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Saturday, May 31, 2014

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Merkaba Activation
The Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron is a powerful ancient symbol and a dynamic tool for those who can access its wonders. It is created with two tetrahedrons, one facing up and one facing down. These represent the masculine and feminine energies that each one possesses. For many of us these two energies act separately and independent of one another. In other words, one may be acting and living from either their masculine or feminine energies at any moment. This is certainly advantageous to be able to access one or the other, depending on the environment.
The ancients discovered a power that could be awakened when the masculine and feminine primordial energies became dynamically merged, mingled, infused into one magical power center. I call this intradependence. When these energies merge in our consciousness, we create an environment of transformation, transmutation, and transportation. The Merkaba is referred to as a "Light Chariot" or as I call it the "Soul Chariot." From this dynamic state one can move in any direction, transform environments, and even transmute the essence of a lingering condition.
In this activation we will envision our masculine and feminine energies moving from independence, to interdependence ("inter" means in relationship to or in harmony), and then into the power of intradependence ("intra" means from within or in union with).
First, find a safe, quiet place to sit comfortably. Place your hands out to the side as in the image above. In your left hand imagine a tetrahedron facing down and spinning counter-clockwise. You may want to make small circles with your hand to feel the spinning. This represents the feminine energy. Take a moment to honor the beauty and grace of the feminine.
Next, in your right hand imagine the tetrahedron facing upwards, spinning clockwise. This represents the masculine. Take a moment to honor the strength and structure of the masculine. Feel the clockwise spinning.
This is the first stage - independence. Before moving on, allow any judgments of one or the other energies to fall away.
The second stage is interdependence. Now bring your hands to the front of your body where the tetrahedron are next to one another. Still spinning in opposite direction allow your mind to remember all the relationships you have had with men and women. Let all your judgments surrender to grace and open your heart to gratitude for every relationship and what it has brought to your life.
The third stage and most powerful is intradependence. Here we let go of the idea of men and women and move into the primordial masculine and feminine where these energies dance in cosmic union creating the very desires of the heart.
Slowly move your left hand (feminine) into your body and release the Merkaba to grow in size where the tip of the downward point rests at the tip of the coccyx bone. Feel the spinning counter-clockwise movement in your body. Now do the same with the right hand where the upward point is touching the crown.
Feel into the powerful vortex created by these two spinning energies. Imagine your freedom of movement, beyond any restriction or limitation. Imagine conditions of your life being brought into the vortex and being transformed in a moment. Stay here for awhile until you begin to remember how organic this state is to who you are.
Please write me a message or comment to share your experience with the Soul Chariot.
~Keith Allen Kay

                                          ***********Johnny Depp BREAK***********
Just giveing a try on "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Never thought to be an actor.

"Looking behind I am filled with gratitude
Looking forward I am filled with vision
Looking upwards I am filled with strength
Looking within I discover peace."
-Apache prayer
Meriam Yahya Ibrahim has been sentenced to death in Sudan for "apostasy" (renunciation of one's religion) because, even though she was raised and is a practicing Christian, local law considers her a Muslim because her father was. She was also sentenced to be lashed 100 times for having "illegitimate sexual relations" with her American husband, Daniel Wadi, another Christian whose marriage to Meriam is not recognized by Sudanese Sharia law.
Religious extremism and basic human rights violations must be condemned by world leaders wherever they occur. Read about their story here, and add your condemnation here:

A Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for apostasy was forced to give birth in prison with her legs chained, her husband...

Children love music so why not teach them new words put to some familiar music? -- Amelia )O(

Dixie Mace's photo.
Dixie Mace's photo.
Dixie Mace's photo.
Dixie Mace's photo.
Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained largely unresolved. But Finnish scientists have for the first time mapped areas of the body activated by each emotion, following a study of 700 volunteers from 3 countries. By Guest Writer Michael Forrester
30th May 2014 By Michael Forrester Guest Writer for Wake Up World Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states...
My Pagan Friends I share this with you.
It is called:
Show some one a little kindness,
By Mickey G Morris,
AKA Ghostwalker's Spirit
In the times we are in,
there are,some,
who are ready to just give up,
we can save them by the act of kindness,
for kindness is the language,
that the deaf can hear and the blind can see,
if we share a little kindness ,
with some one,
and they never see you,
They will see it ,
and they will know it,
and by this you have lifted them,
a little in there walk in life,
also did you know,
if you share a little kindness with some one ,
and they never hear you,
Your voice is as loud as,
thunder,from the darkest of storms.
yes the,kindness you share, is magical,
it is like, starting a flame,
that can catch, the whole world on fire.
We all know there is enough hate in this world,
to go around, just read the news papers,
and look at the TV,
and you will see the hate,
that holds this world in it's grip.
So stand with me , against this hate,
and spread, a little kindness,
and bless some one's life today.
And we all will be blessed ,
just by your Kindness!

You can’t beat the story of a rescue dog getting the chance to return the favor, and this one is really something special! Courtney and Brock Urness of Cooperstown, North Dakota were horrified to discover that their 3-year-old son, Carson, had gone missing. When they found that their rescue pup, Cooper, was also missing, it gave them hope.
This family rescued a dog they found on the side of the road. Who knew he'd have the chance to return the favor...

We love this cool article about how metaphysics has come full circle!
Check out this article from University of Metaphysical Sciences!~

Maya Angelou, a novelist, actress and educator, died at age 86, her literary agent, Helen Brann, said Wednesday.

Maleficent is now playing in 3D, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D. Get your tickets and see it today:
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Paul recalled: “It was great. We [the four Beatles] all went into a room one by one, while Maharishi was there.” Paul said Maharishi then gave him his personal mantra, to facilitate the meditation process. “It’s yours, you don’t need to verbalize it; you want to keep it inside,” Maharishi told Paul.
Watch David Lynch interview Paul McCartney below!
Director David Lynch Interviews Paul McCartney about when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi personally taught him Transcendental...
This makes me feel REALLY old!!
Man... this is depressing but awesome!

In this line of work, I am in constant contact with folks who are either trying to recover from an illness or who have broken through and regained their health. I’ve noticed that...
Celebrate Summer Solstice at Pagan Spirit Gathering 2014! Attend if you can (register soon!) or
Join me & others at Pagan Spirit Gathering, June 15-22 near Chicago:
. More than 400 workshops, rites, concerts, other program activities, including these I am doing:

In May last year, archaeologists in India unearthed evidence of a 2,500-year-old planned city in Tarighat, Chhattisgarh, complete...

Love this!
(and if you're inspired, here's a guide to the 12 best trees to plant in your town --
It turns out that psychedelics aren’t just good for turning into an elf and jousting a car.

1 hr · 
A fun show of how easy it is to manipulate the human mind. Can you figure out how he does it?
Magician Keith Barry involves the audience in some jaw-dropping (and even a bit dangerous) feats of brain magic.
What do you do when writer's block stretches on for years? Sting shares the personal story of how he overcame an 8-year slump and started writing songs again:
Sting shares a thoughtful, personal talk on overcoming writer's block. With several musical performances.

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    1. George Carlin - pride - YouTube

New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited...
Dan Vis and 2 other friends shared a link
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TICKLD.COM The end is good, some of the text is lie what? but read it and see.


:  psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously



cognitive dissonance

 noun    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE

: psychological conflict resulting from simultaneously held incongruous beliefs and attitudes (as a fondness for smoking and a belief that it is harmful)

cognitive dissonance

 noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)
Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The concept was introduced by the psychologist Leon Festinger (1919–89) in the late 1950s. He and later researchers showed that, when confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists. Cognitive dissonance is nonetheless considered an explanation for attitude change.

Friday, May 30, 2014


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From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wicca
How To Create a Daily Plan of Study
Are you ready to work on your spiritual growth?
Image © Stuart Dee/Getty Images

This week we're going to jump back into the basics, and look at some of the ways we can work on our spiritual development. No matter which particular flavor of Paganism you happen to be following, there is a universal truth: if you don't continue learning, you'll stagnate. Let's talk about some of the ways you can carve out extra time for studying and learning, how to figure out which books are worth reading and which you shouldn't waste your time on, and how you can start a study group of your own if you think it will help you. We'll also look at some of our most popular reading lists.
Also, on a completely unrelated note, some big news coming from - be sure to read the post below, because it's exciting stuff!

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Creating a Daily Plan of Study
If your spiritual growth is truly important to you, you'll prioritize things so that you'll have the time you need to learn and study. Many people find that by setting up a regular plan of study, they can develop good habits that help them make time for their spiritual education. Here are some tips on how to do this.Creating a Daily Plan of Study
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What Makes a Book Worth Reading?
What Makes a Book Worth Reading?
What makes a book worth reading?
Image © Getty Images
As more and more books on Paganism, Wicca, and other earth-based spiritual paths become available, readers are often faced with choices about what to read. As you learn and read and study, you'll learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and you'll eventually be able to figure out on your own what makes a book credible, or worth reading, and what makes it one that should probably only be used as a doorstop or paperweight. What Makes a Book Worth Reading?
Search Related Topics:  reading  finding good books 
Book Recommendations for a Variety of Paths

What should you read next?
Image (c) Patti Wigington 2007
Here at's Pagan/Wiccan website, we get a lot of emails from folks asking for suggestions about what to read. I've put together a few lists -- and will continue to create more -- but I thought it might be of use to consolidate all our lists into one place. Here's our index of recommended book lists, including beginner's books, Celtic Paganism, Kemeticism, herbalism, and even a list of books for Pagan men!
Book Recommendations for a Variety of Paths
Search Related Topics:  reading lists  book recommendations  the pagan library
Some Exciting News Here at About!
Guys, guys, guys! This is some good stuff, and I'm thrilled to share it with you! ABOUT.COM IS GETTING A MAKEOVER! For years, folks have written to me and said, "I love the information you share but your site looks like it's stuck in 2004." Yeah, I know, believe me. I get it, really, I do -- and fortunately, the new owners of do too. Starting in about a month, you'll see an amazing and beautiful redesign rolling out across the network. For years, folks have written to me and said, "I love... Read more

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