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Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Supernatural was mentioned in a post.
Click here for a complete recap of the Supernatural panel from SDCC
The stars and producers of Supernatural once again helped fill Hall H to...

The Winchesters are going down some very dark roads. When The CW’s Supernatural returns this fall (on Tuesday, Oct. 7), Dean will...

Contemplation is not something that we value much. It’s common to blame new technology, social media and text messaging and the like... the trend...
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If you’ve ever wondered about the significance of these number sequences, you’re not alone. Many people have asked us about their...
(CNS News) – President Barack Obama plans to sign executive orders Monday prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender...
Religious tension is nothing new in America—but here's what a new survey reveals about who is disliked the most:
Republicans are the biggest haters.
I say do this do to all authority Question it , if you see it is right than you are fine , But when you find that it is wrong or trying to control you, to own you, then you must stand up for your self and deify it . For you are the only one in control of your life, and you know whats right for you .-Reverend High Priestess Char Norton M.W.R.

Take a look at these 20 powerful photos that will leave you speechless. Some of these photos are of truly historic moments, while others, are quite heartbreaking.
Take a look at these 20 powerful photos that will leave you speechless. Some of these photos are of truly…

"Although we may be distrustful of government, the military—in the twisted logic of the American mind—is somehow separate:"
The religious reverie—repeated in sports arenas throughout the U.S.—is used to justify our bloated war budget and endless wars.

What a moment this must have been to catch this on video.
This should be turn and we should not have to fight for better pay !
Here are 8 ways to spot emotional manipulation and how to protect yourself from it:
Here are 8 ways to spot emotional manipulation and protect yourself from it: 1. There is no use in trying…

Magical Principles
Magic is natural.
Harm none- not even yourself- through its use.
Magic requires effort. You will receive what you put into it.
Magic is not usually instantaneous. Spells require time to be effective.
Magic should not be performed for pay.
Magic should not be used in jest or to inflate your ego.
Magic can be worked for your own gain, but only if it harms none.
Magic is a divine act.
Magic can be used for defense but should never be used for attack.
Magic is knowledge – not only of its way and laws,but also of its effectiveness. Do not believe that magic works – Know It.
Magic is love. All magic should be performed out of love. The moment anger or hatred tinges your magic you have crossed the border into a dangerous world, one that will ultimately consume you.

The Witches Credo
Hear now the word of the Witch,
the secrets once hid in the night,
When darkness was for protection,
We now bring forth in the light.
Mysteries of the Water and Fire,
The Earth and the wide-ranging Air,
By hidden Quintessence we know them,
and we bring honor in silence and fair.
The birth and rebirth of all Nature,
the passing of Winter and Spring,
We share with the life Universal,
rejoicing in the never-ending Ring
Four times in the year we give homage,
come forth the Witches are seen,
At Lammas and Candelas we’re dancing,
so too on May Eve and old Halloween
When daytime and nighttime are equal,
when sun is at it’s greatest and least,
The four lesser Sabbats are summoned,
again the Witches gather in feast
.Thirteen silver moons in a year,
thirteen to be the magikal array,
Thirteen times at Esbat we make merry,
for the work of the night and the day.
The knowledge has passed down the ages,
each time between woman and man
Each century unto the other,
old times since the ages began.
When drawn in the Magikal circle,
by sword or athame of light,
It’s compass between two worlds opens,
in honor and love for this night.
Our world has no right to know it,
and the world beyond will tell naught,
The oldest of Gods are invoked there,
the great work of light’s Magik is wrought.
For two are the mystical pillars,
that stand at the gate of the shrine,
And two are the powers of Nature,
the forms and the forces divine.
Do what thou wilt be the challenge,
so be it in love that harms none,
For this is the only commandment,
By wisdom of faith so let it be done.
Great Read!
Believe it or not, there are still fun, interesting, and inspiring things to do in every corner of the country that cost absolutely nothing,...

FANTASTIC! They walked up on these two amazing street musicians absolutely killing it in every way possible. That song made me cry, so BEAUTIFUL
Thank you Morgan HOLLYWOOD and Gina Monroe!

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