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Monday, March 16, 2015

st patty's day blog 3/16/2015

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The crash of meteors on early Earth likely generated hydrogen cyanide, which could have kick-started the production of three essential biomolecules needed to make the first cells. This new study may eventually help explain one of the deepest mysteries in modern science!
Study explains how three essential molecules could have formed simultaneously

Maggie Stagner's photo.
Maggie Stagner's photo.
Maggie Stagner's photo.

While at Stonehenge yesterday I decided to send a message to the cosmos. ‪#‎GYATM‬(Photo by James O.Davies)
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Good Morning, People of the Page. Thanks to Pop Mythology for this article "Twenty Irish Novels To Read Before You Die." St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. Will you be wearing something green? My maiden name is O'Brien. I will be wearing something green. In my home town of New Orleans, St. Patrick's Day is a day of special celebration, and I so miss my hometown!
Ireland, considering its size, has produced a disproportionately large amount of world renowned writers.

'GNU Terry Pratchett', a charming internet tribute to the late Discworld author, reworks his telegraph idea from Going Postal

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For anyone who was at Selena Fox's Death Passages workshop Sunday, or for anyone who wasn't but is passionate about pre-death planning, community-directed death care, and green disposition, here's a link to the webpage of the Minnesota Threshold Network, a Twin Cities-based group doing outreach, education, and advocacy around these issues. We'd love for you to join us. (Thank you Eli Effinger-Weintraub for the link!)
A Meeting Place For All Who Are Interested in Death, Home Funerals, and Green Burials

What do you do to fill the Cup when you feel the waters in the Well of Compassion are down low?
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  • Susan R Kagan Start by feeling compassion for yourself. When you have an abundance, you can give.
    45 mins · Like · 2
  • Christopher Penczak I go back to basic practice of breath and meditation, and basic work around the home and Temple - cleansing spiritually and physically. Gets this Taurus centered and grounded and ready to dive in again.
    45 mins · Like · 12
  • Scott KS Find my tears.
    44 mins · Like · 2
  • Lisa Bland Heat up the water and share the tea with friends.
    44 mins · Like · 3
  • Caroline Whitehead Spend time with people who love me.
  • Marcie Summers In the words of my Zen teacher..."back to the cushion"
    43 mins · Like · 1
  • Michael Best I'm more concerned about drowning in compassion.
  • Cheryl Ryan Franz Reassess my thinking that has come from life experiences on a personal level. Take a step back and think about how my experiences have changed me but realize that another person is not me. So listening, offering loving advice and listening more is the compassion that I can offer. Being compassionate has nothing to do with being judge mental.
  • Paul Oakes Dance
    41 mins · Edited · Like
  • Shiloh Mary Langlois Remind myself that there is great power and magic within the darkness, embrace it, and remember that "this too shall pass". Then I find a nice book, some chocolate, and enjoy myself! 
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  • Joseph Nemchik I turn to the well of gratitude. As I am grateful for what I have and had happen in my life I also am grateful for turn of events that did not take place. This of course if I am need of compassionate nourishment. Should another as for such a drink and I am not willing to spare, I again look in the mirror and remember how grateful I am. By then the waters have risen a bit.
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  • Matt Collins Find a stray animal and feed it
    37 mins · Like · 3
  • Francie Darnell Remember that I am one person. I tend to shut out the upsetting situation, give it time, and then regroup. I know it's hard to deal with anger, and I have a job that involves taking care of others. So, I take care of myself, and remember to stay kind, but it's ok to feel upset, because even when upset, compassion is still there, you just have to look a little harder 
  • Tauni Love Music! Music is the oxygen mask for my soul.
    And trees. Probably not coincidentally, they're (literally) the Earth's lungs.
    So, we, the Earth, and me.
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  • Matt Collins Drop a 5 spot on a homeless person and walk away, let them show you how much you mean to them
    36 mins · Like · 1
  • Francie Darnell Aww Matt Collins that is so sweet!
  • Rowen O'Neill stand under the stars in the deep of night, barefoot and breathe
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  • Matt Collins And If this is about you Pooh Bah, please know you changed my life in ways words can't describe. Keep your head up ( your beautiful btw )
  • Stefanie Frances Center myself, stop and really think of the things I'm blessed with and then I find my compassion runs once more.
  • Melanie Marquis I pour wine in it.
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  • Melanie Marquis Nah really I try to show compassion for someone else and stop worrying about myself so much.
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  • Rhonda House I sit with myself to see where I don't feel treated compassionately and the set about offering compassion to myself first.
  • Eric Gebauer Go too the beach when i can and mediate..hard at times im sure..
  • Bill Duvendack Research anything that has to do with societies and cultures that don't have it as well as the one I'm in.
  • Penny Cabot when the cup has become unclear to you and the waters purpose , take your eye's away from it and turn to nature . walk alone in the woods and bath in the green & soil of mother earth , take your time . it's only then that you can revisit the cup and its water with a clear view of how inportant it is . in other words retreat re group and come back to compassion with a new pair of eye's
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  • Danielle Lavender Its all well and good to write about what we would do to keep compassion strong in our lives. Its another thing, entirely, to actually show compassion to those around you. #postvslife
  • Jesse Little you fill it with yours tears, at the sorrow of knowing that those people who push us to loose compassion are in such great great pain, that all they have is aggression and drama to sustain them,
  • Elizabeth Stone Carrignant Sweet synchronicity in your posting this just now, Christopher. And now I have all of these beautiful souls to remind me of ways to return to center. Very grateful. Blessings to everyone for the lift  Now to jump back in with fresh eyes.
  • Gwendolyn Reece It depends on the cause. Usually it is that I am low enough on resources myself that I don't have the margin required for grace. For me, as an introvert, it usually means hiding and being with just the spirits, and resting. That is USUALLY sufficien...See More
  • Lisa Caputi Kulis I take a bubble bath & drink wine, lots of it
  • Phoenix Darque I stay home in my jammies, unplug, take a nap.
  • Fred Isom I dig the well deeper to see if I feel more ground water fill in. If I don't, I send general light for *their* highest good and detach.
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  • Deborah Friedman Gratitude practice. Find 3 things, simple things for which you are grateful. Name them. Lather, rinse, repeat daily. In a week, look back at the list.
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  • Angela Williams Wade Fill it with love, joy, and kindness. Compassion will follow.
  • Apollo Dogred Wine!!!!!!
    13 mins · Like · 1
  • Gina Leslie switch to scotch!
  • Patricia Lacasse Spend more time in nature with green friends. Fortunately Spring is coming, and warmer sunny days and the coming greening will give opportunities to enjoy getting out in the woods and gardens.
  • Tamara Sulc Go to the woods, and stand barefoot in the mossy green. Then grow my roots and branches and ground. The universe refills me. And I am again one with the universe.
  • Veronica Jones Watch movies that pull on *happy* heartstrings - the reminders of goodness (and the invaluable reminder of synchronicity) can work wonders. Personally, my favorite for this is "Heart and Souls", starring Robert Downey Jr.. Also, the time it'll take you to get away from whatever's ailing you, so you can watch the movie at all, will help.
  • Jamie Clemons Play the didgeridoo
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  • Andrew Pitts I do psychic fairs
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  • Dee Proctor I know it sounds silly and childish, but I watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood (free streaming on Amazon with Prime). I think that is what his enduring legacy to us is. How do we fill our cup? How do we fill others cups? When the world seems scary, cruel, unsympathetic, unyielding, he always taught us to give back with kindness and love. 
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  • Teresa Buckiewicz Go on vacation somewhere tropical.
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  • Micaela DeChaves I meditate ~  ~
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  • Mystic Geralyn I usually have my butt kicked by those around me who point out the bigger picture. That when you are looking to change the world the mundane becomes just a means to do the things that are needed. But I also know that I have to look inside find what it...See More
Four Thieves Vinegar with Honey in Water is like drinking salad dressing!
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'shared by LIORA'

Bright Blessings. Now is the time that many Pagan families and homeschoolers are preparing activities for Ostara.

free book on kindle..grab it fast not sure how long it'll be on sale..
Stacey :o)

Wicca magic spellbook Wiccan candle spells and rituals This book is all about candle magic in the Wiccan religion. On reading it, you will get to understand the origin of...

The Oogie Boogie Witch's photo.
like mine...

was the old rule the new one is always talk about us!

There were very few Native American leaders who were able to occupy the rift that was created between the traditional way of life for the indigenous cultur

How many do you have?

1. Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night. Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy off and on during the day. There...

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'Thanks to @[316368185154752:274:Learning Mind] for creating this image'
Ostara Countdown: If you're a Pagan do you have to worry about giving stuff up for Lent? A reader wants to know.…/ostar…/fl/Pagans-and-Lent.htm

Do Pagans celebrate Lent? Not really, because it's not a Pagan holiday - however, some of our readers like to use the Lenten season as a time of cleansing and reflection.

A 3,000-year-old Armenian settlement believed they could predict the future by using sheep and cow bones - and what they revealed on one occasion caused them to...

, this began on the weekend of the Venus & Mars joining when so much COSMIC LIGHT filtered through us. Light shows up the dark. Positive reflects the negative. And thus, there has been a noticeable upswing in people throwing their negativity around at others. Of course add this to the eclipses beginning this week, the Super New Moon and Equinox and we have a hot soup of potential volatility and unawareness. Has this happened to you?
Why negatives tend to stick more than positives
Have you ever noticed that when someone says something negative about you, it stays with you far longer than a crowd of people saying positives? Wondered why that is?
It's the FORCE behind the words.
If there is a build up of tension, pain, anxiety and holding back fear, then all it takes is one opportunity for someone to see how they can be free of their own pain and they will push it onto others (via judgments or put downs) without even realizing what they are doing until it happens. They then feel even worse for it and the recipient feels in shock. It's like releasing a poison arrow. It stings.
Positive comments and appreciation usually come from people who are content and happy (or want to be) The force behind them is warm and uplifting. It sends a glow and love through someone.
And hence this is why we tend to notice the negatives more than the positives. So....keep this in mind.
It hurts us all, it will hurt you and it adds to the confusion on Earth. There is critiquing and then there are nasty criticisms. There is a difference. Grow, mature, learn and practice being in your power heart emoticon
Perfect Saturn Retrograde lesson for this weekend ...
In the NEW issue (March 13-19) of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast SUBSCRIBERS receive my exclusive video overview of how March's cosmic movements will help you to shift and how to do it. Plus my NEW 13 page ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE ECLIPSES.
Dear charlene,
Representative Paul Ray's "firing squad bill" has already brought plenty of unwanted negative international attention to our state. Despite a very close vote in the House, the Senate approved HB11, “Death Penalty Procedure Amendments,” by a nearly 2/3 majority. This bill would allow Utah to revert back to using the firing squad as a method of carrying out state-sponsored murder, should lethal injection drugs prove unavailable when we next carry out the death penalty in the state. 
Talking about which methods of execution to use in Utah, merely distracts us from discussing the systemic injustices and inequities that plague every other execution that takes place in this country, regardless of method, and which delegitimize the death penalty system in Utah and across the nation. In Utah and across the country, decisions about who lives and who dies are largely dependent upon the skill of their attorneys, the race of the defendants and of their victim, the defendant’s socioeconomic status and where the crime took place. Such infrequent, arbitrary and discriminatory administration of the death penalty is the very definition of a failed system.
Please tell Governor Herbert to REJECT HB 11! Ask him, in the spirit of evidence-based criminal justice reform, to work toward ending this failed experiment called the death penalty.
Thank you for joining us in this important action.
ACLU of Utah
P.S. Learn more about our legislative, public education, advocacy and litigation efforts in our most recent newsletter.
If you forward, the links in this email will open to a page with your personal information.
Happy St. Patrick's Day from
Beannachtaí na Feile Pádraig oraibh go leir have the pleasure of delivering a St. Patrick's Day message from Minister of State for the Diaspora - Jimmy Deenihan TD 
As Minister of State for the Diaspora I am delighted to have this opportunity to briefly outline the importance of the Irish Diaspora and your contribution to the status of Ireland on the global stage.
As a nation Ireland punches well above its weight internationally and there is no doubt the influence and commitment of our Diaspora to their Irish roots underpins this global phenomenon.

I, as Minister of State for the Diaspora have initiated a major policy fully endorsed by the Irish Government to recognize the huge importance of our Irish abroad and indeed their descendants. As part of our strategic objectives in this area I had great satisfaction in launching last week "The Global Irish - Ireland's Diaspora Policy", which sets out a framework for our supporting and engaging with our Diaspora globally.
The main objectives of the strategy are to:
  • Support those who have left Ireland and need or want support;
  • Connect in an inclusive way with those , of all ages , around the world who are Irish , of Irish descent, or have a tangible connection to Ireland and wish to maintain a connection with Ireland  and with each other;
  • Facilitate a wide range of activity at local level, national and international level designed to build on and develop two way Diaspora engagement;
  • Recognise the wide variety of people who make up our Diaspora and the important ongoing contribution they have made, both individually and collectively, in shaping our development and our identity;
  • Evolve to meet changing needs in changing times.
To achieve the above the Irish government is committed to resourcing this initiative immediately.
I wish to thank Irish Gathering for this opportunity to immediately action some  of the above objectives by reaching out to the 26,000 global members of Irish Gathering and taking the opportunity to wish you all a great St. Patrick's Day holiday wherever you may be. I look forward to delivering the above objectives through the establishment of an Interdepartmental group to advance and deliver all aspects of Ireland's Diaspora Policy over the immediate future.

More information on Ireland's Diaspora Policy is available on
Mise le meas
Jimmy Deenihan TD 
Minister of State for the Diaspora 
Department of An Taoiseach 
Government Buildings 
Merrion Street 
Dublin 2
This Patrick's Day, why not begin your reseach into your own personal history by getting a geographical location of your Irish roots using DNA
Find where you come from!

Irish Gathering has, for some time, been researching how our members worldwide could get an accurate geographical location of their Irish roots using DNA, on a scientific basis.
Our DNA roots programme, successfully operating since the summer, will significantly increase the likelihood for you to locate your ancestral roots in Ireland.
Once you receive your DNA kit from Family Tree DNA, you simply return a sample of saliva from a male relative and your DNA profile results will be sent directly to you.
On receipt of your results, you just email them to where our DNA experts and genealogists will conduct, for free, an initial examination of the most likely geographical location, in Ireland, of your Irish Ancestors.
If the analysis is compelling, you can then commission a detailed report based on the DNA evidence which pinpoints the town or townland(s) where you are most likely to find your Irish ancestors.
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Beannachtaí na Feile Pádraig oraibh go leir!
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Irish Gathering 87 Merrion Square Dublin 2 Dublin na Ireland

Hello Mr Llewellyn ,
I am a a Reverend High Priest ,psychic and more titles. I live the wiccan religion and live in a state that is predominantly LDS.  I was one day approached by a group claiming to be restarting the America witches council. So I being cyber savvy I research it. and found them to be fake or lacking. I also found that you and member of the original group have parted ways .For what ever reason its not my place to know.  How ever I Helped them a little ,but after a moth they where gone, so I felt that what you and your friends has started so many years before ,need to start  up again and continue. But you did not have what me and my friends have a online presents. This way you could now reach all who needs news, information, help, coven info.and a friend in the Wiccan community. I found your 13 beliefs do still hold true and to still be the foundation of the group. Also made new coven are using them in there by - laws. I made sure to enplane  what we were and about original group and how there are no longer and that we are here in there place but are not them. I did reach out to Oberon VIA Facebook and he is on our page not really a active member but I see him as a friend he though it was a good idea as long as he was not running it .I have many high wiccan friends I have talked on facebook and VIA email and offline. I have been Running the pages for years and even made the name different so not to infringe on your copyright. The name is different as well to include others in the community  that are under the umbrella wicca, but are not Wiccan per say. I just want a place where we can be a community. I post my blog with information on all covens, groups, and news from the  community. I post information and help others. I have council-ed a dying person who felt bad for being gay. I have helped people find covens , groups and events near them. I have gained the respect of elders from coast to coast .I just  ask that you let me continue with my good works. Why I am asking for you to give me your blessing is that there some evil doers that won't me to stop all my good work , because they feel I am a fake. The Wild Hunt found them to be not who the said the where and their page was taken down, I had no beef with them. I even posted their page on mine as a friendly community welcome. Now They want me to take mine down and let other be lost and not have my help and loving support. I just as that you please let me continue my good work and community unity . If you write me a email I can post I am sure they will leave me alone and I can go back to my peaceful ,love ways and help those I can . Your Friend, Reverend High Priestess Char Norton M.W.R. :-\     
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