring you ~

IMAGE: google images - gratitude to artist
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We all feel a bit like this some times, but here's a reminder about some of the many benefits of ‪#‎Meditation‬:
MAYPOLE MAGIC! Join me for my new workshop on Maypole rites & lore at Beltania in Colorado, May 8-11:
 & at Circle Sanctuary's Beltane Festival May 2-4 in Wisconsin:

Considering adopting a new dog soon? Take a look this article it has great tips for bringing home a new dog. Some of the highlights, great advice on crate training, following a routine and dog and children introductions.

The purple, translucent mineral has been named putnisite. Discovered in Western Australia, putnisite contains the unusual elemental combination...

Because of the inclement weather, the folks at Wicked Good Books are going to be giving away 100's of books again tomorrow! 10-2.... 215 Essex Street, the sight if the former Derby Book Store. Share away!

The wand is believed to be a magickal rod used by sorcerers and witches when performing magick and witch craft. Witches and sorcerers used these magical wands by pointing them where they wanted to direct their magic. The use of wands in witch craft dates back to the fifteenth century. In the past, witches could use their wands and witch craft to perform many types of magick. For example, some witches were able to point their wand at an animal, and with the powers of witch craft they could take away the animals power of movement so that they could capture it. Wands were also used for healing, for this reason doctors would carry walking sticks as a symbol of their profession.
Wands used to perform witch craft were of different sizes and shapes, and were made by different materials depending on what they were used for. For example, some wands were made of cypress wood, which is connected to death. One reason why a witch would use a wand of cypress would be to wake the spirit of someone’s who committed suicide. To do this the witch would touch the corpse nine times, and then the ghost would manifest itself and would be required to answer any questions which are demanded. Wands could also be made of hazel and willow for other uses. Sometimes very strict rules would also be in place for the types of wands to be used in certain rituals. For example, some rituals had to be performed over a new wand that included the saying of prayers and reciting the names of power in order to ensure its power was awakened.
Check out these amazing wands at our online shop here
 <-- br="" nbsp="">- Brian Cain
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A taste of FanX by the Vagabloggers!
Click here to watch:

Facebook winners have been announced:

...See More
Video Highlights from Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2014 by Vagabloggers. While in Utah, we joined the Media Team for Salt Lake Comic Con's 2014...

Wanna go Ghost Hunting at The Oman House...Here's your Chance...We have 2 investigation / tours of The Oman House. Each Ticket is $145.00. We have limited space 1 Tour is set for Friday May 9th at 9:30pm till 2:30am and Saturday May 10th at 9:30pm till 2:30am. To be part of this small group, which is limited to 12 per each.

The Oman house has been seen Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History and this past February 15th on the Season 9 Premiere of Ghost Adventures .

If you are interested in coming along a real life Ghost Investigation like the ones on TV but better, than this is your chance. We have a shuttle bus and location to park your cars at and see and experience first hand the Oman house. Take a look at the videos shot here 4 weeks ago Friday night at the 1st investigation and other footage shot here at The Oman House I was impressed by what people caught!

This event and is super limited. There are 12 spaces per tour. Please if you have your own paranormal investigative equipment that you would try out here please feel free to bring it. NO FRANKS BOXES or SPIRIT BOXES as they make to much noise where we will provide one to use. For those who have limited experience with Ghost Hunting we shall provide everyone with a piece of of equipment to use during the investigations. My friendly support staff will show you the ropes of investigating as well.

We have a base station where the 14 infrared video cameras are shown on the large screen monitor to show exactly what is going on in all parts of the house. You will have the opportunity to investigate the home with one of our staff and do EVP sessions and video the activity that is prominent here as well.

You will be here with our investigation team of paranormal investigators/research group on a ghost hunt in the house if you like and also 1 of our mediums will also be a part of the investigation as well.

The house will be fully canvased with infrared cameras throughout the house and rim pods and devices to pickup the spirit activity will also be used through the house.You can go and be part of the group that will stay upstairs at the HQ to work with the infrared video team watching the investigation.
Friday Night Tickets

Saturday Night Tickets


Mark Politi

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From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wicca

Celebrate Beltane with crafts and a feast.
Image © Patti Wigington 2009;
Licensed to

As Beltane approaches, you can decorate your home (and keep your kids entertained) with a number of easy craft projects. Start celebrating a bit early with fun floral crowns and a Maypole altar centerpiece. Also, don't forget the feast - no celebration is complete without a meal that celebrates the themes of the season!
Southern hemisphere readers, be sure to read up on crafts and recipes that focus on the season of Samhain!

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5 Quick and Easy Decorations for Beltane
Need some quick and affordable decorating ideas for the Beltane sabbat? From fire and flowers to birds and butterflies, here are some tips on how to bring the season into your home without breaking your bank account! 5 Quick Beltane Decorations
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Beltane Crafts and Creations
Make a faerie chair!
Image (c) Lynne Brotchie/Photolibrary/Getty Images;
Licensed to
As Beltane approaches, you can decorate your home (and keep your kids entertained) with a number of easy craft projects. Start celebrating a bit early with fun floral crowns and a Maypole altar centerpiece.

Search Related Topics:  beltane  beltane crafts  pagan craft projects
Feasting and Food

Celebrate with a Green Man cake.
Image © Patti Wigington 2009;
Licensed to
No Pagan celebration is really complete without a meal to go along with it. For Beltane, celebrate with foods that honor fertility of the earth. Enjoy light spring soups, Scottish bannocks, fertility bread loaves, and more.

Search Related Topics:  beltane recipes  sabbat cooking  recipes
All About Beltane
April's showers have given way to rich and fertile earth, and as the land greens, there are few celebrations as representative of fertility as Beltane. Observed on May 1st (or October 31 - November 1 for our Southern Hemisphere readers), festivities typically begin the evening before, on the last night of April. Here's an index of all kinds of great articles to help you celebrate the Beltane sabbat! All About Beltane
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