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AND DONORS" in the group Vampyre Temple on Pagan UnderWorld


" Blood Drinking and Blood letting are always symbolic into the

Blood letting and drinking differ from self-mutilation, however the
line is a fine one, even though the desired ends are different.

Self-mutilation is always a solitary act. Where as blood drinking and
letting can be done alone, but usually is done between couples or in
a group setting.

Historically Blood is a powerful symbol of life and death.


Movies and the media in the past have done almost everything to
romanticize vampires. Vampires were once regarded as demons in
folklore, surrounded by superstitions of holy water, garlic, and

This new contemporary age has shed much of the vampire's
superstitions and has come to embody the darker desires of humanity,
along with the maintenance of immortal souls.

The Vampire has no longer been portrayed as the murderous demon of
folklore. Instead has become a sensual creature of beauty,
immortality, power, and free of inhibitions. A powerful symbol of
what humanity wishes it could be: fearless, powerful, indulgent,
immortal, and powerful.

Almost all children have a fascination with supernatural creatures
Unicorns, Fairies, Witches, Monsters, and Vampires. Teenagers are the
most suggestible when they reach a time in their lives when they feel
powerless, restricted, and uncertain.

These are the individuals who partake in the imitating of vampiric
lifestyles. Role Playing although is not a welcomed function of our
greater communities is a reality to these individuals who wish to
imitate our lives. They do not kill for blood, but they will drink
from themselves or willing participants using sterile instruments
such as surgical blades. These people do not necessarily think they
are Vampyres, but they do enjoy playing the part of a vampire.


Some individuals will try blood letting just to see what it tastes
like, what it looks like, how it feels, and to see the blood flow.
These cuts are usually made with crude knives and are fairly
superficial. They are done in a similar way to self-mutilators where
they will extract in a place such as the inner arm, or other easy to
hide area. Most times these people do this alone or once in a group
for experimentation.


People who are drawn to the idea of blood drinking or letting, but
for whom it is not an outright felt bodily need, are fetishes. Often
it is either an erotic turn on or a preferred expression of
intimacy/bonding. Blood fetishers are generally NOT considered
Vampyres within the Vampyre communities; blood fetishes have a long
history of being associated with vampyrism both in psychiatric
literature, newspapers, non-fiction, and fiction books. However it
also needs to be noted that among the Sanguinarians, there are some
whose cravings are associated with an erotic aspect and others who do
not. There is a continuous spectrum, not an absolute division between
fetishers and sanguinities.


Those who crave both Blood and Pranic energy comprise the majority of
self-described Vampyres on the web in today's culture. Many
experience two cravings as interchangeable. Many regard blood as a
physical source of Pranic energies.


These individuals have the ongoing need to drink blood or they suffer
physical, emotional, and psychic traumas. Many will experience
a "blood lust" periodically which for some can be painful, and for
others it is like having a cigarette fit from hell. Unlike the other
categories real-life Vampyres aka Sanguinarians do not manifest
psychic abilities more than the general population, it is more of a
DNA genetic makeup that is significantly different than others.


Sharing and drinking blood is one the most intimate activities that a
couple can engage in. Within the act it says to each other "I trust
you and I place my life within your hands" However it is important to
remember that this intimacy does not to be a blind tragedy either.

People in general crave things from food to drugs to sex. There is a
concept within them that says they need these things from time to
time. Blood is no different. These are the ones who are more
sensitive to what their body/mind is craving.

Most everyone knows that blood contains nutrients one needs to
survive. My belief is that fresh blood has other properties that are
what the sanguine communities crave.


The hunger or Dragon is an overwhelming drive towards forcing the
body and the mind to pursue the attainment of blood. It is more
powerful than the feeling of hunger associated with starvation. It is
the most singular thing most feared by Vampyres due to its all-
consuming abilities. It is the singular most influential thing to a
Vampyre whether they are a psychic-Vampyre whose drive is to consume
emotional energy, or is it is the bloodlust associated with sanguine

The one common key between the two that ties them together as the
Hunger/ Dragon. Pranic energy is the energy released from one living
or living organisms. Adenosine Triphosphate is the element that
Pranic energy and ties the bond to blood deficiencies.

All living things, plants and animals, require a continual supply of
energy in order to function. The energy is used for all the
processes, which keep the organism alive. Some of these processes
occur continually, such as the metabolism of foods, the synthesis of
large, biologically important molecules, e.g. proteins and DNA, and
the transport of molecules and ions throughout the organism. Other
processes occur only at certain times, such as muscle contraction and
other cellular movements. Animals obtain their energy by oxidation of
foods; plants do so by trapping the sunlight using chlorophyll.
However, before the energy can be used, it is first transformed into
a form, which the organism can handle easily. This special carrier of
energy is the molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

ATP Structure
The ATP molecule is composed of three components. At the center is a
sugar molecule, ribose (the same sugar that forms the basis of DNA).
Attached to one side of this is a base (a group consisting of linked
rings of carbon and nitrogen atoms); in this case the base is
adenine. The other side of the sugar is attached to a string of
phosphate groups. These phosphates are the key to the activity of ATP.

Mitochondria genetics is population genetics. Each cell contains only
one nucleus but hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria and mtDNAs
(which, as Alexander Tzagoloff of Columbia's biological sciences
department discovered, have their own unique genetic code). Tissues
with high demands for energy, such as muscle, heart, brain, and eye,
are particularly vulnerable to mitochondria defects. Second, at
fertilization all mitochondria in the zygote come from the acolyte;
thus, both mtDNA and most mtDNA-related diseases are maternally
inherited. Third, patients with mitochondria genome defects usually
harbor a mixture of normal and mutant mtDNAs, a condition known as
heteroplasmy. A tissue with 20 percent mutant mtDNAs, unsurprisingly,
suffers different effects than one with 90 percent. Moreover, the
proportion of mutated mtDNAs can vary both in space (among tissues)
and in time (over the patient's lifespan); one mutation may cause two
diseases, or a patient may have totally different diseases early and
later in life.

Are more common disorders also associated with mtDNA mutations? The
answer is a qualified yes. Diabetes is unusually frequent in
mitochondria diseases, and about 2 percent of patients with adult-
onset (type II) diabetes have known mutations in mtDNA, along with
anemia on all levels.

So what does all this have to do with Pranic and bloodist Vampyres?
This is one of the reasons a psychic Vampyre or sanguine will
subconsciously instigate situations causing intensity in emotions
that are but not limited to confrontations, situations of extreme
bliss, sexual situations. For the bloodist a sexual outlet is the
most practical in fulfilling the hunger within the Vampyre.
The most common misconception is that the hunger the dragon is allies
a psychological impairment that misleads the person into believing
that he or she needs blood. A common theme lead by the psychological
world. To be honest this is not the case. There is a psychological
side to the hunger, given the fact that it does overwhelm all sides
of the person. But it is not the sole reason.

The body cannot produce enough ATP to sustain the body. Food seems to
just not contain enough to suit the needs of a Vampyre. Due to the
enormous content of ATP in blood, this becomes the most logical
choice for a food source. This is genetic in origin as when a person
has been crossed into the becoming a Vampyre they also inherit the
Hunger from the "parent".

The physical side of the Hunger is difficult to explain yet to a
varied degree we all in the Sanguine category of Vampyres share a
common thread. Some of which are a very strong thirst, regardless of
the amount of liquids consumed. A feeling of "addiction" is common.
Physical discomforts are abdominal cramping, headaches from mild to
migraine level, fatigue, blurred visions, or sudden on and off again
night blindness, and in some cases depending on the length of not
feeding a catatonic state of being similar to a dark depression.

The psychological side of the hunger is also just as potent. The
emotions coming through are very overpowering they are: irritability,
anger, rage, frustration, and depression are all common. These
emotions depending again on the time frame of not feeding can turn
into violent mood swings, states of confusion, and loss of control,

Treatments of the hunger are varied and the efficiency of these
methods varies greatly from each individual. For the sanguine, a
research into foods that container high levels of ATP that are good
to the pallet will help with the strong physical urges associated
with the Hunger. Some of these include carbohydrates, starches. For
psychic Vampyres attending large events where there are massive
amounts of people present will calm the heightened levels of energy
deficiencies. Such as Concerts, bars, ball games, Acquiring energy in
large massive amounts without hurting the people there is a safe
environment that can be built on the road to recovery from extreme

Meditation exercise is also good for both Pranic, and bloodist
Vampyres. Sit in a comfortable position and focus your mind on a
single objective or image such as the ocean, thunderstorms,
lightning, artwork, these are good to focus to use to divert your
attending from the Hunger, thus calming it for even a short time.
These methods take time, but the more you practice the more you
promote a healthy stability for your hunger condition. Whatever you
do DO NOT USE BLOOD AS A FOCUS that is what you are trying to avoid.

Spiritual approach of merging or becoming one with all natural things
also helps in dealing with the powers of hunger. In the beginning use
one item as the focus. Once proficient, use ALL things around you as
you balance your focus. Focus on an object; now visualize you
becoming that object, and it becoming you. Feel what it is like to be
that object, gain its strength, as you progress uses more objects as
you focus simultaneously. This exercise will help you draw strength
from the things around you. Also it allows you to disperse your
hunger into your surroundings, thus alleviating the Hunger by it no
longer being in your body.


1- never drinks from someone who you cannot trust with your life.
2- Test your self every 6 months for HIV and STD's. If possible, have
any new partners tested also. Make sure you see the results of the
blood tests before you engage in blood letting.


This means that you have no idea whether your partner is clean or not...

3- Never drink blood if you have cuts or sores in your mouth, or in
any area in your throat. The sore spots are what will leave you open
to HIV infection. It is better to keep yourself safe than to be sorry
for it later when you are infected.

4- When extracting blood, use latex gloves. Unless you are intimate
with your partner, Latex will always be your friend!

5- If you think adding blood to alcohol will sterilize it and keep
you safe. Think again! Yes the alcohol will sanitize most viruses.
But the serious ones like HIV are too small to be affected and they
will survive being drown into alcohol.


Take this special precautionary note into account each time you
engage in blood letting and drinking. Although as Vampyres we have
heightened senses, and can detect danger a mile away, this does not
mean that we are clear of more potent dangers out there.

The world is much different than it was years ago, although we may
not be fighting the plague, or malaria. We are fighting together in
this world a new plague, this one is said to be 100 times more deadly
than the plague that wiped out most of Europe in the 1800's.

I am talking about HIV. No matter who you are, how clean you say you
are, how careful you are. Engaging in unsafe situations without
taking the precautions will have the end result of your death.
Meaning as much as you love those coffins, you will be resting in one
12 feet down for good. So don't run through these pages thinking this
is the same old warning. For Sanguine vampires there is never enough
we can do to keep our donors safe, and ourselves but we must still
perfect the method each time.

It would be wise to remember that HIV does not show up on either an
ELISA or a WESTERN BLOT test until after the incubation period, when
it is most contagious. A clean bill of health is not failsafe. HIV is
not the only incurable disease out there, HERPES cannot be cured
either. It can only be treated.

HEPATITIS can be vaccinated against, however the vaccine for
HEPATITIS B is only 70% effective. Leaving you a 30% chance of having
the infection. HEPATITIS C takes 6 months to get, and is a series of
3 shots. These shot are expensive and not always covered by a medical
plan, especially if you reside within the USA. And then there is
SYPHILIS, do the research on syphilis; believe me you do not want to
end up with this painful disease. And some strains are not resistant
to antibiotics. So if you contract this one, and the doctor has you
on antibiotics, you may not know for 6 months if the antibiotics
helped you or not.... Don't mess with your life or someone else's, your
better off taking the precautions.


Drinking animal blood also has a high risk, most blood from large
producers if infected with salmonella, sometimes with e coil, and
botulism as well. The human body can tolerate small amounts of these
bacteria. Continued exposure will build up an even greater resistance
to such toxins, but once again it is best to not push your luck.

Eating rare steak may be safe if you have a solid stomach. Drinking
the blood is not safe unless you get it from the butcher, who in turn
gets it from a free-range supplier, but then again you are placing
your life in the hands of the butcher.

There is still a risk to Americans these days who eat meat, rare or
not. American farming still feed their ranch animals food that is
made from reconstituted animal parts.

Unless you are hunting and slaughtering the animals yourself, only
then do you know the animal was not slaughtered in an abattoir and
processed in an environment that gets animal manure into places in
the animals where it is not suppose to be in the first place.

If you want to engage in animal blood feeding, try Blood pudding, aka
Black pudding, it is very nutritious and filling, it will satisfied
the blood craving, plus the blood is cooked, so it is safe to consume.


Allow me to explain here that the human stomach can only handle the
equivalent of two shot glasses of blood, before it curdles and makes
you vomit something fierce. You can increase your tolerance, but
remember you should not have to.

People who engage in bloodletting, which includes your donor(s), must
be prepared for the worst-case scenario each time. There is a slim
chance that your partner(s) may loose too much blood or your partner
may go into shock.

Be careful when choosing your donor circles; don't pick up strangers
unless you get the full details of whom they are.

For some there is never a thing as too much blood, however there is a
thing as giving too much blood. It is just as important to remember
how much blood they are taking from their donor and at what level
does the blood cause health problems.

Very few Vampyres are willing to go to their health care professional
to ask about how much blood is ok to take from a donor. Just as not
many donors would want to admit they are donating their blood to a
blood drinking Vampyre. Despite the hesitancy in the area of seeking
this type of advice, there are Vampyres in the communities that are
RN's and doctors that can give this advice to you via the net.

Generally it is not good to take more than one pint from your donor
in a 56-day period. The conversion for this is 473.18ml (us
conversion tables). In a standard blood test an average of about
54ml is taken from one person. But bare in mind this amount is not
suitable for those donors under the age of 17. Then the conversion
tables are much less.

Normal red blood cell counts vary, depending on the type of sample
and your age and gender:

Men: 4.2 to 5.4 million red blood cells per micro liter of blood

Women: 3.6 to 5.0 million red blood cells per micro liter of blood

Children: 4.6 to 4.8 million red blood cells per micro liter of blood

A 10cc shot or 1ml of blood per day adds up to a total of 70 cc per
week. This may not seem like much, but taken on a regular basis this
number will grow to 560ml for two months. Although plasma regenerates
within a few hours, red blood cells do not reproduce fast enough to
replace a pint taken more often than a 56-day period.


Anemia is the most common concern, there are many different types of
Anemia, but the one I am talking about here is iron-deficiency
Anemia, which occurs with blood loss. The symptoms of Iron-Deficiency
Anemia are Fatigue, Low Energy, Rapid Heart Beat, Shortness of
Breath, Headaches on a scale from mild to frequent Migraines,
Concentration difficulties, Dizziness, Pale skin, elastic skin, (if
you pinch your skin it will go back to its original form, elastic
skin, is when the skin looks like it stayed pinched) leg cramping,
and insomnia, mouth soreness, nails growing in a upward curve, hunger
for abnormal things that are normally not consumed. Dirt, paper, or
paste. And since the medical world considers blood an unusual thing,
extreme blood thirst is also a symptom.

There are a number of reasons why you should take care of your
donor's health. Aside from the emotional and psychological
attachments that usually occur. There are the more practical
concerns. Anemia must be diagnosed with a blood test and since it is
always a side effect from many other underlying conditions, a doctor
will look at the underlying condition. If none are found the doctor
will begin to ask questions. Few donors are going to admit they are
feeding a hungry Vampyre, However there is an alternative, this is
not an excuse to avoid seeing your health care professional, or an
avoidance for donors to avoid their doctors when health problems are
present, just an alternative when the health risk is not great.

Eating a well-balanced meal that includes sources of iron such as red
meats, nuts, seafood, eggs, and whole grain products, will reduce
iron deficiency. Food rich with Vitamin B-12 and foliate is also good
in preventing Anemia.

Do not take iron supplements unless anemia is present, and only if a
doctor recommends you too. Too much iron can make you very ill and
can cause fatalities also. Vitamin C encourages iron absorption into
your body; so keeping to your regular vitamin intake will be just


Believe it or not the Red Cross can help you screen your donors.
(Unknowingly of course) Remember though substituting the Red Cross
for a doctor is not suitable for maintaining healthy bodies, but they
can help in the screening process. The Red Cross takes a drop of
blood from the donor to determine blood type and to make sure there
is enough red blood cells to donate safely. If the Red Cross for low
red blood count refuses the donor, then this is your first red flag
that drinking from them is not a good idea.

There are independent labs such as Planned Parenthood that offer a
basic CBC blood test. (Complete Blood Count) this test determines the
size, number, volume, and presence of hemoglobin in your red blood
cells. As well as testing for blood borne diseases as well.

Accompanying the donor to the Red Cross may help to at least verify
the results of them having enough to donate safely. If the donor
walks away with a refusal, I would suggest exploring the donor's
health further, or shopping somewhere else. This mind you also apply
to blood drinkers as well.

Practicing safe blood letting methods and maintaining yours and your
donor's health is vital within the Vampyric communities. As well as
being educated in these areas. Society says that Vampyres are non-
existent, the Sub-culture says we exist. Society says if they do
exist, it is within the Gothic communities and are strange, we may
not all be Gothic, We may be odd to society. But we are far from
lacking in intelligence. Be safe!


Biting- Biting is not a good idea. The human mouth carries many
germs, and can be very painful. The blood drawn is not a significant
amount to constitute a feeding. And once again many people have cuts
or sores in their mouths from time to time, from bleeding gums after
brushing to eating hot and spicy foods that incinerate our mouths and
throats. This opens us up to infections that are easily spreadable by
biting another.

There are a variety of ways for a Vampyre to take blood; of these
many methods these are the ones that our household practices that are
the most beneficial and safe.

Surgical Steel Scalpels- These knives come in their own plastic wrap,
should you purchase them through a medical or pharmaceutical
supplier. Other wise Exacto Blades worked well too, most exacto
knives are surgical steel. However you must get rid of the used blade
afterwards. And are razor sharp, I almost cut my finger off getting
them out of the wrapping so be careful.

We use the method of making an X on several different locations
available on the body. When making an X the blood will collect to the
center, and be bountiful.

A- The best areas for these incisions are the Breasts on women and
men, about 2 inches away from the nipple towards their collarbone.

B- The back of the shoulder near the shoulder blade------- STAY AWAY

C- The fatty fold of skin on your elbows, this works best for the
squirmiest new donors. What they don't see won't hurt them, and this
area of your elbow is most fat, their are very few nerves. Not a lot
of pain will be generated from this site. We joke about this area
being our Irrigation system.

D- Upper shoulder on the front side of the arm

E- Some prefer the Inner thighs... And on a woman this area tends to
be a risk area. On men, you may not want to do to the hair.

F- On the hand, the area between your fore finger and your thumb is a
fatty blood rich area also on men and women.

The deepness of the X is to bury at least the point of the scalpel
into the skin; this is usually considered a superficial wound,
because it is not very deep. This will heal well too, you should rub
the area with rubbing alcohol or iodine first, I personally cannot
stand the taste, so I have my donors wash the area well with regular
soap. Dial and Zest work best. Do not use antibacterial soap, because
that believe it or not to a fresh wound is a magnet for infections.

Never make a circular cut, the skin in the middle of the circle might
die once it has been cut off from normal blood flow, and it will hurt
something fierce to your donor. The X shape incision will remain open
for about 10 to 15min. And then begin to seal for most donors.
Remember you are only trying to gather the equivalent of a mouth full
of blood, if you start to feel dizzy, or ill, stop drinking you have
reached your limit.

After making the incision have a disinfectant such as Bactine or
Neosporin ready along with band-aids, to ensure rapid and proper
healing of the wounds. Also Neosporin minimizes the appearance of

Syringes- If you have the basic knowledge of phlebotomy you can
obtain a kit for blood letting, similar to a heroine addicts kit.
This can be done in these areas I mentioned above without a major
concern of hitting nerves. However your donor may or may not end up
with black and blue marks from the skin, because it was not done from
a vein, but from the skin.
Here you must prep the skin before an after with rubbing alcohol or
iodine for sanitary reasons, and again band aid the area afterwards
also. I would not recommend piercing the skin in this manner, unless
a tattoo artist does it.


You can get hypodermic needles from any clinic, pharmacy, or hospital
that is part of a needle exchange program, or set up for diabetics on
welfare, who cannot afford the needles. Lancets are available at Wal-
Mart, and anywhere there is a pharmacy, they come in a box about 500.
Are small handy, and sharp.

The best place to take out blood with a needle is from the vein in
the crook of the arm. However it is best to allow someone with the
training in this to teach you how it is done. Otherwise you run the
risk of going through a vein, or aggravating a nerve. Not to mention
you can pierce an artery also. Many times hospitals offer free
classes to new diabetics on using needles for insulin shots, and how
to measure blood, these classes are beneficial in learning how to tap
a vein.

Using Lancets is much easier in tapping the vein, because if your
experience level is not very high in using hypodermic needles, with a
Lancet your needle is very small, punctures easily, and you will not
go through or harm the vein you are tapping. The best place for
tapping the vein with a lancet is the top of the hand. The pain is
very minor; most do not even feel it. And the veins are exposed more
in the upper hand then most places on the body. Unless of course you
are vein that you can tap most veins this way.

After tapping the vein with a lancet you can suck the blood directly
from the vein. And usually afterwards the bleeding will stop, then
all you must do is use some bactine. That's it. This is our way of
blood feeding, it is easy, not so complicated to learn, and better
for the donors.

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Download - Blood Sharing Agreement (printable)

Feeding by Proximity

To feed by proximity is simply to feed by line of sight, and not by touch. It is 
a little harder to master but it is safer for the donor (if you take too much or 
too quickly you could hurt them),and it attracts less attention to you.

It is safer to feed from large groups of people than from one person. When you 
feed from crowds you take a little from a lot of people and hurt no one and most 
people do not even realize you fed from them. If you take from just one person 
you could seriously deplete them and they will know that they have been drained 
(this happens if you feed from them too often as well).

When feeding by proximity it is best to walk through a busy shopping area and 
feel their energy swirling together in a funnel around you. All you need to do 
is picture or feel this funnel being made of water and simply drink in some of 
this "water".

Many psi-vampires go with the breathing method which is when you breathe in, you 
breathe in some of the energy you need. And inversely when you breathe out you 
donate or give some energy to someone who is depleted or sick.

There are two types of energy to feed on by proximity

There are two types of energy to feed on when feeding by proximity. Life energy 
or pranic energy and then there is emotional energy.

The first and hardest type of energy to tap into is life or pranic energy. Just 
feed on this using the way described in feeding by proximity.

The second is emotional energy. When a person feels the stronger emotions like 
aggravation, anger, fear, hatred, or they are feeling rushed or panicked they 
actually broadcast out energy to let others know to leave them alone.

Part of the reason that body language is more pronounced currently is because 
they are using more energy.

A better description of this is if a person is drinking water and you want some 
of this water you would have to get it out of their cup but if they are feeling 
stronger emotions then it would be like the were standing in one of those little 
kiddie pools and it suddenly much easier to get the water.

It is much easier to tap into this energy because it is outside their bodies and 
not inside them. Also I have noticed that when I feed on this emotional energy 
it actually drains away the emotion that they were feeling. Meaning that they no 
longer feel this emotion because the energy they were using to sustain this 
emotion is no longer there. So this would be a good way to stop someone from 
being angry. NEVER feed on their fear though. It could cause permanent emotional 
and mental damage(drive them insane).

To stop someone from feeling depression you must give them energy not take it. 
Depression is a lack of energy. This explains why a clinically depressed person 
is always tired. If we feed to heavily from someone it can cause clinical 
depression, sickness and eventually cancer or some other fatal disease. This is 
the reason we do not keep a ring of donors like the sanguinarians do.

When I feed on emotional energy I actually seek out this energy and siphon it 
off, like when you are overflowing the sink and the water will not turn off.

This emotional energy is easier and safer to feed on and it is helpful to the 
nils when we feed on this energy. It puts them in a better mood making them feel 

Feeding by touch or physical contact
We can feed in many ways by touch; however, this normally tends to draw 
attention to who and what we are. Any place on your body that forms a hollow 
(like the hollow in the base of your throat, or in your shoulder, or palm and 
females have an extra "hollow" that men don't have *smiles*) can be used to feed 
from. We can also drain someone when they touch us and we don't wish to be 

To feed by touch can be done in self-defense, casual contact like a handshake, 
or even during sex.

To feed by touch we tend to use our right hand and drain with our palm (NEVER 
put your palm over their heart when feeding because the shock could seriously 
hurt the donor and even kill them if they have a heart condition), this is the 
reason we don't like to shake hands.

If we are attracted to someone we will feed with our mouths, either from their 
shoulder or from their necks. We tend to be easily aroused if someone nuzzles 
our necks because of this. We do not drink their blood but we do drink their 
energy, it is similar to giving a hickey (could be where giving hickeys came 
from*winks*) and this is the most intimate we psi-vampires get without actually 
having sex.

Some female psi-vampires feed from the hollow nature gave them during sex and 
letting the man just assumes that they are now tired do to the exertions of 
having sex (this can be addicting to the man though).
When we are attacked or grabbed by someone in a threatening manner we tend to 
grab their arm or hand with our hand or hands and drain them reflexively or 
instinctively. Many of us don't even realize that we are doing this (especially 
if we are in the process of awakening), we just assume that the attacker got 
tired of fighting us.

Some of us psi-vampires will feed from you by touch if you have angered us, and 
only enough to tire you and get over our anger.

If you have greatly angered someone and they then walk up to you and put their 
hand on your shoulder while talking to you in a quiet even voice, and you start 
to feel detached and tired then you are more then likely being feed from and 
they are trying to mesmerize you with their abilities so you won't notice what 
they are doing.

One of the ways of recognizing a psi-vampire.

Feeding by touch in self-defense
We can feed on the aggressive emotions of our attacker as well as the energy 
they are using to attack us with. When we drain this energy it throws the 
attacker off balance and weakens them so that they tend to run away either in 
confusion or because they think they bit off more than they can chew.

In martial arts you are taught to redirect the energy of your attacker but we 
prefer to feed on it which makes the attacker believe that we are super strong 
when we are not.

Perception is the most important thing in stopping any attack.
We tend to intimidate most people because of how strong and self-assured we are 
perceived to be. Since we are feeding on them we suddenly appear to be stronger 
than they are which frightens them and if we do not control ourselves we will 
start feeding on the fear as well and this DOES draw attention to what we are.

You do not have to be a Wiccan or pagan to believe in the threefold law that 
whatever you do to others will come back on you so make sure you only use enough 
force to stop and only take enough energy to deter them and try not to hurt 

We are not monsters and we all tend to start thinking of ourselves as monsters 
if we knowingly hurt someone when it was not necessary to survive. We will start 
to feel remorse and guilt which leads to hating ourselves in the end. So do not 
harm anyone.

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