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Friday, February 17, 2012

Types Of Vampires

Types Of Vampires

The most commonly accepted ideology of the real vampire community provides for 
two primary classifications of vampire; sanguine (sanguinarian) and psi 
(psychic). The delineation between these two types center around the actual 
“feeding” method utilized by the individual. Before one can begin to broach the 
subject of “real vampirism”, it is important to understand the distinction 
between these two groups of individuals and the modern adapted definition 
associated with the ascribed “vampi/yre” label. Moreover, it is important to 
note that individuals who refer to themselves as “vampires” do so with the 
knowledge they are living humans who one day will succumb to mortality. The 
mythological, folkloric, and contemporary literary descriptions of vampires are 
not applicable to “real vampires” as members of the vampire community have come 
to use the term today.

A vampire is essentially an energy feeder or blood drinker that may display 
various levels of psychic ability. While the causality, interpretation, and 
sometimes even the “proper” spelling of vampirism are debated, vampires are 
generally individuals who cannot adequately sustain their own physical, mental, 
or spiritual well-being without the taking of blood or vital life force energy 
from other sources; often human. Without feeding the vampire will become 
lethargic, sickly, depressed, and often go through physical suffering or 
discomfort. Vampires often display signs of empathy, sense emotions, perceive 
auras, and are generally psychically aware of the World around them. To a 
degree, the specifics of vampirism manifest differently on an individual basis 
and these nuances sometimes insulate the confusion in defining the vampiric 
range of ability and experience. The alternate spelling of “Vampyre” is 
sometimes used depending on the path from which one approaches vampiri
 sm. There are numerous vampiric Paths, Houses, Orders, Associations, and Groups 
within the vampire community that exist both online and offline; often each 
having their own unique philosophies, teachings, ethical tenets, and protocols.

Sanguine or sanguinarian vampires feed by the drinking of blood - either human 
or animal. Sanguinarian vampires can vary in their experience of blood hunger 
and in how often or in what quantities they need to feed, but the unique craving 
for blood and the physical symptoms associated with neglecting to drink blood 
are unifying features of sanguinarian vampirism. The consumption of blood from 
human sources is facilitated through a consensual agreement by verbal or written 
contract between vampire and donor. Not all members of the vampire community 
actually acknowledge the difference between psychic and sanguinarian vampirism, 
and there is a popular but not universally-held theory within the vampire 
community that the life force energy or "prana" contained within the blood is 
the source from which they feed, rather than any physical component of the blood 
itself. This theory is supported by the notably small amount of blood that 
vampires consume to alleviate their hunger; usual
 ly one to two tablespoons, but challenged by the fact that vampires who 
consider themselves primarily blood drinkers often do not display as many or any 
of the psychic tendencies that psychic vampires do, and more often report more 
physical symptoms, such as sense acuity and physical strength, than do the 
psychic vampires.

Psi Vampires are understood to feed psychically on life force energy. Psi (or 
psy) feeding is usually performed on a willing individual or from the ambient 
energies of a large group or crowd. This term is often mistakenly confused with 
the pop psychology use of "psychological vampire", used as a metaphor to 
describe specific socially manipulative behaviors. Psi vampire, refers to a 
vampire who feeds by some manner of energy transfer; this term may also be 
shortened to psivamp. Psy vampire, and "psychic vampire" are sometimes 
considered synonyms for psi vampire, but are also sometimes employed as separate 
terms with distinctive meanings. For example, "psi" is often employed as a 
synonym for ESP phenomena in parapsychology, and "psy" is short for either 
"psychic" or "psychological". Those who make distinctions between these terms 
may use these meanings as the basis for their reasoning.

Hybrid (Combo) or Psi/Sang Vampires claim to have no primary feeding method, 
being able to feed from either source at any time. Others report changing their 
primary feeding source from energy to blood, or vice versa, at various points in 
their lives. Some, but not all, vampires who can feed or have fed via both 
methods choose to describe themselves as Psi/Sang or Hybrid (Combo) vampires. 
Still other Community members go further to define sub-classes of vampirism 
based on the detailed methods and sources of psychic feeding. These classes are 
most often distinguished from one another based on the type of energy gained. 
Those who feed from natural or elemental energy, and those who feed from humans 
either during sexual contact, during magickal rituals, or during times of high 
emotional output may be described as specific types of vampires. Further 
subcategories of psi feeding energy exist, including terminology to describe 
those who feed from direct contact with the human aura, 
 those who feed from the ambient energy of crowds and public places, those who 
can only absorb certain kinds of emotions, etc.
Author Unknown

© Into The Darkness

Strigoi Vii

Strigoi Vii is the plural for Strigoi Viu, the Romanian word meaning, 
approximately, “living vampire witch.” This is the name We find best suited to 
describe Our Family, traditions, Mysteries and philosophies. Strigoi Vii is Our 
form of Vampyric witchcraft, sharing many elements with modern neo-paganism and 
other esoteric systems, yet still remaining very unique.

Many great thinkers such as Aristotle, William Blake, Carl Jung, Friedrich 
Nietzsche, Ayn Rand with her philosophy of Objectivism, and Ragnar Redbeard 
(author of Might is Right), have expressed elements of Our Dayside perspectives 
in various ways. However, it must be noted that the Dayside Strigoi Vii 
philosophy is only partially revealed by these viewpoints or thinkers. Moreover, 
many of these authors unfortunately include mortal sentiments objectionable to 
the Strigoi Vii along with their more excellent philosophies. You can also see 
elements of Our Nightside and Twilight perspectives reflected throughout history 
in the esoteric realms, including the chaos magick of Peter J. Carroll, Sumerian 
and Egyptian magic, Hinduism, Bhuddism, the Thelema of Magus Aleister Crowley, 
shamanism, Gnostic teachings, Judo-Christian mysticism, esotericism, and 
Hermetic Magick from ancient times.

The process of syncretism is defined as reading between the lines and seeing the 
elements of Our Mysteries in disparate myths, stories, and thoughts, then 
putting them back together into greater and more practical truths. As Strigoi 
Vii that is what We do, seeking the truth and reason through Our own insight as 
well as that of other wise ones.

For the last millennia since the end of the days of traditional Khem, better 
know as today as Ancient Egypt, the Strigoi Vii have been in the shadows, 
working in secrecy on a solitary basis with Our ancestors. However, all of this 
is changing now. With the guidance of Our Ancestors, a new generation of The 
Family is finally deliberately reveling Our collective heritage. We are 
gathering together and slowly coming out of the shadows in order to take part in 
the future and embrace Our past as one.

The Strigoi Vii Black Veil

...there are two types of laws; just and unjust. I would be the first to 
advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility 
to obey just laws...a just law is a code [that] squares with the moral 
law...rooted in eternal law and natural law.
- From Letter from Birmingham City Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King

The Covenants known as the Black Veil are the foundation the Strigoi Vii 
Mysteries. It has been the source of Our ethics and power, Our sword, and Our 
shield. It exists for the preservation and prosperity of Our Mysteries, Family, 
and the Sanguinarium, and is endorsed by the Synod. Those who are not initiated 
into Strigoi Vii are not expected to uphold these tenets as they are not bound 
by them. However, We of the Strigoi Vii encourage even those who are not of The 
Family to recognize and respect the common sense inherent in the Black Veil. 
These simple guidelines provide Us with the freedom to maneuver unhindered 
through the mundane world.

This is the ONLY edition of the Veil endorsed by the Ordo Strigoi Vii and is 
specifically designed for The Family and the Sanguinarium. Previous editions are 
of high merit; however, they have not fully captured or expressed in words how 
to avoid potential liabilities of the tangible Dayside realities of the everyday 
world. These realities must be first addressed in order to ensure the security 
and prosperity of The Family. Those initiated to Strigoi Vii Who violate these 
Covenants of the Family may face temporary banishment, or even suffer 
excommunication from the Sanguinarium. In reality, such individuals are 
ultimately betraying themselves by giving up the opportunity to achieve Zhep'r 
through their actions. This is known as the Malediction of Elorath.

We Strigoi Vii are socially responsible individuals, and the consequences of Our 
actions may have various, often negative, repercussions as We become more 
visible to the mundane world. Those Who proudly bear the Legacy Ankh close to 
Their hearts, be They Strigoi Vii or Black Swan, make the statement that They 
are in agreement with the Covenants of the Black Veil. These tenets are innate 
common sense for the responsible members of Our Family. The Black Veil gives us 
the freedom and foundation to be powerful by being proactive and preempting 
issues that may get in Our way. There are five Covenants of the Veil. The first 
three are absolute and unbreakable laws of the Blood. The last two are codes of 
ethics which, when respected and adhered to, serve to empower both the 
individual and the Family.

I. Covenant of Mundane Law

Strigoi Vii are not criminals.

Adherence to the laws of Our local governments, even if We disagree with them, 
is essential to provide Us with the freedom to explore Our nature. Criminal or 
illegal behavior will not be tolerated amongst the Strigoi Vii. By this we do 
not refer to minor legal infractions such as parking violations. We are 
referring to serious crimes such as drug dealing, murder, rape, theft, etc. 
Strigoi Vii are free-spirited and individualistic. However, all are expected to 
act with common sense and to practice social responsibility. It is the duty of 
every Strigoi Vii to conduct Themselves in a manner that will not bring negative 
consequences upon the Family.

II. Covenant of Responsibility

Strigoi Vii is for adults only.

We must honor the need for minors to establish a skeptical, objective, and 
rational Dayside foundation before exploring and embracing the Nightside. Those 
who have not reached the age of majority (eighteen in the United States) must 
not be permitted or encouraged to explore Our Mysteries, participate in Vampyre 
ritual, or enter Our Sanctums under any conditions. Thus no minor shall ever be 
involved in Strigoi Vii, either privately or publicly, until they come of age.

Those children curious about Our Mysteries should explore yoga, quantum physics, 
theology, paganism, magick, reiki, martial arts, and the works of philosophers 
such as Darwin, Frederick Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand. This way they build a solid 
foundation that shall better prepare them to pursue Zhep'r upon coming of age.

III: The Covenant of Blood

Strigoi Vii are not drinkers of Corporeal blood.

From the perspective of the Strigoi Vii, the Art of Vampyrism occurs purely on 
subtle energetic level. The word "Blood" with a capital letter B is merely a 
metaphorical term for the subtle vital life-force, better known as Prana in 
Hinduism, Chi in Chinese medicine, or Ki in Japanese martial arts. The term 
Sanguine symbolizes the spiritual current and blood (heritage) of The Family.

To satisfy Our spiritual hunger We practice other, more subtle, forms of feeding 
which We find much more efficient and pertinent to Our Mysteries. On a Dayside 
level the decision not to drink blood leads to a clear avoidance of legal 
liabilities and health risks such as blood-borne diseases including Hepatitis, 
Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and many more.

IV: Covenant of the Current & Quest

The Strigoi Vii have a unified cause - the Current and the Quest

The Current is the "Blood" that is the signature of those of Our Family. The 
collective duty of all Strigoi Vii is the Quest. We must search out those with 
potential to Awaken, yet who are not aware of that potential in their Blood. 
However, We never force a potential to follow Our way, as Vampyres are not 
rebels or mindless followers. Potentials must be allowed to come to The Family 
in their own way and in their own time.

Always use one of the proven tools to supporting the Quest as to not degrade Our 
Mysteries. Give the Seeker a hint, let them feel the Calling, and come when, and 
if, they are ready. Never support or join an organization or individual that 
actively opposes The Family or Our Quest. Never enter into debates with the 
mortal minded or try and convert them or see Our ways, as such behaviour is in 
conflict with the Glamour and a waste of time and energy. Betraying the Quest is 
not only betraying the Family. It is betraying yourself.

V: The Covenant of Secrets

The Strigoi Vii is an open secret, hidden in plain sight.

Secrets both protect and bind Us. Our Mysteries are Our own and those who wish 
to explore them should seek them out alone, through personal initiative and 
action. As a sleight of hand magician would employ the principle of Òhidden in 
plain sight, so does the Living Vampyre.

Here are three examples of the Black Veil Covenant of Secrets:

Firstly, take example from the Synod. Honour your Sorors' and Fraters' right of 
privacy, such as in respect to Their mundane identity. Never disclose any 
personal information to anyone, especially to the mortal minded, but even to 
other Family members, without Their explicit permission. The only circumstance 
under which the Synod would disclose the given name and identity of any Strigoi 
Vii is if such information was required under the legal jurisdiction of the 
proper authorities.

Secondly, public discussion of Strigoi Vii and the Mysteries outside of the 
Sanctums, such as with the media, on social networking websites, in public, or 
with those not of the Blood is an obvious violation of this Covenant. At all 
times speak only for yourself, and never represent the Family outside of the 
guidelines of the Quest without first consulting the Synod and gaining direct 
endorsement. Leave that to those select members of the Inner Circle who are 
properly trained in public relations. Supporting this Covenant furthers the 
Glamour and Our Mysteries.

Finally, and most importantly, never share or discuss the Sanguinomicon with 
someone who has not read it and had the opportunity to reflect upon its 
contents. Respect free will, and let Seekers gain the first impression of the 
Mysteries and formulate their opinion on their own.

The Black Veil is Our Covenant and applies only to the Strigoi Vii. Employ these 
proven Covenants and you will have a solid foundation for Zhep'r. Do not debate 
with others who disagree or cannot see the common sense outlined here. As they 
are not in agreement, simply smile and say We must agree to disagree, for free 
will is the whole of the law.

Psychic Vampire Personalities

Note: I thought this article to be very interesting and possibly something to 
reflect upon regarding vampiristic individuals and possible connections with 
past lives.

The Psychological dynamics represented by people who inadvertently portray a 
psychic attacker (energy vampire) fall into five major categories.This 
personality type is an accumulation of that individual's experience in their 
current life, as well as in prior lifetimes. Fear is the common denominator in 
these individuals, and you must learn to protect yourself from their negative 
influences. The five personality types are called ethereal, insecure, paranoid, 
passive-aggressive, and robotic.

The Paranoid Type
Betrayal is the main issue with a paranoid type. Their Karmic theme in past 
lives has possibly been that of warrior-like behavior, self-sacrifice, and 
victory in their battles. As a results of their experiences, they learned that 
there were enemies in the world who betrayed and possibly killed them in several 
incarnations. Paranoid types are soldiers still trying to win a war that no 
longer exists against an enemy and life is their battleground. Fear is 
everywhere and an ingrained part of their personality makeup.

Their energy fields tend to be more highly charged on the upper half of their 
body. They are especially fearful and distrustful of members of the opposite 
sex. Agression is the most common response to the world from a paranoid type. 
This aggression takes the form of physical behavior and energy projections to 
anyone in their path.

Paranoid Types constantly pick fights. They are seductive, but are incapable of 
long-term relationships. This person expects all others to betray them, and will 
assist in setting up others for this betrayal. A paranoid may initiate a 
betrayal as a preemptory strike.

To lose for a paranoid is to admit that they are bad. This is intolerable, so 
these people must win at any cost. They are hard workers, obsessive-compulsive, 
and are usually quite healthy physically. There is never enough time for them to 
accomplish their various goals.

Paranoid types insist you agree with their often-distorted view of the world. In 
reality, they want you to argue with them. This way they can win the argument 
and prove to themselves that they are good and you are bad. Never argue with 
this person. Refrain from making eye contact with them. Lower and soften your 
voice when you speak to them, and change the topic to something pleasant.

The Ethereal Type
Existential terror is the predominant issue of an ethereal type. Most often 
these troubled souls have been tortured to death in previous lives for their 
metaphysical beliefs or practices. Their only escape was to leave the body, 
so-out-of-body experiences are the norm with them today.
These individuals do not want much contact with others. They were afraid to 
incarnate in their present body, and show this fear by being unwilling to commit 
their consciousness completely into their physical body. Leaving their physical 
body often throughout the day is the most common method that ethereal types use 
to deal with problems. They have weak boundaries and spend as much time as 
possible on the spiritual realms. Since all time is simultaneous on other 
planes, these people find it difficult to relate to linear time.

The result of these inclinations is both withdrawal and aggression. They become 
aggressive and angry when forced to function on the earth plane. Their psychic 
attack on you is rarely premeditated, but, nonetheless you must protect yourself 
from these individuals.

The Insecure Type
Invasion and being controlled is the chief concern of the passive-aggressive 
type. During several past incarnations, they experienced being controlled and 
trapped in situations, and prevented from being able to express themselves in 
ways they wanted to. They may have been slaves, prisoners, or been victimized by 
religion or governments.

These souls absolutely desire freedom, but their fear prevents them from 
claiming it. they are angry and resentful for not feeling free, and lack a 
solution to this problem. Their response to the world is withdrawal, but with a 
subconscious wish to obtain permission from other people to come back into the 

Passive-aggressive types lack autonomy. They constantly strive to involve other 
people in their lives. This individual makes demands and resists input at the 
same time. They live in the now, and never think about the future. 
Self-expression is unkown to them. It is common to observe others interfering 
with their development, completing their sentences, and taking them for granted.

This type of individual creates an internal world of unclear, undifferentiated 
fantasies and ideas, with fear at the core of this world. They imprison 
themselves and project loneliness, desperation, and resentment toward everyone 
they contact. It is impossible for them to express anger.

When you engage this type in conversation, they will request your advice. 
Unfortunately, all of your suggestions are wrong and you are of no help to them. 
These people ask but reject whatever is offered to them. Their classic response 
to your advice is, "yes, but.."

Robotic Type
The main issue of robotic types is authenticity. They are denying their true 
self. During previous lifetimes, they had to keep up the appearance of being 
perfect in order to survive. They were most likely in charge of running things, 
as they probably are now.

Their outer world is perfect, the inner world is denied, and there is no core 
essence. They constantly fear that something is missing and life is progressing 
without them. To deal with this reality, robot types try to become even more 
perfect. They have high-paying jobs, a good reputation, a perfect spouse and 
family, and look in perfect health.
The more inauthentic they act, the more meaningless the world appears. Others 
envy their lifestyle. People come to them with their problems. The robot types 
never attain satisfaction from life, and come across as a blank. they function 
as if on automatic pilot and are often removed from your conversation. Robot 
types never complain about the world. They are perfect and everything is 
beautiful. Appropriateness and being "politically correct" are more important 
than being than being real.
Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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