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Friday, February 12, 2010


Merry meet my friends. I didn't blog yesterday because I had a headache and then my car started to over heat on the way home from getting groceries, then a cop impounded my car and gave me a ticket and send me home with the animal control guy. I go so sick after that a fever and I was throwing up. AS For today I was getting ready to walk to get my tax check and was watching the view. I just love that Whoopie, if she wasn't on there I'd never watch. I dislike the blonde one. Any ways Whoopie Stated that's its Black History month. As we all know, in a related story, Wanda Sikes was on Jays show and when she got to NBC the chef at the commissary had posted a menu for Black history month with so of her favorite southern foods, Fried Chicken, greens and corn bread, this got all over the blog-o-spear and People were upset, until they found out it was a Black lady who made the menu and was not trying to offend anyone, just have a food and her own way of celebrating this month, but what up set me is, Whoopie went on to say that African Americans only get 28 days to celebrate there heritage. Oh poor you. Sorry your wrong you get 29 and some time 30 days if you count Martin Luther King's day. I have nothing angst being politically correct, but taking it to far, that menu was fine, and then to state that 28 days is not enough. I am a mother of a Half Black child, I have Black relative I love, and admire, like Shanna's Strong, independent, Hard working Grand mother (she's like my own mother). A Powerful and wonderful woman. I live in her home for two years. neither one of us a prejudice bone in our bodies. We bonded over the love of good music, Ray Charles and Steveie Wounder.I was the only white person in my school to go to a special showing of King's speech in Washington D.C. And was looked at as weird. As you know An Irish Rock group petition for King's birthday to be a national Holiday. That rock group was U2. I'm of Irish decent, I have traced my genealogy by to the first Irish man. We were Slaves at one time.and We never owned any.We even help them.I have some who married them when that was not legal. Get over your selves, if you can laugh at your self than, what. Being an Irish person, we get one dam day St. Patrick's Day and it only is a Catholic St. I have no Catholic family, wiccan or old religion and predestine. Orange Irish. We have to put up with still being called drunks, leprechauns, told to drink green beer and eat corn beef and cabbage. We are still looked on as Dirty Potato diggers. I love me some suds, but come-on we have learn to let it go and laugh at it. Cause if we didn't are anger would get the best of us. What has made America Great is the people whose hard work and fighting spirit kept them going on to make it better for the next generation.and the two who worked the Harrods to change thing and get better jobs and be the voice of America the Irish and the Blacks
Even helping one another. My last rant is about Mondona, to build her girls school, the country in witch she is building it Malawi, told the villagers sorry you've got to move. Heres a girls school witch you need so desperately, But you got to be homeless for you girls to get a good eduction. That makes you not a humanitarian at all. That make you no better that Ghiod. Winter olympics opening ceramonies was great! Heres the news from the web and the magickal community and see the first link what whoopie side.

Maria Leach sent a message to the members of Medium Light Workers.

Subject: Spiritual Quotes of the week

Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the stage of life you can fulfill your high destined role.
-Paramahansa Yogananda

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
-Marcel Proust

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
-A Course In Miracles

Always define who you are before you define others, open your eyes to all of lifes possibilites, and never close yourself off to anything life has to offer.

Just remember everyone no matter how down you feel, or how low you have become, just bring yourself up and make clear definitions as to what you want and seek them out with an open mind, body, and soul
Light and Love

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Subject: Hello everyone

Here are some links that will bring you to a blog of some Press Release, that give a good description as to what it is I do, and what it is the company I work for has to offer.;;;;

I hope everyone is having a blessed day, and I can't wait to send out this weeks quotes and converse with everyone.
Light and Love

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"Doing That Which is Right"

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hello char!

FEBRUARY IS ALREADY HALF OVER! - I find it interesting every year that January always flies by before I even get a chance to get adjusted to the 'new year' status. This year is no different. I had some personal things that were resolved a few days before the end of January, so I got to start February with a relatively clean slate. .......................Then life happened. lol That's okay though, it's what keeps life interesting. (If I remember right, 'may you have an interesting life' is a Chinese curse.)

NEW COURSE - I'm working on putting some new courses together. I have one that has been submitted to me, a course on astral projection, that will be available in the very near future. Many of you will get a sample of it within a week or so, and some of you are not as far along on the newsletters/mailings and may not get it for awhile. It will be sent to the seminary students as well. The course will be the Master of Astral Projection.

CURRENT GROWTH - As with last month, I thought I'd share some of the things I've been working on. My focus of late has been about the question of agreements. We all have agreements with various people in our lives -- maybe it's an agreement to be married to someone, to be someone's parent or child, to help someone, teach someone, etc. Have you ever met someone and felt a particular need to help him/her? Not the general kind of 'let's make the world a better place' kind of feeling, but one more specific to that person? My question that I've been looking at is 'what triggers an agreement to kick in?' How is it you can know someone casually for a few months, then suddenly 'notice' them? Or feel the need to suddenly help them, ask for help, or be part of their lives in some way? What causes that? I have noticed it strongly a number of times in the last few years. Growing up, I've often had the ability to notice certain people as being people I want to be friends with, but I never thought about it much. In the last few years, however, I've had it happen several times in an uncomfortably obvious way. I know that when I was sick, I had to go get a bone marrow biopsy. At that point, the most painful thing I'd ever experienced in my life. My church had asked for volunteers to come and be with me (my family was not close by). Two people volunteered. One left after about 10 min. The other one stayed and held my hand and talked me through it. We ended up becoming friends. She said she didn't know what made her decide to come. She said she just knew she had to be there for me. I'd known her briefly as the former roommate of my new roommate (who turned out to be a nutbar). What triggered that need for her to be there? Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

MAIL - For those of you who have placed orders in January, rest-assured that everything has been sent. We've been having a terrible time with the USPS over the last few months. We do mail everything within days (usually), but I think someone in the post office has been really enjoying a whole bunch of ULC materials because the packages seem to not be arriving. If you have been sent a tracking number, that means we have packaged your order, gotten postage, and brought it to the post office. We can't get the tracking number without having bought the postage, which is a good indication that your package is in the mail. :) If you haven't received your package, please write to and Monica can look into it. Sorry for the delay. It has been very frustrating on our end as well.

ASTROLOGY - I don't know if you are interested in Astrology, but I've found a really cool site that gives very in-depth astrology readings. I don't live my life by them, but I do think that the readings are fun and interesting. It's a free site, so if you want to see it, you might be surprised.

KIND WORDS - I'd like to thank all of you who have been giving me such great responses to the kind words campaign. I think it has become my favorite thing to do for the Seminary. I am finding how big a difference it makes for people to get a few words of encouragement. I'd like all of you to try it. At least one day a week, if not more, say at least one encouraging thing to someone who needs it. Say something uplifting, positive and true. Say it without expectation, but with the intention of spreading good in the world. Mean what you say. Notice the difference.

It's available at

COMPUTER CRASH - If you've written to me in the last week and a half and I haven't responded, I'd like to apologize. My computer crashed and I had to wipe the hard drive. I had been using Norton Ghost, which was supposed to 'easily' restore my computer. Apparently, Norton's idea of 'easy' and mine are different. My dad spent about 12 hours on it yesterday and got everything restored. I do love my dad! At any rate, I'll be working to get things caught up and answer the many emails waiting for my attention.

CANADA - I just got some great information from one of our ministers about getting approved in Canada. If what she says turns out to be the case, we can be approved in Ontario in the next 6-8 weeks. I need to make a couple of phone calls and fill out a form. If I need help (members to sign), I'll let you know. I'm excited about the prospects.

GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE - I don't know if this is something that would be possible to do for ULC ministers, but I'm going to look into what would be involved in getting a group rate health plan for ULC ministers. Is this something anyone else would be interested in? If so and/or if you know anything about setting it up, let me know.

SALE ITEMS - There are still a lot of items on sale right now. Wedding Workbooks by the case are currently on sale. Buying the books in bulk are a great way to save money on the books. Giving the books to your couples enhances your professional image and makes your job much easier, by allowing the couples to select and customize their own ceremonies.

I found that by giving the couples a book, people comment frequently that the ceremony seemed so 'them' and wondered if the couple wrote the ceremony themselves. Give it a shot.

The social networking sites that we've been using are below:

Thanks for everything!

Rev. Amy Long
Program Director

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ULC Seminary
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Meetup Reminder
The Springville Metaphysical and Law Of Attraction Group.
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The Springville Metaphysical Meetup - Power of Love


Saturday, February 13, 2010 5:00 PM

4 Yes / 2 Maybe
There's still room for 24 more.

Art City Coffee
484 S. 1750 W. ste D Freeway exit 260 - Behind Del Taco in Walmart Plaza ... (Google map is wrong)
Springville UT 84663
801 489 3600




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"knowege is power and you can get fresh persctive from things through other peoples eyes. people were great and friendly.good discusstion."
— HighPriestessChar

"We are a bunch or regular people that think out of the box with creativity and enjoy sharing in a safe place."
— Christopher Rumfield

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Meetup Description
Let's talk about the Principals of Love and what the Connections to other people through Love does to us. In my experience, Love is the greatest power we feel (next to passion) and with it... Men want to conquer the world and Mothers will lift a car off of a loved one. It appears to be an all powerful power and limitless in it's abundance.

The basic framework is to start with an opening discussion of the subject of the week. Members can add their personal experiences on the subject being discussed and usually do. Then after our discussion, a 5 to 10 minute meditation so we all come closer to a calmer and clearer mindset as we leave.

The hour and a half is usually very short for the conversations we have and it moves quickly.

We have a very upbeat group of positive and talented people.


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O-hoo! Have you SEEN? incredibly!
Its so fun!

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The Utah Good Witches Meetup
Your group has a Meetup tomorrow!
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Friday, February 12, 2010 7:00 PM

3 Yes / 0 Maybe

Double Tree Hotel
2050 Gateway Pl
San Jose CA 95110




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"I feel like part of the family. I love going to these meetups!"
— Saffyre

"Everybody treated me well and shown me how to have a good time!!!"
— Bill!

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Meetup Description
The 16th Annual PantheaCon in 2010

Feb 12 – 15, 2010
President’s Day weekend

Join us for workshops, parties and Pagan revelry galore !!!!

Place: the DoubleTree San Jose - The Double Tree is sold out of rooms. You can go to the overflow hotel, Holiday Inn San Jose, for an $85 rate; mention PantheaCon for the special rate. Look on the website for more hotel suggestions. A shuttle is scheduled for all day and into the night among the hotels for ease of travel.

At the DoubleTree we have all the function room space with 4 ballrooms full of wondrous vendors and 4 ballrooms for rituals and workshops along with 10 additional rooms.

This year’s Theme is Back to Basics --- As energy and economics implode we look for more simple ways of life. Our pagan ethics and worship of our Earth Mother help us forge new sustainable lifestyles as we honor the old ways. What we know about the old ways of life, others now acknowledge as new imperatives to be the custodians of our earth. What is the bottom line when it comes to our lives and our spirits? What living skills of our traditions are especially needed for the future?

Go here to register !!

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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

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I Can Do It! San Diego, CA 2010

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You’ll see the internationally renowned author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; today’s leading women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup; noted spiritual teacher and intuitive Caroline Myss; the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life Louise L. Hay; one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time Marci Shimoff; renowned psychics John Holland and Lisa Williams; as well as Gregg Braden, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Brian L. Weiss. Plus, you’ll attend many more inspiring workshops, enjoy spiritual nourishment, and have much more fun at the 2010 I Can Do It! San Diego conference. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Vampire Community News

A message to all members of Vampire Community News
From the Slayers vs. Vampires to Team Edward vs. Team Jacob
Jorge A. Pulido
New York University
December 2009

A journalism essay on the media's portrayal of vampires with attention given to the ABC 20/20 special.

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Vampire Community News

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Joseph Laycock's "Vampires Today"
A Review By Diss - Being A Swan Blog
January 26, 2010

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Vampire Community News

A message to all members of Vampire Community News

Private Practice - "Love Bites"
February 11, 2010
ABC @ 10 PM ET

"Love Bites" - Naomi refuses to take part in planning Maya's wedding; tensions rise between Sam and Addison; Pete and Cooper treat a teenager with a mysterious bite mark. Has it gone too far? Everyone loves vampires!

Video Preview:


Vampires Coming to the Private Practice!
February 10th, 2010

Vampires haven’t just invaded prime time, they’ve also made their way into medical dramas. Not surprising actually, given the physical consequences that both being a vampire and getting bitten by a vampire have. But actually, this time it ties in quite nicely to Moonlight’s post “I Want to Be a Vampire!” The show is Private Practice and tomorrow night, vampires will make their way onto the show. Well, a boy who thinks he’s a vampire anyway.

In the episode, a girl comes in to get treated for various symptoms when the doctors find human bite marks on her neck. The episode is pretty thorough from what I can tell, covering everything from how movies like Twilight and shows like Vampire Diaries are giving teenagers the wrong impression about vampires. I am certainly not condemning either of these two wonderful stories about vampires – I love them both. But unfortunately, just like everything else that seems really cool, people sometimes have a tendency to take them a bit too far. And that’s just what this Private Practice is all about.

I have to admit, I don’t really watch the show, although I’ve caught a couple episodes and it seems okay. But I might just have to watch this one. I think it’s funny to see how some of the doctors don’t think it’s possible that things like this could happen because Twilight’s fictional. But who knows? Maybe it really could open some people’s eyes. Even some of those who are looking to get bitten by a vampire. The show then of course, divulges into all the horrors and dangerous things that can happen to you if you allow yourself to get bitten by anybody.

If you want to check out just what tomorrow night’s Private Practice might hold, you can see the preview here. And if you want to check out the full thing, it’s on tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, at 10:00pm/9:00 Central Time.

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Paganism / Wiccan

Paganism / Wiccan
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From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan
We've talked a lot lately about news stories that impact the way Pagans interact with folks of mainstream religions. Because many of today's Pagans were at one time part of other religious groups -- especially Christianity -- it's important that we take a moment to look at some of the issues that impact our relationships with people who are non-Pagan. Ideally, many of us would like to some day have a chance for non-confrontational interfaith dialogue -- and part of that is recognizing how Paganism can exist alongside Christianity in a manner that's fair to everyone involved. Today we're going to talk about some of the most commonly raised issues between Pagans and Christians.

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Do Pagans and Wiccans Hate Christianity?

A reader writes in with some concerns. She's thinking about getting involved with her local Pagan community, but is worried that she might be expected to start bashing people of other religions. For many Pagans, that badmouthing and intolerance is the reason they leave other religions for a Pagan path. Find out whether or not this is something to be worried about, or whether it's just a case of a few bad apples... Read More

Interfaith Relationships and How to Make Them Work

Let's face it, not everyone who's Pagan or Wiccan is going to end up in a relationship with someone who has the same beliefs as they do. Communication and respect are the key to any successful relationship, but when you add the interfaith issue into the mix, the dynamic can become even more complex. Here are some tips on what can make an interfaith relationship work -- and a few things NOT to do! Read More

Can I Go to Church With My Family?

A lot of newly-seeking Pagans ask this question. After all, you might be Pagan but that doesn't mean everyone else in your family is. What do you do if you're invited to tag along on Sunday morning? Read More

Do Pagans and Wiccans Believe in God?

There is often a misconception, among non-Pagans, that those of us who are Pagan or Wiccan have somehow turned our back on the Christian god, or that we flat out are against him. However, most Pagans and Wiccans are pretty open to the concept of god, and see it as more of a job title than a proper name. Read More

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What's Up With Love Magic?


Rachael Ray Fears She Will Have to Put her Dog to Sleep
by Michelle Toglia (Subscribe to Michelle Toglia's posts)
Feb 12th 2010 @ 2:00PM Filed Under: Dogs, Celebrity Pets

Photo: Getty Images

Food Network Star Rachael Ray needs a new recipe, but this time, it's for how to keep her much adored pit bull Isaboo from attacking other dogs. The TV host is distraught over the future of her aggressive dog and fears she may have to be put to sleep, reports RadarOnline.

While being walked by a dog handler in New York City earlier this month, Rachael's beloved pit bull allegedly tore off another dog's ear before her handler could tug the pooch away, according to a report in the National Enquirer.

Luckily, a vet was able to repair most of the injured dog's ear and Rachael and her husband, attorney John Cusimano, offered to pay for all medical bills, reports RadarOnline.

Rachel herself has been injured during Isaboo's run-ins with other dogs. The New York Post reported that when Rachael tried to intervene in dog fight three years ago, she was bitten by the other dog. In that case, it seems as though the other dog started the brawl, but the Emmy Award winner fears that Isaboo's behavior eventually will go beyond aggression towards other dogs and become a threat to children or adults, reports RadarOnline.

Mary Burch Ph.D, AKC STAR Puppy and CGC director recommends that Isaboo get an evaluation by a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) or another experienced canine professional to help determine the severity, possible causes, and how to get the situation under control. When a CAAB is brought in, for example, the first step would typically involve the animal behaviorist accompanying Rachael and Isaboo on a walk where they're likely to encounter dogs so that the behaviorist can better assess the situation

Isaboo, who Rachael sometimes calls 'Baby," has made guest appearances on Everyday with Rachael Ray. The dog also appears with Rachael in ads for Nutrish, the chef's line of dog food and treats. Back in August, Rachael told Paw Nation all about her deep connection with Isaboo and her former dog Boo: "They've taught me so much about life and the capacity an animal has to offer unconditional love."

While Rachael clearly adores Isaboo, her pooch's aggression can have several causes and may be based out of fear. "Aggression can occur when dogs are protective of their owners (and owners reinforce the aggression), or when dogs are not properly socialized from an early age," says Burch.

But, there's hope for difficult dogs like Isaboo. Depending on the severity of the situation and the causes, it could take just several weeks or even just a few months for both owner and dog to learn how to keep antagonistic behavior under control, especially when she's in the presence of other dogs. "An animal behaviorist will spend a good portion of time training the person who is at the other end of the leash, in this case, Rachael and her husband," says Burch.

We wish Rachael the best of luck with Isaboo. What do you think about other, more vicious dogs? Do you believe that even the most aggressive dog can be rehabilitated or are some beyond hope."

Tags: AnimalBehavior, celebrity pets, CelebrityPets, rachael ray, RachaelRay|htmlws-main-n|dl4|link5||htmlws-main-n|dl4|link7||htmlws-main-n|dl6|link4||htmlws-main-n|dl6|link5|

Will 'Breaking Dawn' Be In 3-D? Maybe!
by Elisabeth Rappe Feb 12th 2010 // 9:45AM

Filed under: Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, RumorMonger, Fandom, Tech Stuff, DIY/Filmmaking, Newsstand, Remakes and Sequels

In case you hadn't heard, 3D films make a lot of money, and Hollywood won't rest until everything is in 3D whether the film is enhanced by it or not. We can no longer feign surprise at "Really? In 3D?" anymore. Except maybe this one last time: Breaking Dawn, the final installment (or installments, if it's split into two films) of The Twilight Saga, may be filmed in 3D. It's obvious why. You don't even need me to tell you why Twilight fans might want to see it in 3D. It's not for the scenery of Forks, Washington.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment is seriously contemplating whether or not Twilight has made them enough money, or if they could earn more by making Edward and Bella's love a truly immersive experience. Considering this is the book where they finally get it on (and Edward breaks their bed, if I remember correctly), the implications of that are very unsettling. But hey, think of Taylor Lautner's rippling abs! Surely that's enough to offset Reneseeme's birth in full and bloody 3D.

Summit will reportedly decide on whether or not to go 3D by the end of the month. THR notes that any Breaking Dawn plans could still be derailed by Stephanie Meyer, who has an ironclad contract binding her to approve everything from casting to director. It's not clear whether or not that includes filming format, but even if it didn't, I don't think Summit would risk her disapproval. She commands an army, and if she doesn't want a 3D movie, the fans won't either. But what if the fans do want it? I've seen the lines at ComicCon for a three-dimensional glimpse of the cast. Couldn't the film sell under the same idea?

Tags: 3D, Bella Swan, BellaSwan, breaking dawn 3D, BreakingDawn3d, Edward Cullen, EdwardCullen, featured, KristenStewart, robert pattinson, RobertPattinson, stephanie meyer, StephanieMeyer, Summit Entertainment, SummitEntertainment, taylor lautner, TaylorLautner, the twilight saga, TheTwilightSaga

It's Official: 'Breaking Dawn' Will Be Two Movies
by Erik Davis Feb 11th 2010 // 6:15PM

Filed under: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Deals, Fandom, Newsstand, Remakes and Sequels

We already knew that Summit Entertainment wanted to take advantage of their little star quarterback by splitting the final Twilight film into two parts, a la Harry Potter, but we also knew there were some things to be worked out and some negotiations to be made since none of the principal players (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner) were originally contracted for more than four films. And while there's no word on how much Summit had to shovel out in order to sign all three for that second movie, Deadline Hollywood tells us that the deals are done and everyone is moving forward with plans to shoot back-to-back films beginning in October.

DH says Summit is looking at "high-end" directors to take on the final installment, which in all likelihood means that neither Chris Weitz (New Moon) or David Slade (Eclipse) will be returning to the franchise. So, they'll have to find someone who's not only down with being tortured by Twi-hards for the next several months, but also someone who has enough room (and mental stamina) to shoot back-to-back movies. I recommend Uwe Boll, but something tells me they want someone with a little more ... class? However, that someone will be tasked with adapting a monster of a final book, and one that veers off in directions that may not be so appropriate for the younger viewers. That director -- as well as Summit -- will also have to keep in mind that the final film will need to come out PG-13, so look for a few changes to take place during the adaptation.

For more on adapting Breaking Dawn and the potential for CG characters, check out Monika's post from last month. You down with two films? Who would you fans like to see direct the final Twilight movies?

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U2's Larry Mullen, Jr. to Appear on 'The Cleveland Show'
Posted on Feb 12th 2010 10:00AM by John D. Luerssen
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U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. has landed two guest-starring roles on the second season of Fox-TV's 'Family Guy' spin-off, 'The Cleveland Show'. According to the BBC, Mullen got in touch with producers through a mutual friend and has now been cast as a mobster in one upcoming episode and an Elvis impersonator in another.

"He came in and we hung out for a couple of hours," said Mike Henry, who voices the show's principal character, Cleveland Brown. "We just recorded him doing a couple of different parts and he was very funny. It's a thrill for me to do all this. U2 is my favourite band of all time ... He's got his own studio so we just record it from Dublin. You don't have to record at a certain time. It's an easy gig and one that people like to do."

Outside of Mullen, other music stars have signed on for guest spots on the Seth MacFarlane-created series. Kanye West will voice a recurring character named Kenny West and will appear in a rap-off with Brown's son Cleveland Jr. before season one is out. According to Henry, he will also reprise the role in season two.

Meanwhile, Black Eyed Peas' and rapper T-Pain will also star as sidekicks of Cleveland Jr.'s in season two. Director David Lynch has also signed on for a role.|htmlws-main-n|dl9|link3|

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