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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Vampire Magic"

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Vampiric Magick

Vampiric magic is a particular fringe skill of Necromancy focussed on helping 
the necromancer survive the ordeals of coming in contact with death essences. 
Instead of simply locking down and bearing the ill effects of death magic, 
Vampiric magics were born to shoulder some of the weight by allowing a degree of 
rejuvenation as well as the effects of necromancy to coexist. Only this much is 
the truth behind vampire tales and the vampire cults that exist around the 
world. Though there are no "vampires", per se, there are those necromancers that 
have refined the ability to use death to drain from the life forces of others. 
The precise means of doing this is up to the caster to discover but, through 
absorption of the life forces of other creatures, the necromancer can waylay 
many of the adverse effects of their art and retain a relatively normal degree 
of health and well-being at the expense of others. Though there is no proof that 
this kind of magic can actually extend life beyon
 d the normal duration, it has shown the power to counteract the negative 
effects of using death magics and to allow the practitioner to live normally. 
Historically, vampiric magic has taken many different forms. There are those 
that have consumed real blood in attempts to drain life, based on ideas as far 
back as the Bible's statement that ".. the life of the flesh is in the blood", 
sexual vampires (hearkening to Aristotle's claim that life is in the sexual 
fluids of either gender), and those that drain life force purely, somewhat 
reminiscient of the breathism and psychic vampire traditions. Vampiric 
necromancy does not mean you're a vampire, but is an appropriate metaphor for 
the nature of this skill.

Direct Energy Vampirism
Probably the most commonly practiced technique of vampiric magick is energy 
vampirism, also called psychic vampirism.

Something that article doesn't go into are the many ways in which energy 
vampirism can be performed, for example via a servitor, in dreams, or by 
targetting a specific type of energy (e.g. sexual energy, energy produced by 
religious fervor, the energy produced by some disease or illness - used for 
healing - or whatever).

Sexual Vampirism:
Another form of energy vampirism, but typically practiced by those who have 
refined their tastes to prefer energy released through sex. While vampires are 
typically portrayed as dominant beings, sexual vampirism can be carried out 
equally well from a position of submission.

Other Emotional States:
In a similar way to the preference of some for energy released during sex, 
others have a preference for energy released by other emotional states, for 
example anger or grief.

Reversed Energy Vampirism:
One of very few uses of energy vampirism I've encountered that is actually 
intended to be beneficial to someone other than the vampire. The process is 
simple enough, but it can be extremely physically, psychically and emotionally 
draining if the donor energy vampire is low on energy for some reason, such as 
not having fed lately or through illness or injury. It is simply a reversal of 
the feeding process. Rather than pulling energy out of the subject and into 
himself, the vampire pushes energy from himself into the subject. Initially, a 
visualisation of occuring can help as a focus for the donor vampire, as can 
pooling the energy into one part of the body (the hands, for example) and from 
there transferring the energy into the subject.

A vampire servitor can also be applied to this task, given instructions to feed 
the energy it collects into the chosen subject rather than into its creator or 
into a vessel.

A vampire can use similar techniques to gather energy from its immediate 
surroundings and feed the subject from this, acting as a conduit of sorts.

This technique can be used to aid in the healing process. Interestingly enough, 
it also seems that if a psychic vampire who feeds regularly gives energy to a 
sanguinarian vampire, this will eliminate indefinitely the sanguinarian's blood 
cravings and any negative symptoms which would normally occur if they didn't 

Feeding on disease energy: drawing normally detrimental energies from the 

Energy vampirism can and does occur on an instinctive level, but here I am 
dealing with it in the context of a willed magickal act, rather than as an 
innate part of one's nature. However, natural psi-vamps may also find magical 
vampiric techniques to be of use.

Vampire Servitors
A servitor, thought-form, or egregore is an artificially created incorporeal 
entity made for a specific purpose in order to carry out a magician's will.

Most vampiric servitors are created with the intent of draining energy 
(generally from a specific target) and passing that energy back to the magician.

Vampire Glamours
The vampire is an intrinsically glamorous creature, able to alter others' 
perception of itself. Vampiric glamoury is most usually a part of energy 
vampirism. The vampire will create glamours in order to make its feeding more 
efficient. The most common example of glamoury of this sort may be found in 
sexual vampirism, where the vampire will project various attributes in order to 
make herself more alluring to her prey.

Working With Vampiric Entities
Vampiric magick, in my opinion, also includes such things as working with 
vampiric entities like incubi and succubi, as well as various deities.

Attaining Vampiric Qualities
Some forms of blood magick fall under the description, as do rites which are 
designed to endow certain properties of the vampire upon the operator.

Magick For Use Against Vampires
More common than any other form of magick relating to vampires, this is really 
rather irrelevant to this section. While a vampiric magician may well have cause 
to rid themselves of the attentions of vampires of various sorts, this is not 
intrinsic to the practice of magickal vampirism, and so will be dealt with in 
another article.

Unlike mortal vampires (who also refer to themselves as real vampires), 
pracitioners of vampiric magick, although many have an affinity with the vampire 
archetype, generally don't feel that they have some innate need for energy or 
blood which must be fulfilled. They instead take up vampiric practices by 
choice, and often for a specific reason (e.g. as a form of magickal attack, to 
gather energy for a specific purpose, or because they find it pleasureable).
(Author Unknown)

Vampires & Magick

It is apparent that vampires have existed among practioners of Magick throughout 
history. From the old Middle Eastern 'eaters of souls' to Morgana le Fey's habit 
of giving her followers rings by which she could siphon off their energies and 
live forever, to modern practitioners of black magick who give lessons in 
conscious vampirism on the Internet, stories of magical people who have engaged 
in vampirism abound. Magickal Adepts create an energy body called a magickal 
personna to house their consciousness on its journeys through the astral and 
other dimensions, giving vitality to their energy forms through meditation and 
ritual work. Some magickal practitioners also create though-forms called fetches 
or servitors; these thought-forms may be programmed to seek out information or 
absorb and neutralize harmful energies. Sometimes, the magickal personna or 
servitor can become so energized that they take on a life of their own, and even 
manage to survive pass the time of their crea
 tors' deaths.

Most of what passes as vampire magick among vampire wannabies either attempts to 
imitate the effects of vampires upon others (taking their energies or seducing 
them) or is just plain old black magic designed to bring harm. Most real 
vampires have naturally strong psychic powers and do not indulge in magick to 
accomplish their feeding. Real vampires take other people's energies in order to 
survive, but they are not evil by nature (at least, not their own nature), other 
than those few vampires who are driven insane by their condition (though, as 
with any other group, there are both good and evil among them). The magick 
practiced by real vampires is instead designed to affect themselves, most often 
to bring about a transformation that will allow them to stop feeding on others. 
For some, this means trying to become just like everyone else, but for others, 
it means seeking the freedom to really be themselves by throwing off or even 
taking over the Beast within by accomplishing the
  Great Work of Alchemy and High Magick.

Occasionally, the vampire is an entity which has gained the spiritual knowledge 
and power to transform the physical body at will. Ancient Mysteries speak of men 
and women achieving immortality by periodically absorbing extra life force from 
the cosmos, in some cases eventually transforming the dense physical body itself 
into a body of energy. Wise Men, Alchemists and mystics who stray from the Path 
of Initiation and become addicted to living off of the energies of others, 
instead of developing that energy for themselves, suffer an imperfect 
transformation. Such beings must periodically absorb energy from others to 
prevent their death. In cases where the transformation is not only imperfect, 
but also incomplete, the physical form may transform into an energy beast and 
become trapped at a particular physical location. Such beings have to wait like 
spiders in their web until an unsuspecting mortal passes by and is captured. 
Some of the more powerful of these poor souls can survi
 ve in this condition for hundreds of years.

Often, there appears to be no real defense against the predation of the vampire. 
The strong psychic power of the vampire allows it to mesmerize its victims 
through telepathic suggestion. A house is a repository of energies of its 
inhabitants and, especially in cases where they engage in religious or spiritual 
activities such as praying or meditation, offers some sanctuary against the 
vampire; thus it is said that one must invite a vampire across the threshold in 
order for the vampire to gain entry. This, however, is not true of the strongest 
vampires. The cross, the host and blessed holy water probably became associated 
with a defense against the vampire due to their use in exorcism by Christians, 
and their efficacy depends on spiritual / psychic power of the one who blessed 
them and / or the one who wields them. This is not a case of good versus evil as 
is commonly believed, but of one energy overcoming another. Plants that are 
known to absorb negative energies, such as garl
 ic, onion or lemon, also work mainly against weaker vampires; their use is tied 
to their effectiveness in defeating the energy of magickal attacks. Similarly, 
other methods of defeating magickal attacks that are also thought to be 
effective against the energy of the vampire are crossing running water, 
surrounding oneself with a circle of salt or amulets of silver. Running water 
pulls energy forms along its path with great force, so that any magickal spells 
or astral forms trying to cross it are drawn into it and end up miles away. 
Salting has been used from ancient times to break down existing energies of a 
place, purifying it so that it becomes holy or consecrated. Silver takes a 
charge of psychic energy very strongly, hence its use to disperse other 
energies, sort of like a short-circuit. It is still a common practice in some 
parts of Europe to place a silver coin in the mouth of the corpse to prevent it 
from becoming a vampire.

Typically, the vampire is disposed of by being consumed in fire, having its head 
cut off or having a wooden stake driven through its heart. The bodies of strong 
vampires may resist the flames, until they are cut into pieces. Wooden stakes 
driven into the vampire's vitality reservoir kill the vampire only when they are 
of sacred types of wood, such as white thorn (hawthorne), rowan, elder, oak, 
ash, etc. Iron stakes are also effective. If a vampire is not very powerful, it 
can also die as the result of an exorcism or by remaining too long in direct 
sunlight. When a vampire is "killed," usually what has happened is the vampiric 
energy form has been dispersed. After a vampire is killed, the form vanishes but 
dried blood is left behind in cases where the vampire has recently fed off of 
another's blood. However, if the vampire is strong enough, it can form another 
energy body. One method used to discourage the vampire from forming another body 
from its own remains is to salt the r
 emains to disperse the energy. At any rate, one cannot be certain that a 
vampire will not find some way to return.

Now let's examine some false ideas about vampires. In cultures with a strong 
Judeo-Christian influence, the vampire is often considered to be female. This 
belief is based on the teaching among Jews and Christians that women are agents 
of the Devil sent to tempt man, and therefore do not possess the spiritual 
nature of men. In other cultures, such as that of Finland, the vampire is most 
often said to be male. Vampires, of course, can be either male or female. The 
false belief that vampires are inherently evil has led to the false assumption 
that vampires cannot walk or rest on holy ground, such as a church. Actually, 
vampires are only precluded from such places when the energy of the place is 
stronger than that of the vampire. It was believed by the ignorant that mirrors 
do not reflect vampires because vampires don't have a soul and are evil. Mirrors 
reflect dense physical objects such a human bodies, but not the energy forms of 
vampires, which only appear to be solid (when th
 ey appear at all) to the mind's eye of the beholder due to telepathic 
suggestion by the vampire or psychic ability in the beholder. Vampires with real 
physical bodies can be seen in a mirror just like anyone else. Actually, when a 
mirror is functioning as a dimensional doorway, the vampire which cannot be seen 
with the physical eye, can be seen. Some people were falsely accused of being 
vampires because they were buried when they were mistakenly thought to be dead. 
In old Europe, graves were typically not very deep, and if someone awoke in such 
a situation and managed to dig themselves out of their grave, they could easily 
have been mistaken for a vampire. It was a common practice in the American Old 
West to bury someone with a gun so they could kill themselves if they awoke in a 
buried coffin and couldn't get out. At the other end of that spectrum, those who 
are transformed by contact with spiritual forces while alive sometimes leave 
behind corpses that do not decompose for
  a very long time.

Today, a large number of false ideas about real vampires are being disseminated 
by writers of vampire stories, role-playing "vampires," the mentally disturbed 
and many apparently intelligent and educated people on the Web. Some of these 
"sound good but just ain't so" ideas include: the vampire virus, "you too can 
become a blood-drinking vampire," vampire races, crossbreeds, etc. Despite the 
gruesomeness of vampire folklore, many modern writers have transformed the 
vampire into an attractive character, and some have created quite extraordinary 
concepts of the vampire, blending truth and fiction into a powerful and 
believable mythos. Poppy Z. Brite became an instant underground legend with the 
1993 publication of Lost Souls, while one of the most successful mainstream 
authors is Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles.
These and other authors have capitalized on a renewed interest in vampires 
sparked by TV shows such as The Munsters (1964), The Addams Family (1964), Dark 
Shadows (1966) and Nightstalker (1972). All of these sources have helped to 
perpetuate many false ideas about vampires.

Thus we have many types of vampires: the living, the dead and the undead, the 
energy thieves (psi-vamps) and the blood-suckers (sanguinarians). Lest we think 
that all vampires are monsters, however, let's not forget granddad and grandma, 
who just love to get a visit from their grandchildren because afterwards they 
feel so full of energy (relax, the grandchildren have plenty to spare). Or the 
person who is deathly ill and surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers, whose 
visits make them feel so much better for a while. Of course, the ultimate in 
your run of the mill vampiric activities is the exchange of energy that takes 
place between a male and female having sex. At the moment of climax, there is a 
brief burst of energy which emerges from us as consciousness momentarily alters 
its perception of reality. Here, each is giving and receiving in turn, feeding 
off of each other's energy to aid the evolutionary transformation of their 

In spite of the fantastic advances in science and technology in the modern 
world, vampires are still very much with us today. Understanding that we are all 
victims of an energy vampire within us, and that even we ourselves may become 
vampires from time to time, is one of the mysteries of our Being.
(Author Unknown)


Three sections on magickal practices related to vampirism, including a 
discussion on the techniques of psychic vampirism, a ritual to attract and/or 
thank vampiric entities, and a report on the creation of a vampiric servitor 
(not fully tested at this point).

The Practice of Psycho-Magickal Vampirism
What is psychic vampirism?

Basically, draining (and in the method I am detailing, absorbing) energy from 
other people, often against their will or at least without their knowledgeAnd 
what does it do for you?

It increases magickal power and sensitivity, and makes one feel more energetic, 
adds to vitality.

Many people do it unconsciously. For example, have you ever met someone who it 
tired and drained you just to be in the same room with? That is a perfect 
example of unconscious psychic vampirism. People who do it unconsciously don’t 
usually store the energy in themselves, but rather disperse it uselessly into 
their surroundings.So how does one perform psychic vampirism?

Psychic vampirism is largely performed through visualisation and lots and lots 
of practice.

One way to do it is to target a person and just visualise energy inside and 
around them. Some people can see it normally so they don't have to visualise - 
people who can see and manipulate auras will have a definite advantage here.

You then try to pull the energy out of the person. Feel it gathering inside you, 
and see it leaving them. Feel the build up of energy revitalizing you, making 
you tingle with what feels like static electricity, and draw it all into 
yourself, feeling it invigorating you. That's more or less it. It's easier if 
you touch a person or drink their blood, or whatever. It takes some people a lot 
of practice, while others master it instantly.

Potential Difficulties
It’s worth noting that you have to be careful not to absorb all the negative 
psychic crap people tend to give off.. I’ve made the mistake a couple of times 
of just opening myself to ALL the energy in an area, and have briefly broken 
down as a result. Take care if you plan on practicing psychic vampirism, 
especially in an area with lots of people (e.g. tube trains). You will gradually 
get to know what is the ‘right’ sort of energy to absorb, and eventually do it 
automatically.Does it become addictive?
It can do... blood addiction is more usual, although that can be replaced by 
psychic vampirism under certain circumstances. Psychic vampirism can be 
addictive, but as there is a ready supply of energy this is not a problem.

Another way to get round that is to have a relationship with someone else who 
practices psychic or blood vampirism, and the exchange between the people 
involved seems to replace the craving almost entirely.
It should be noted that in relationships of this sort, leaving your supporting 
vampire even for a few days can be painful and draining for everyone involved, 
as this practice creates an intense magickal link. For the same reason be very 
careful who you form this bond with.

Example Exercise In Psychic Vampirism & A Variety Of Brief Details

From Personal Accounts
Performing the following is easier if you are actually biting or drinking* the 
blood of your victim or donor although it is possible when not in contact with 
that individual. This has also been successfully performed by one person 
injecting the blood of another (the blood was visualised as containing glowing 
red energy).

Concentrate on absorbing energy from your victim. Visualise this energy pouring 
into you from the person as an electric stream.

There is a special rush if energy is taken by force or when the victim is in a 
strong emotional state.

From all reports and my own experiences of drinking blood, two people who are 
close will both gain from exchanging blood or energy. I find that if such an 
exchange of energy is going on between two people it is preferable that they are 
both in a sexual frenzy.

In the case of two people exchanging energy, the two people will both gain from 
exchanging this energy. It seems that exchanging energy generally results in 
both parties feeling stronger, magickally, physically, and emotionally.

However the feeding is performed, you should feel greatly invigorated physically 
and psychologically. Feeding can cause an almost amphetamine like rush.

A Brief Ritual To Attract and/or Thank Vampiric Entities

Get a black candle. It MUST be new.
Set it up somewhere out of a draft where it's not going to fall over. It must 
NOT go out.
Light the candle in the name of the entity. Say something like "I light this 
candle in the name of " in any language you want as long as you get the meaning 
across. Think about what you are saying when you say it.
When the candle is lit, drip some of your own blood onto it. I usually use 
something like a 1 mil needle and then just drip as much as possible on to the 
candle.. As you do so, say something like "Hail " or "Io ."
Let the candle burn down completely. IT MUST NOT GO OUT.

What this ritual does is basically to attempt to attract the attention of the 
entity and then offer it some blood. You may feel its presence. You may get an 
immediate obvious response (voices in your head or emotional urges, for 
example). You may not get a direct response. This doesn't mean it hasn't worked.

My other main use for this ritual is as a ‘thank you’ to a vampiric entity which 
has been involved in one of your rituals or has aided you in some way. Those who 
practice Ritual Vampirism involving regular use of certain vampiric entities are 
also recommended to perform this ritual every so often.

N.B. Many, or indeed most, ‘demonic’ entities are vampiric to a certain extent, 
so this ritual would probably work for most beings of that sort, but you must be 
certain, in any case, that the entity will not turn on you, as the blood 
offering will make it extremely difficult to get rid of should this prove 

An Experimental Creation Of A Vampiric Servitor
A vampiric servitor could take several forms, but I have currently chosen to 
follow up on the idea of a thought-form which drains energy from a set victim 
over a set period of time. This energy would them hopefully be passed on to the 
creator of the thought form at the end of this set period.
A Servitor To Drain Energy From The Victim
This version of the thought form would be more simple, but less useful. It would 
have an operational time of about a week to a month.

A Servitor To Drain Energy From The Victim And Pass It To The Magician
The more difficult option, and the better. Would have a similar operational 

Independent Vampire Egregore
Would not pass energy to the magician, would probably not be very targetable, 
would exist for an indefinite period of time as an independent entity, probably 
in casters immediate area, and very likely feeding from caster. Could possibly 
be kept, ritually fed on a regular basis and could be requested to feed from a 
specific individual. Needless to say, this is a dangerous and unreliable method. 
This form of egregore is most frequently created by accident.

Testing Problems:
It would be preferable to observe the test subject over period of time, 
unfortunately this has proved impossible, and the servitor will be tested via a 
cyber magick working. Results will hopefully be acquired shortly, but up to that 
point this remains an untested working. Result may be difficult to ascertain, as 
the victim can not be observed. Initial results will be from my perspective, 
although I may hear something about any effects on the victim shortly 
afterwards. I’d appreciate it if anyone else who tries this could let me know of 
any results they had and improvements they could suggest.

Potential Problems:

If the servitor is resisted by a magickal barrier it could start feeding from 
random targets, including possibly it’s creator.
If the energy is not taken from the servitor and it is not destroyed, then it 
could potentially cause a problem for it’s creator.

Casting Conditions & Possibilities:

Object link will be a necessity
Strong hate or hunger emotion (pref. both) will be necessary
It would be necessary to program into the servitor that it should return 
empty-handed to the caster and/or dissipate if successfully deflected.
At the end of the set period another ritual could (should?) be performed to take 
the energy from the servitor and to destroy it.
For a more long-term approach, the servitor could be set to a lunar or seasonal 

Putting The Theory Into Practice
Task of servitor:
To gather energy from over a period of one week, then to return to give me the 
gathered energy. If resisted by a magickal barrier, return immediately.

Creation Of The Servitor:
A sigil representing the aim was created, and an image and name for the servitor 
were derived from it. The servitor I created was a vampiric dragon who went by 
the name of Sith, while an earlier servitor, which was also successful, was a 
vampire goldfish with damn big teeth. (Goes to show, you never can tell...)

Charging & Releasing The Servitor:
The servitor had to be charged with hate for the victim and hunger.
The options for this include staying up over a long period and fasting, which is 
a method suited to this working as it results in physical hunger, and many 
people, including myself, are prone to angry fits under such conditions, making 
the hate aspect easier.

Another option is to use fly agaric to achieve an altered state of 
consciousness, and then inducing the required vicious emotional state which 
under the influences of the psychedelic.

A combination of the two is also a worthwhile approach.
A state of emotionally charged gnosis is built up by whatever means are favored, 
and the obsession is focused on the servitor. An image of the servitor was 
previous affixed to a bottle. I drew a quantity of my blood and recited the 
following as I put the blood into the bottom of the bottle.
I offer you this energy as payment
For feeding upon those I hold enmity towards
And for sharing that which you take from them with me"
Object link items for the victim (including a copy of his name written by him) 
were burned and the ashes were poured into the jar, as I recited the following:
"Sith, feed upon this victim,
this object of my hate.
Feed upon this hateful soul
Drain him and weaken him for 7 days and nights
Then return to me, and share with me the power you have taken
Sith! Vampire! Dragon!
Go forth and feast!"
Draining And Banishing The Servitor:
Upon the return of the servitor (at precisely a week from the time it left, 
should everything go correctly) it should be ritually drained, dissipated, and 
re-absorbed into the caster, or alternatively to be drained and kept for later 

If used at other points, the servitor should be called upon and targeted by 
offering it some energy and the ashes of an object link in a similar way as 

Other Vampiric Servitors, A Magician’s Documentation - Arawyn conThanatos
Ok, I created a servitor and a sigil to program it. The sigil contained the 
specified statement of intent with the task. Then I consecrated the servitor.

I did it with the method I put on my homepage under sigil magick (now that I've 
some experience with that second method I discovered that it's just the creation 
of servitors without material basis).

Along with creating the servitor in the image of the sigil I also specified it 
further, for example, when it is vampirise energy from the victim, how much and 
where to store it. The servitor itself is now housed in a wooden disk which is 
linked to the crystal, where it stores the energy. I also linked the demise of 
the target with the that of the servitor. Since this will still take some time 
(I tried to arrange it for some point at the end of the year) I can't tell you 
yet how successful it is as yet.

Suffice to say that the crystal contains more energy every week (unless I use it 
for something else). A week ago, the doctor diagnosed some sort of wasting 
disease and no medications he’s tried so far seem to work. The crystal is shaped 
like a primitive chalice (natural formed that way). I don’t know exactly what 
sort of it is, but it's red (inside) and black (outside) which served my needs 
quite well.

*Injecting, and even drinking blood are activities which hold a high risk of 
transferring diseases, including HIV. Injecting large quantities of an 
incompatible bloody type can also be extremely dangerous. Also, in certain 
countries (including the UK) these activities are illegal. This article is not 
intended to encourage any illegal or dangerous activities.
**The names have been removed to protect the guilty :-)
(Author Unknow)

(It's is exactly what the name implies)

VampyrCraeft is exactly what the name implies. It can best be explained as 
psychic or sanguine vampyres who are Wiccans/Witches or Neo-Pagan Practitioners 
of Magick. Vampyres rely on their natural abilities of energy manipulations and 
clairvoyance to aid in their magickal workings. It is important to understand 
that Vampyric Wiccans and Neo-Pagans do practice with moral and ethical 
responsibilities. Vampyric practitioners uphold the Wiccan/Pagan Rede of "An' it 
harm none, do what ye wilt", just as any Witch would. Therefore, it is obvious 
that as many vampyres as witches can equally abuse the craft - as intent is the 
most important aspect of all forms of magick. Unlike non-vampiric practitioners, 
Vampyres tend to be able to access their natural abilities and instantly shield 
or banish any unwanted energies. Therefore, purification of the sacred space for 
rituals is not a lengthy process or focus - Vampyres tend to simply ignore or 
dismiss any metaphysical properties by their 
 own will.

There is less spellwork involved in VampyrCraeft. Instead, Vampyres can 
visualize their goals, gather energy from outside sources, and focus and project 
their own energies faster than it took me to compose this sentance.

The Sanguinarium defines Vampyrcraeft or Vampyrecrafte as: "In general, this is 
the magick practiced by vampyres. Many vampyres are pagan and follow the old 
ways, and the ways of magick are an integral part of their beliefs. Most 
vampyres practice numerous techniques associated with energy manipulation. 
Vampyrcraeft refers to magickal techniques specifically designed by vampires to 
take advantage of their unique abilities. Vampyrcraeft often has a dark flavor 
to it, although in general it is more of a balance between dark and light 
techniques." Just as the Elysian Mysteries are dedicated to the balance of dark 
and light of the year, many Vampyre Practitioners of the Craft feel the need to 
balance the dark and light aspects within themselves. The Vernal and Autumn 
Equinoxes greatly affect many vampyre's psychic and physical health, which are 
the days of equal light and dark in nature. Likewise, there is a certain amount 
of focus that many vampyres need to devote to balance the
  light and dark aspects of their abilities, personalities, and general health.

Vampiric Orders

In the Vampyric Community, there are many vampyres who practice a mystical or 
magio-religious form of spirituality based on their vampyric status in life. 
Various forms of Vampyre Magick include but are not limited to Sangomancy, 
VampyreCrafte, and the techniques of the Kheprian System.

Epiphany Wycca is a semi-feminist tradition of Dark Wycca and/or Gothique 
observed by the members of House Scarlet Moon. This tradition upholds the Wiccan 
Rede and celebrates Nocturnal Sabbats and Esbats. Dark Wycca has come about due 
to the gothic movement and practitioners need to the balance of dark and light. 
Epiphany Wycca focuses on a Dark Goddess path. Practitioners tend to work with 
the Maiden Goddess Persephone, the Mother Goddess Lilith, Kali, and the 
Morrigan, and the Crone Goddess Hecate. Each member tends to find comfort with a 
different Vampyric Male Gods or DemiGods such as Set, Draco, Draconis, Cain, or 
more personal vampyric spirit guides. We also incorporate sigil work from the 
Goetia, Necronomicon, and the Ceremonial structure of Temple of the Vampire.

Vampyric Gods and Goddesses

Vampyres who correspond their with the Divine often tend to associate with Gods 
and/or Goddesses that posses a reknown vampiric quality. While many practicing 
Vampyres continue to acknowledge Pagan Deities the same as non-vamps, they may 
feel an attraction to Gods and Goddesses connected with the Underworld.

Lilith. Lilith, also known as Lilitu, is the Dark Mother Goddess for many 
VampyreCrafte practitioners. She is considered the original vampire and a siren 
of ultimate beauty and seduction. The term succubus is often associated with 
Lilith. If she is not considered a Goddess, then she is definitely the spiritual 
forebearer for many vampyres. Lilith and her heirs were believed by the 
Israelites to feed upon infants and young men, drinking their life and their 

Lilith was probably borrowed by the Israelites from Babylonian lore, where she 
appears as a wild woman who haunts waste places. She is traditionally depicted 
naked, with long flowing hair, wings and the talons of a bird of prey in place 
of feet. As the Lady of Beasts, she is often accompanied by wild animals, 
usually lions or owls. While many view Cain as the Vampyric God to Lilith as the 
Vampyric Goddess, many consider the male counter-part of Lilith to be the 
vampiric man-bird Gelal, noted in the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh.

However, today the modern philosophy of the Lilith Tradition is a positive one; 
vampyre or not, many practitioners choose to acknowledge Lilith as a strong 
female figure and worship Her as a patron Goddess no longer affiliated with the 
death of children and the source of destruction as the Judeo-Christian myths 
portrayed. Many of the Lilians drink blood and also incorporate blood into their 
ritual. Greek God/dess Bloodlust. Many gods and goddesses in Greek stories had 
to supply spirits with the blood of humans and animals in order for these 
mysterious spirits to help them. Hera, the queen of the gods, took vengence upon 
a lover of Zeus by turning her into a creature of the night that devours her 
children or sucks their blood.

Hecate.Hecate is a Pagan Goddess associated with the Underworld. She is a Triple 
Goddess and possesses all 3 aspects of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. 
She is associated with Vampyres due to her blood consumption. However, Hecate is 
most noted as the Dark Wise Crone who left the Underworld at night and haunted 
the crossroads with bloodthirst. Statues of her were set-up at crossroads; 
libations and offerings were made there to appease her appetite in order to 
limit her human consumption of blood.

The Empusai were believed to be daughters of Hecate, who came out of Underworld 
at night with equal bloodlust. According to folklore, the daughters were known 
shape-shifters whose natural form was said to have one leg of a mule and one leg 
that was bronze. They took the form of beautiful women to seduce the men. Their 
reputation included preying upon shepherds in their fields at night and men who 
traveled at night. The daughter Goddess Empusa is the most reknown vampiric 
daughter of Hecate Cain. To many, Cain is considered the Father of Vampyres and 
holds a Demi-God status. The lore of Cain is based on the fact that Caine was 
the first murderer and that when God sent him out to wander in the world, He 
cursed Cain with immortality. Some Lilithian traditions link Cain with Lilith 
due to both being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Cain has without a doubt 
been a dark individual in the tale of slaying his brother Abel in the Garden of 
Eden; however, it is unclear if he was ever 
 clearly depicted as vampiric before then. Most Cainites drink blood, although 
they also supplement this with life-energy. Kali.KALI is a Hindu deity known as 
the Goddess of Death or the Dark Mother. She is described as a black voluptuous 
woman with bloodthirsty eyes, which human blood drips from her long tongue - 
thus the very strong connection for modern vampyric practitioners of all forms 
of magick. Human skulls hang on strings around her body, snakes writhe around 
her neck and in each of her 10 hands, there are weapons. Since Kali is the 
Goddess of Death, she had to destroy everything, including her husband, since no 
visible thing is eternal.

Kali - Ma.Kali-Ma is distinct from Kali, as She is the ancient Hindu Goddess of 
change and transformation. Kali-Ma is the energy of destruction that brings 
forth the new life through death. By facing the energy of change, our lives are 

Set. Many practitioners in the vampyre community link vampirism back to the 
Egyptian God Set. Egyptologists have recently suggested that Set is just a 
deification of an Egyptian high priest from very early times, and that the 
rivalry between Set and Osiris represents a rivalry between competing temples. 
In the Setians' view, Set was a high priest of a temple who developed a ritual 
of death and rebirth that allowed the soul to achieve immortality. The Setians 
believe that the rites described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are only 
improperly recollected versions of this ritual. Set chose 72 associates to 
undergo this ritual with him and to travel eternity as undying spirits which 
were eternally renewed. The vampiric condition was a side effect of this ritual. 
The Setians believe then that vampirism is a spiritual condition, and it 
represents immortality as the soul is immortal and capable of reincarnation. 
Through pastlife regressions one can recall itself. Setians feed prim
 arily upon life energy and generally abstain from the physical drinking of 


Sangomancy is defined in the Scrolls of Elorath as "a path of mixing blood and 
chaos magick where each initiate takes the best from other paths and combines 
them into his or her own interpretation." Many adept Sangomancy practitioners 
find personal communion with the Dark Deities such as Kali, Siva, Oshun, Set, 
Nepthys, Hadit, Nuit, Babalon, Loki, Cernunnos, and Discordia. It is important 
to understand that these Deities are not "evil" and should never be invoked with 
any type of malice intended. Many Deities who are connected with the Underworld 
in Mythology are prone to "mark or scar" the practitioner for any 
misappropriations of harmful magick done in the God or Goddess' name. Children 
of the Angels

The Nephilim.This definition is taken from Lexicon of the Sanguinarium. The 
Nephilim is a widespread belief within the vampiric community which asserts that 
vampyres are the descendants of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are demi-human beings 
who were sired by angels, as related in Enoch I, a book that was dropped from 
the Bible in the early stages of its canonization.

Some Nephilists believe that the vampyric condition is genetically traceable to 
these otherworldly fathers. Others are content to suggest that the Nephilim 
simply represent a higher kind of being which came down and intermingled with 
humanity. As far as the beliefs of the second order of Nephilists are concerned, 
vampyres experience their condition because they are more spiritual than most 
beings, with a higher "vibration" or "frequency" to their spirit which somehow 
burns their bodies out quicker and makes it necessary to feed. Some Nephilists 
feed upon blood, while many others feed primarily upon life-energy. Most seem to 
incorporate blood into their magick and ritual.

Vampiric Spirits

Vetala. A Vetala is a type of vampire, the angry spirit of a dead person whose 
funerary rites were not conducted. Trapped between life and after-life, the 
vetala manifest their hostility by disturbing mortals, driving them hysterical, 
killing them, or killing unborn children. Vetalas may also live inside of the 
corpses of humans. They may also inhabit the carcasses of animals, re-animating 
them as though they were alive again.

The Practice of Psycho-Magickal Vampirism

What is psychic vampirism?
Basically, draining and/or absorbing energy or vitality from people, often, 
although not always against their will or at least without their knowledge. 
Technically, what I'm describing here should more correctly be referred to as 
"magickal vampirism" at least in order to avoid confusion.

What is a psychic vampire?
In the words of Anton LaVey, "psychic vampires are individuals who drain others 
of vital energy".
Psychic vampires can loosely be divided into two groups; concious psychic 
vampires and unconcious psychic vampires.
Unconcious psychic vampires are, according to some, fairly common. A typical 
variety of unconcious psychic vampire (and they are often unaware of their 
vampiric actions) have been described as individuals who typically make others 
feel obliged to them for no reason other than possibly guilt, who leave one 
feeling emotionally drained almost by their very presence, and who, while 
specifically making no demands upon you, will having running about at their beck 
and call without offering anything in return.
Other unconcious psychic vampires, who are possibly more accurately termed than 
the above, are those who, unknown to themselves, instincivly drain energy from 
those around them. The symptom of emotional (and sometimes physical) exhaustion 
after being in their presence for a while is typical.
Unconcious psychic vampires often, instead of making use of the energy they 
take, disperse it uselessly into their surrounding environment.

Concious psychic vampires are those who deliberate take energy from others, 
either by magickal means (for example, servitors), or by some instinctive 
ability, via the astral plane, or by direct energy draining, often from the 
victim's aura. This energy draining is the area I will cover in greatest detail 
in this essay.
Another entity occasionally termed a psychic vampire is an incorporeal being 
which, while distinct from related entities such as succubi, draws energy in a 
similar way to their human counterparts. These frequently seem to be rogue 
thought-forms created from the subconcious of a disturbed individual (who may be 
able to communicate with them).

What precisely is this energy you're talking about?
The way I experience what I take and manipulate seems to be almost electrical.
All animals give off electricity, and some, such as sharks, their relatives the 
rays, some reptiles, and others take advantage of this in their methods of 
feeding and mating.
I'm pretty sure that's what I see and feel (and it is tangible - a lot of people 
can learn to feel it with only a couple of minutes of experimentation) around 
people (and animals), and that is what I seem to take.
I'm not sure how this electricity (which I'm assuming it to be for the sake of 
the argument) is converted to a form which would benefit me (perhaps it's 
existing form is beneficial?). Interestingly, it seems to change depending on 
the emotional state of the victim.
It's possible that what I'm taking isn't this at all, but that this is only a 
medium for something else.

What results does psychic vampirism achieve?
It increases magickal power and sensitivity, makes one feel more energetic, and 
adds to vitality. Some are of the opinion that it offers immortality. Used over 
a prolonged period of time, it can kill it's victim.

How is psychic vampirism performed?
Psychic vampirism is largely performed through visualisation and a great deal of 
practice. One way to do it is to target a person and just visualise energy 
inside and around them. This is basically training your self to see auras, 
energy fields and the like. People who can already see and manipulate auras will 
have a distinct advantage here, but seeing the things seems to be more a matter 
or practice than anything else. It's easier to see energy fields than coloured 
auras, and, oddly enough, it's easier to feel the charge of one than anything 
Upon visualising (or seeing) the energy of your victim, try to pull the it out 
of them. Feel it coming from them and gathering inside yourself. See stream from 
their body/aura into your own. Feel the build up of energy revitalizing you, 
making you vibrate with what feels like an electric charge, and draw it all into 
yourself, feeling it invigorating you. That's more or less it. Additional 
refinements are made by each individual within their own practice, so don't 
hesitate to experiment.
Some find it easier if they touch a person, bite them, drink their blood, or 
whatever. It takes some people a lot of practice, while others master it 
instantly - it's a matter of developing a knack for it.

Potential difficulties
It's worth noting that you have to be careful not to absorb all the negative 
psychic crap people tend to give off. I've made the mistake a couple of times of 
just opening myself to all the energy in an area crowded with people who are 
likely as not under stress, and have suffered results from nausea, headaches and 
disorientation, to extreme emotional states such as panic or lonelyness.
Some people get round this by only feeding when the victim is in a suitable 
emotional state, only feeding from specific types of people, only feeding from 
one person at a time in a secluded place, by setting up servitors or shields to 
filter out undesirable energy, or by doing this manually.
I've found that extreme negative reactions only become uncontrollable if the 
vampire is exhausted, emotionally or physically.

Does it become addictive to the vampire?
It has been known to in some cases, particularly in those of unconcious psychic 
vampirism. In terms of intentional vampirism for magickal purposes, blood 
addiction is more usual, although that can be replaced by psychic vampirism 
under certain circumstances. In the case of psychic vampirism becoming 
addictive, it does not usually pose a problem, as sources pf energy are readily 
available to most.
An interesting note on the subject of addiction is that in a relationship 
between individuals who practice magickal vampirism, and the exchange between 
the people involved on occasion has been known to replace any additional craving 
craving almost entirely in many cases.
However, in relationships of this sort, separation even for a few days can be 
painful and draining for everyone involved, as this practice creates an intense 
magickal link. For this reason it is advisable to be very careful who you form 
this bond with.

Can it become addictive for the victim?
I'm working on it. It's very easy to get someone to come back for more if you 
come across as the fulfilment of thier fetishes and obsessions, especially if 
you give them a bit of pleasure while feeding, but I'm currently testing a 
technique of psychic vampirism that is addictive to the victim. Watch this 

What role do the emotions of the victim play in this?
Extreme emotional states of any sort tend to make feeding easier, and energy 
more obvious however, in my opinion, the most suitable is lust. Some people find 
the energy they are feeding on to be unpleasant if the victim is in a certain 
emotional state (for example, extreme depression). Others don't notice any 
difference. It's another aspect which appears to largely be a matter of taste.

Additional Notes and Examples
Performing the following is easier if you are actually biting or drinking the 
blood of your victim or donor although it is possible when not in contact with 
that individual. This has also been successfully performed by one person 
injecting the blood of another (the blood was visualised as containing glowing 
red energy).

Concentrate on absorbing energy from your victim. Visualise this energy pouring 
into you from the person as an electric stream. There is often a special rush if 
energy is taken by force or when the victim is in a strong emotional state, fear 
and lust being notable.
From all reports and my own experiences of drinking blood, two people who are 
close will both gain from exchanging blood or energy. I find that if such an 
exchange of energy is going on between two people it is preferable that they are 
both in a sexual frenzy.
In the case of two people exchanging energy, the two people will both gain from 
exchanging this energy. It seems that exchanging energy generally results in 
both parties feeling stronger, magickally, physically, and emotionally.
However the feeding is performed, you should feel greatly invigorated physically 
and psychologically. Feeding can cause an amphetamine like rush.

Notes on Safety and Legality
* Drinking blood can result in the transmission of various blood diseases, 
including HIV. Do not undertake blood drinking if you have mouth ulcers or 
similar wounds or sores, or is you suspect that the blood in question may be 
contaminated or diseased.
Also note that in even moderate quantities, blood is an emetic substance.

** Injecting large quantities of blood of an incompatible type is highly 
dangerous. Don't inject mroe than a couple of hundred milliliters AT MOST. Also, 
take note of safe venal injection practices. Even a small air bubble can kill.

The contents of the above document are for informational and entertainment 
purposes only, and the authors do not encourage performing any potentially 
dangerous acts that may be mentioned in it, particularly any which are illegal 
in the readers locality.
We take no responsibility for any unfortunate results of practicing anything 
described in this document. (Author Unknown)

The Art of Vampirism
by Lord Egan

[The author grants permission for individuals to post this Work on their 
websites, so long as nothing is altered.]
Psychic vampirism is a form of natural selection, for it pits the will of one 
individual against another, testing psychological strengths and weaknesses. To 
the victor go the spoils and the reward is the vitality or life force of the one 
defeated. Before long, you may begin to experience increased energy, improved 
health, a sense of immortality or become prey to one more focused, balanced. We 
cannot insure your safety and it is not our purpose to debate the morality or 
ethics of such a treacherous game.
One who boasts of vast power and superior strength is often a good target, 
because more often than not they are compensating for a weak ego. Another good 
choice is the person who uses guilt to manipulate others or feigns mental 
illness to justify vile behavior. Lord Egan's favorite prey are halfwits who 
screech about moral culpability and political correctness - these amateur 
vampires cowardly invoke religious taboos to fatigue others through unwarranted 
guilt and fear. If perchance you should expose one of these fools, they will 
quickly attempt to incite you into a long-winded, drawn out, pointless debate in 
an attempt to usurp your vitality via tediousness! Of course, these techniques 
have long been used by Christians and are now being employed by dabblers too 
timid to boldly release their vampiric essence.
"Dracula" (pronounced drak-ool-ahh) is a Romanian expression which can be broken 
down; "dracul" means "the dragon" or devil, "a" added to the word means "the 
offspring of." Therefore, Dracula is the son of the devil. Caine, the first 
vampire, was said to be Dracul, the devil himself! This ritual employs the 
crimson effect insofar as we'd like you to imagine yourself as the daemon Caine.
IMPORTANT: Do not anticipate results! You must have complete and absolute faith 
in the power of your psyche! Remain cool and confident and avoid obsession!
Perform the ritual PASSIONATELY and with total singularity of purpose! Upon 
completion, blow out the candles and relinquish all thoughts pertaining to the 
ritual--that is, of course, until the next time. Above all, do not tell anything 
to anyone. Your victim must be kept totally ignorant about your nocturnal 
The altar, positioned against the west wall, should be draped with a black 
cloth. Above and behind the altar, at eye level, hangs a black inverted cross. 
If you are using a photo, affix it to the wall, just beneath the crucifix.
Upon the altar you must have the following items: two black candles with holders 
(additional lighting may be provided by black candles throughout the chamber), a 
ceremonial dagger, a human skull (or reasonable facsimile), a bell (the loud, 
clanging variety), and a chalice.
Egan's favorite is Night On Bald Mountain by Mussorgski. A fabulous vampiress we 
know loves the theme from Miami Vice. Whatever you choose, remember that 
setting--the correct "tone" is extremely important. Do experiment.
In this working the chalice must be filled with some red liquid which the 
celebrant enjoys. It matters not what it is. What is important is that it 
represents the blood of the sacrifice.
The Black Flame
As mentioned in Dante's Inferno, it must be placed in the center of the altar. A 
sterno can provides the bluish-black flame.
Black, of course! An amulet bearing the inverted pentagram must be worn.
Ring bell in following sequence--six times in the direction of the south, six 
times toward the east, and six times toward the north. Lift dagger and point it 
at crucifix--recite the invocation.
"In nomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi! In the name of the Master Satan, 
His Excellency Lucifer, I command the forces of Darkness and the Infernal Power 
(Trace the cross with the dagger--top to bottom, then right to left.)
(Light the Black Flame--continue with invocation.)
"The Black Flame is kindled, and the Gates of Hell swing wide open, revealing 
the dreaded daemon Caine who comes forth to work His Will upon creation! Beware 
foolish mortals, for it is my double which now comes and appears before ye!
Behold! I am the god of yesterday, today, and tomorrow - the Guardian of Time 
and Eternity! Sovereign! Unique! Undefiled in Wisdom! Unmatched in Strength! I 
call upon the elements to serve me and the forces of creation to manifest my 
desires!!! Arise!!! Enter into this working by the words of which follow:"
(Again, point the dagger at the crucifix--recite the Invocation of the 
Invocation of the Elements
"Caine! Dracul! I seize upon and manifest the power of the vampyre. Come forth 
Caine, that I may use your form to execute my Exalted Daemonic Will! Color my 
imagination with stirring legend and folklore! Cloak me in layers of 
invisibility and secrecy. Bestow upon me stalk and flight - the form of wolf and 
bat! Enable me with sharp fang that I may pierce deep, sucking hard and rich, 
fresh warm blood of my chosen sacrifice!"
(Raise chalice towards crucifix as an Offering, dipping the index finger of your 
right hand into the liquid. As you speak your victim's name (below), run that 
finger over the rim of the chalice in a counter-clockwise direction.)
"I partake of this chalice, the Vessel of Life, and gorge myself on the essence 
of him/her whose name is as this sound, (victim's name)."
(Drink from chalice - drain it completely!)
(You are now ready to summon forth the Four Crown Princes of Hell! As you 
pronounce each Name, trace the sign of the inverted pentagram in the air 
directly in front of you at full arms reach, using the ceremonial dagger.
The Summoning
"Come forth O' Mighty Prince! Accompany me! Make your presence known to me!"
(face the south) "Satan!!"
(face the east) "Lucifer!!"
(face the north) "Belial!!"
(face the altar) "Leviathan!!"
The Grand Conjuration
"Behold the spirit of Caine, leaving a black shadow over the earth. "Beware!! 
Beware!!" scream the ravens of the night!! By foot, by paw, by wing and claw, I 
hunt for quarry!! Through the angles of the curved dimensions I travel, flying 
out across the hot winds of Hell!! Concealed beneath my flowing cape, a crystal 
reveals where you hide!! I seek you (victim's name), I find you (v.n.), I track 
you down (v.n.)!! Behold my fangs as I dive for your throat!! Feel my sharp, 
pointed teeth as they pierce your tender flesh!!
Huge leathery bat wings enfold you and surround you, making a prison from which 
there is no escape!! Hungry jowls tear into you, sucking deep!! Greedily gorging 
myself, I consume frantically all that there is!! Fresh life force now courses 
through MY veins!!"
(The ritual now builds to a climax as you directly confront your victim - extend 
arms, fingers outstretched as if "reaching out" to his/her image. With the 
effort of your Supreme Will, repeat the following COMMAND several times until 
exhaustion ensues:)

(continue) "With ever increasing power, the form of the Vampyre Caine does 
manifest itself!! Look upon me (v.n.). Set your eyes upon my hypnotic stare; you 
feel pulled - drawn towards my evil glare!! My gaze is as deep as a bottomless 
well ; you find yourself tumbling, falling - you fell!! All awareness is of me. 
You have forgotten who you are; you have no identity!! You are but a vassal, a 
vessel, a shell ; obey my commands - you are under my spell!!
I drain you. I drain you again and again ; again & again & again & again. There 
is no end, 'til the last drop I've tasted. Your soul is now mine, (v.n.), you 
are wasted!!
The Vampyre is, the Vampyre was, the Vampyre shall be; my essence will live 
through eternity, forever to speak the word which comforts those who dwell in 
the shadows. Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra!
By the powers of darkness and shadow and light, I return to the world of the 
flesh and the living, ready to strike another night!!
(Replace lid on sterno, covering the Black Flame.)
(Ring bell in opposite direction to Opening - clockwise.)

(Blow out candles.)

Vampire Ritual

The Ritual Chamber.

The Calling of the Undead Gods must be held where it will not be defiled by the 
eyes of the profane human. This is not merely to protect the Living Vampire who 
has not achieved immortality, but because the Undead will not be drawn in the 
presence of Those Who Would Rise while there are present those who are covered 
with the stench of mortality. Therefore, close the door and lock it. Seal the 
place of your Working from the casual and merely inquisitive. Let no one who is 
not an active member of the Temple be present nor participate in this most 
sacred of all acts of magic!

Wrap the chamber in darkness. If the chamber is located in a natural setting at 
night, this is enough. Within a structure, natural or artificial, reduce all 
lighting to the minimum of just one or two candle flames. Less light is better 
and to work in absolute darkness is best. The Undead find the darkness 
comforting and appealing for many reasons. One superior source of light is to 
utilise the flame from a single container or canned heat such as sterno. If more 
light is required for the reading of notes during a group ritual, the use of a 
low wattage red light commonly used by photographic supply companies can serve 
without damaging the atmosphere.

Symbols of Magical Ritual

Your dress should merge with the theme of darkness and sacrifice. Come to the 
Undead as true witches and Warlocks. Many will shroud themselves in black capes 
and robes while others will shroud their bodies in only the darkness of the 
night itself! In any case do not dress to distract your mind from the task at 
hand but to enhance its purpose. Jewellery is as much an option of clothing but 
if you are not of the priesthood wear no iron, for the qualities of iron can 
offend the Undead Gods. The wearing of the Winged Skull of UR as ring of 
medallion pleases the Undead and enhances the power of the ritual.

An altar is any flat surface to rest the few implements of ceremonial magic upon 
and represents the firm foundation of the earth upon which we move and live. 
When possible, place the altar to the west. Above the altar, position a mirror 
at eye level or higher. The mirror acts as a visual point of concentration, 
often acting as a gateway to the astral. The wand can be any wooden rod or 
staff. The purpose of the wand is to help focus the will of the celebrant. 
Candles offer light when needed and are black to symbolise the powers of 
darkness or red to symbolise the blood of the lifeforce. Incense also rests upon 
the altar. Frankincense and other scents traditional to funerals and death are 
appropriate. The chalice represents the human body and the liquid within 
symbolises the lifeforce of the body. The black-hilt knife (athame) or sword is 
held only by the priesthood and acts as a symbol of the taking of lifeforce (as 
a weapon) and as a reminder to the priesthood of an Inner Tem
 ple Mystery.

Drums, rattles, bells and gongs can be used especially well in a group ceremony. 
With modern stereo equipment the celebrant need not wait for the auditory power 
of a thunderstorm. Care must be taken that the words of the celebrant not be 
overpowered by other sounds, however.

Group Magical Ceremony.

The Calling of the Undead always possesses more power in a group due to the 
increase of available life energy for the sacrifice. In any such group ritual it 
is necessary that only one celebrant leads through the Seven Steps of Ritual 
while the others support the celebrant as a proper congregation.

The Seven Steps of Ritual.
1. Entering the Chamber.

2. The Declaration of Self.

3. The Calling to the Four Winds.

4. The Sacrifice.

5. Vampiric Communion.

6. Restoration of Power.

7. Leaving the Chamber.

1. Entering the Chamber.

The place of magical ritual may be indoors or outdoors but must be secure from 
interference from the profane. Lock the doors or post guards. Disconnect 
telephones. Close shades, curtains, etc. Have all ceremonial tools prepared and 
positioned ahead of time.

Entering the place of magic enables you to separate yourself from the profane 
world of everyday life. The physical act of going into the chamber enhances the 
mental and emotional decision to enter into Vampiric Communion. It is best to be 
able to use the magical chamber for this purpose alone, as this further 
sanctifies the room but it is better to have communion than not in every case.

Again, you do not merely enter a physical chamber but enter a chamber free of 
disbeliefs. Here you choose to fully believe in and accept the realities of 
magic and the Undead Gods you shall summon. Here you leave behind your doubting 
scepticism and open yourself fully to the celebration of that which you are: a 
Living Vampire, Master of the Worlds both Seen and Unseen, Magician Supreme and 
Dedicated Worshipper and Servant to Those Who Have Risen!

2. The Declaration of Self.

Facing west toward the mirror (the dominant focus of the direction of the ritual 
should be toward the west, if possible) the celebrant of the ceremony briskly 
claps hand twice in rapid succession. This is a sign that all attention be 
directed fully upon the ritual. Then the celebrant declares his status as a 
Living Vampire and the purpose of the ceremony in his own words. One example:

"Hear me Now! I am a Vampire, a predator of humans! I have entered herein to 
Call the Gods of the Undead into this sacred place. I have gathered lifeforce 
from humans. I am filled to overflowing! I offer up this life essence to the 
Vampire Gods, Those Who Have
Risen. I am here to feed and be drained! I am here to die and be reborn. I am 
here to rise from death into life! I am here to strengthen my bond with the true 
gods of this world! I am a Vampire!"

3. The Calling to the Four Winds.

The celebrant of the ceremony faces each of the four pints of the compass in the 
following order: south, east, north and west. At each direction, the celebrant 
raises a wand or staff or other wooden implement toward that horizon and, in his 
own words, calls the Undead Gods to come forth to join in this ceremony. The 
Calling must be honest, direct and filled with emotional power. Here is just one 

Face the south –
"Oh Great Undead Gods! Oh most powerful and Ancient Vampires! Oh true Masters of 
this earth! Join me here! Be with me in this place! I Call you now!"

Face the east –
"I call to you, the only true gods, and offer up to you my life essence! Come! 
Feed upon me! I call You now!"

Face the north –
"I seek Your Company! I seek Your Wisdom! I seek Your Power! Enter freely into 
this place for You are most welcome! I Call You now!"

Face the west -
"Set aside your doubts for I am sincere! I offer up to You my life! Take! Eat! 
Drink of me! For I am Yours to use as You will. I Call You now!"

4. The Sacrifice

Here the celebrant directs the accumulated lifeforce to the Undead Who are 
present. If the celebrant has not developed sufficient astral awareness to 
directly sense the Presence of Those Who Have Answered the Calling, he should 
direct the force through the mirror. The mirror acts here as a Gateway to the 
other world.

In a group ceremony, the other participants should direct their lifeforce 
sacrifice to the celebrant, focusing upon the midsection near the solar plexus. 
In such a group ritual, the celebrant then acts as a lens to further focus and 
project the stream of life to the Undead Who may first visually manifest as 
images in the mirror.

The lifeforce is exhaled through the mouth with a long, slow and controlled 
hissing sound. The Living Vampire literally pumps the lifeforce out of his body 
in a continuous stream of power by repeating this sequence of (1) inhaling 
deeply through the nostrils and then (2) exhaling slowly and completely through 
the mouth.

The effort to expel energy must continue with no thought of personal survival. 
Exhaustion is to be expected. The effort needs to continue until there is good 
evidence that the Undead are accepting the sacrifice. The more one can give and 
the more one empties self of the lifeforce, the more return flow of 
transformation and aid can be received.

Remember that nothing is free and the Undead must be moved before you offering 
before They may choose to assist in True Initiation. The members of the 
Priesthood of the Temple are initiated into a Higher Sacrifice which has the 
outward form of less effort but requires an inner discipline of a Higher Order. 
Such is revealed at the right time to those found worthy through their 
dedication and personal sacrifice to the Temple.

Some of the Signs that indicate the Presence of the Undead include:

1. The feeling of moving air, as in a cool breeze (The Coming of the Winds).

2. Tingling sensations in the fingertips and face in particular.

3. Unusual pulling sensations at the solar plexus.

4. Sudden upsurge of mixed emotions of joy, love, worship, fear, etc.

5. Feeling of cobweb strands being laid over face or hands.

6. Ringing in ears.

7. Visual sense of the room filling with misty vapour.

8. Sensations of being touched or stroked.

9. Hearing one's name spoken aloud.

10. Classic poltergeist effects (levitation of yourself or objects in the 

11. Visually sighting the Undead present first in the mirror, then in the 

12. Dreams of flying, falling or travelling through tunnels after the ritual.

13. Astral projection following ritual into the Presence of the Undead.

5. Vampiric Communion.

As the Undead accept the "Blood" of sacrifice, and exhaustion nears or arrives, 
there comes a subtle shift. The Vampire Gods present having taken Their fill, 
judge the participant(s) as to their worthiness for transformation and Higher 
Initiation. Even to simply be in the Presence of the Elder Gods, however, does 
accelerate personal evolution.

To those found worthy in their efforts, the Gods may choose to release the 
rarefied higher energy of Their Own Essence in a return flow. If this happens 
(as will almost always occur in the presence of an Inner Temple member of the 
priesthood) then the participant(s) will discover a renewal of energy and 
vitality. This Rain of Mercy may be weak or strong and may take place at any 
time during the ceremony.

6. The Restoration of Power.
As Communion ends, the celebrant drinks from the chalice and declares again his 
chosen status as a dedication. Here is an example:

Raise the chalice before the mirror.

"This is the blood of my victims past, present, and yet to be. I drink the life 
essence of those who exist only to serve my will. I drink this in remembrance of 
that which I am, Vampire, the predator of humans."

Drink from the chalice. Lower chalice to altar. Face the mirror and clap again 
twice, briskly.

7. Leaving the Chamber.

If a member of the priesthood is present, the sword of knife is drawn and 
directed to each of the four pints of the compass in memory of the Most Ancient 
Pact and as a Mystery of the Priesthood, the Words and Names are Spoken.

Then the celebrant extinguishes all remaining fire and proclaims the Closure 
with words such as:

"So it is done."

Without another word, leave the chamber and go into a place of brighter lights. 
Eat and drink to restore a more normal sense of life. If in a group, celebrate 
and make merry.

The ritual is at an end.

Achieving the Vampiric Condition

Achieving the Vampiric Condition requires attracting and obtaining Communion 
with the Undead, those Vampires who no longer walk in flesh but are astrally 
free. These Undead Gods have shed the limitations of the physical body and can 
communicate with and appear to those who still have living physical bodies.

The achievement of becoming a Living Vampire or, even higher, of entering the 
ranks of the Undead Gods upon the death of the physical body, relies upon this 
Communion with the Undead. It is Their intentions and Their desires which must 
be accepted and appeased.

Enter now into the suspension of disbelief. Enter the world of fantasy without 
prejudice. For true magic requires release from the limiting beliefs of what is 
real and unreal, possible and impossible. For the key to magic and the 
achievement of magical power comes from loosening the grip of the closed mind 
and embracing the reality of other worlds.

Here you now open the Gates of Power and summon the Undead Gods through the 
ritual of The Calling.

The Sacrifice.

In true magical ritual the Undead are summoned to be present with the Living 
Vampire for the purpose of Communion. To entice the Undead by means of offering 
lifeforce energy is the key to successful magical ritual. Further, only the 
Living Vampire's personal store of lifeforce will serve this purpose. Do not 
believe that sacrificing the life of any other being will serve any purpose in 
ritual magic! Further, the destruction of a physical life does not serve any 
purpose whatsoever and is wasteful of the lifeforce. Such waste it abhorred by 
the Elder Gods and can, in fact, incur Their wrath. Never murder humans. Never 
waste food. Never incur the wrath of the Undead.

At the same time, the successful Living Vampire will offer his own gatherings of 
lifeforce as a gift and an enticement to draw the attention and thirst of the 
Undead. In the presence of these true Gods, the Living Vampire is himself 
gradually transformed or even taken, body and soul, with the Gods into Their 
abode. Although it is relatively rare for such immediate translation to the full 
Vampiric Condition to occur, it is not unknown. Again, the Undead Gods do as 
They will!

Thus, the fullest preparation for magical ritual is to gather lifeforce from 
humans through personal effort in order to have a worthy sacrifice to offer the 
Undead Gods.

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