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Friday, February 19, 2010


Merry meet my rfriends, sorry I haven't been writting I was sick off and on.I also went a got me a mini van. I have to start work on some wicca info for corkren,CA Jail. Snow sucks!.But I hope I get a call back for a job I interview at on wed.well heres the news.oh wish me luck in the HGTV dream home sweepsteaks!|htmlws-main-n|dl2|link5|

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Top Reasons Dogs and Cats Visit the Vet
by Jeanne Sager (Subscribe to Jeanne Sager's posts)
Feb 18th 2010 @ 5:00PM Filed Under: Dogs, Cats, Pet Health

Getty Images

Your dog's ears may be better at hearing than yours will ever be --- but taking care of them comes at a price.

According to an evaluation of veterinary claims filed with the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), canine ear infections were the leading cause of vet visits in the United States. In 2009 alone, VPI -- the company that insures almost half a million American pets -- received about 68,000 claims for ear related vet visits. The average cost per visit was $100.

Also among the company's top reasons for doggie vet visits were skin allergies at number two, followed by skin infection/hot spots, gastritis/vomiting and enteritis/diarrhea.

In cats, lower urinary tract disease was the most common concern -- the VPI counted 3,700 claims for cats with urinary issues, costing their owners an average of $260 a visit. The other common reasons felines went to the vet included gastritis/vomiting in the number two spot, followed by chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

The good news for pet owners? The most expensive conditions for cats and dogs fell below the top five.

Treating non-cancerous tumors cost an average of $335 per visit for dog owners, but was number nine on the list. While for cats, the costliest problem on the list was periodontitis/dental disease. It came in at number eight and cost an average of $360 per visit.

Many pet owners rely on the Internet to gather information about their pet's health. Following are the top 10 most-searched pet health conditions, according to AOL Search.

Top Searched Pet Health Conditions
1. Pet Skin Allergies
2. Pet Ear Infections
3. Pet Diarrhea
4. Pet Diabetes
5. Pet Skin Infections
6. Pet Rabies
7. Pet Hyperthyroidism
8. Pet Tumors
9. Pet Urinary Tract Disease
10. Pet Chronic Renal Failure

Tags: cats, dogs, ear infections, pet health, pet health insurance, PetHealth, vet visits, veterinary pet insurance|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link6||htmlws-main-n|dl5|link6|

8 Awesome People Who Died Single and Alone
Dating & Love
Valentine's Day is a holiday for couples. But also for studies about couples, local news stories about couples, and bitter rants by unlikable single women who write articles for the Internet.

I'm sans date this year, so I'm doing my part by providing the following list of awesome dead people who chose to die alone.

You think Pascal would have come up with his eponymous triangle if he was sitting around cuddling with his wife, swapping sections of the Sunday paper and making brunch plans? Would Elizabeth I have defeated the Spanish Armada if she was spooning? Would Da Vinci ever have invented helicopters if he was rolling around on a bearskin rug with somebody he felt deeply for? NO.

So, Beyoncé? Put a ring on my imaginary balls. Here's to you, unlovable cat people lone wolves!

Nikola Tesla
For a dude who spent a most of his time building massive, wang-shaped structures, Tesla seemed to prefer the company of physics and ballistics to penises and vagoos; his biographers pretty much concur that it's likely he died without ever having his Bifilar coil oscillated.

Though anecdotal evidence suggests that Tesla was hawwwwt, he was apparently never feeling it. In a 1926 interview with Colliers, he told a reporter, "There are the vast, desexualized armies of workers whose sole aim and happiness in life is hard work." Career girls take note: Put your job first, die alone, and get a sweet metal band named after you. Suck it, marrieds.

Emily Dickinson
Yeah, OK, when you think of Emily Dickinson you probably think of tragic, mentally unhinged unstable-y types. But scholars speculate that her candle may have burned at both ends, so to speak; she wrote impassioned letters to Susan Gilbert, a woman who would later marry her brother (ICE BURN, Susan), and exchanged effusive correspondence with Charles Wadsworth, a man she referred to often as only "my Philadelphia."

She died alone at 56, but she seemed cool with it -- when a friend had expressed concern over her solitude, she wrote that her dearest companions were "the Hills, sir, and the Sundown, and a Dog large as myself, that my Father bought me." Same here. You know, the hills. The sundown. Bourbon.

Jane Austen
If sexy movies and Wikipedia are to be believed, Austen was unceremoniously dumped at 20 by Tom Lefroy, a hot lawyer whose family didn't approve of her social station (sooooo Austen). Later on in life, she accepted the marriage proposal of a dorky family friend, but rescinded it the next morning. (Punch goggles?)

Ultimately, Jane never found anybody whom she liked who liked her back, and she Was Cool With This. In a letter to her niece, Jane wrote, "Anything is to be preferred or endured rather than marrying without Affection." Tom Lefroy later married a lady named Mary and called their first daughter Jane. Sucks to be you, Mary.

John Keats
The "Ode to a Nightingale" poet was once engaged to 18-year-old Fanny Brawne, despite the fact that her family disapproved of his poverty and tendency to cough chunks of lung into his hanky. They exchanged a lot of steamy letters (if not fluids), but Keats knew that the TB was a-going to get him and got sort of obsessed with the idea of dying, writing Fanny, "I have two luxuries to brood over in my walks: your loveliness and the hour of my death." (We girls love that dark sh**.)

When it was clear he was not going to have any kind of miraculous turnaround, he broke off the engagement and moved to Italy, where he died alone and penniless. Why? Because it was polite, that's why.

Katherine Anne Porter
If you haven't read Porter's "Pale Horse, Pale Rider," you're missing out on some of the most romantic/devastating fiction ever written. Porter herself (in the awesome hat at right) was a bit of a lady-cad in real life; a 28-year-old piece of grad student beefcake named Albert Erskine dumped her when he discovered that she wasn't his age after all -- she just looked remarkably young for almost 50 (GET IT, GIRL).

At that point, she took herself out of the game, and remained alone for the next 40 years ... with only a Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and a distinguished appointment to the American Academy of Arts and Letters to comfort her.

Alexander Pope
Yeah, I know -- the guy responsible for the phrase "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" was a lifelong bachelor. Knock me over with a GD feather! The poet and critic never married, but confessed in letters to shacking up with his best female friend, aristocrat Martha Blount, in a "scandalous manner" that included lots of bedhopping and sneaking around manors to sleep in each other's beds.

One wonders how long-term friends-with-benefits situations worked before the era of cabs and drunk dialing.

Eudora Welty
Another Pulitzer Prize–winning author, Welty was particularly dismissive of journalists who wanted to know why she never locked it down with anybody. She notably shut down a New York Times columnist by shrugging that marriage just "never came up." He might as well have asked her why she'd never gotten into "Heroes."

She confided in a letter to her friend Katherine Anne Porter (see above) that she was still a virgin in her 30s, to which her friend replied, "You always will be." That Katherine! Such a Samantha.

Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift should have been catnip to the ladies -- he was smart and funny, loved kids, had a sexy Irish accent and hated his job. Still, he remained unmarried his whole life -- but not for lack of trying. When he was 27, Swift fell in love with a woman named Jane Waring and asked her to marry him. He told her that if she wasn't into it, he would not only eff off, he would leave the damn country. AND HE DID! He then went on to write a hilarious essay about eating babies. Lesson: Jonathan Swift was awesome.

... and so is being single. Happy Valentine's!
Tags: bitterness - dying alone - DyingAlone - emily dickinson - EmilyDickinson - keats - single - tesla|htmlws-main-n|dl6|link4||htmlws-main-n|dl6|link6||htmlws-main-n|dl8|link3||htmlws-main-n|dl4|link4||htmlws-main-n|dl5|link3||htmlws-main-n|dl5|link4||htmlws-main-n|dl5|link6|

Maalox Mix-up: FDA Warns of Dangers From Picking Wrong Variety
By MELLY ALAZRAKI Posted 4:12 PM 02/18/10 Company News, Healthcare, Novartis
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How many times have you picked up an item at the supermarket, only to discover later that what you put in your cart wasn't quite what thought you were buying? Similar looking packages, key information in smaller print -- I don't know about you, but it happens to me more often than I'd like to admit.

Now, when it's just a matter of getting the wrong flavor or variety -- butterscotch pudding instead of vanilla, or 3% fat yogurt instead of 5% -- it's not that big a deal. But when unclear packaging means you're taking the wrong medication, it can be more than unpleasant -- it can be potentially harmful. That's why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers to make sure they're grabbing the right Maalox.

Novartis (NVS) sells several over-the-counter medications under the Maalox brand, and some varieties treat different symptoms using different active ingredients. In particular, the FDA warns of "potential serious side effects from mistakenly using Maalox Total Relief instead of other Maalox products as they contain different active ingredients."

Maalox Total Relief is intended to treat diarrhea, upset stomach associated with nausea, heartburn and gas due to overeating. Maalox's traditional liquid antacid products -- Maalox Advanced Regular Strength and Maalox Advanced Maximum Strength -- are for acid indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, upset stomach and gas.

"Serious Medication Errors"

Maalox Total Relief's active ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate, which is chemically related to aspirin and may cause similar harmful side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, the FDA said. That makes it inappropriate for individuals with a history of gastrointestinal ulcers or bleeding disorders, and it can have harmful interactions with blood thinners such as Plavix. The FDA lists other medications with which people should not take Maalox Total Relief, and specifies that children and teens shouldn't take it if they are recovering from viral infections.

There were at least five incidents of "serious medication errors" where people took Maalox Total Relief thinking it was Maalox antacid, the FDA warned.

Novartis has agreed to change the name of Maalox Total Relief to one that does not include the word "Maalox," and will change the drug's packaging to avoid further confusion. The renamed product is expected to begin selling in September 2010. Novartis will also conduct an educational campaign with consumers and health professionals and report adverse events associated with the use of Maalox brand products.

It will be interesting to see what name the Swiss drugmaker will choose for its rebranding of Maalox Total Relief, and how much its new marketing campaign for the product will cost. Regardless, for now, make sure that if you take Maalox, you're taking the right one for you.
Tagged: drugs, FDA, medicine|htmlws-main-n|dl8|link4|

2010 Customer Loyalty Brand Winners
posted Feb 18th 2010 1:16PM by Gina Nguyen

We all have brands that we trust and prefer to use over competing or generic brands out there, right? These brands have us coming back for more --securing our loyalty with each new purchase! A loyalty brand can really feel like a fierce addiction!

Each year, a company called Brand Keys determines Customer Loyalty Engagement Winners based on a Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index that analyzes customers' relationships with 518 brands in 71 different categories. Take a look at just some of the winners, below, and see if the loyalty brand winner for each category matches your own personal loyalties. For the entire list, visit Brand Keys.

In case you're a fan of a top loyalty brand listed, we've gone ahead and included a brand deal for you. We also dug up some information on when these brands got their start. Of course quality counts for brand loyalties, but what about years in the biz? We wanted to determine veteran versus newbie status!

Category: Athletic Footwear
WINNER: New Balance & Nike (tie)
Other Candidates: Air Jordan, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, Skechers, Fila

Nike Deal: Clearance of up to 50% off!
New Balance Deal: Take up to 65% off!

Veterans or Newbies?
Nike was founded in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports, an importer of Japanese shoes. It took the name Nike in 1971, making Nike a veteran! New Balance was founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. So, NB's more of a veteran!

Category: Computer (Laptop)
Other Candidates: Dell, Samsung, Sony VAIO, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Lenovo,
Gateway, Compaq, NEC, Panasonic

Apple Deal: Apple MacBooks in the $800s

Veteran or Newbie?
Established on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years, but dropped the word "Computer" on January 9, 2007. Apple is relatively new!

Category: Computer (Netbook)
WINNER: Acer & Samsung (tie)
Other Candidates: Toshiba, HP, Gateway, Dell,
Lenovo, Apple Air, Nokia, Sony VAIO

Acer Deal: Acer Aspire on sale for $298!
Samsung Deal: The NP-N110 for $380!

Veterans or Newbies?
In 1976, Acer began as Multitech, changing its name some years later. In 1997, Acer expanded its business by purchasing the Texas Instruments laptop division. Acer's a relative newbie in its field! In 1969, Samsung was founded, making it a veteran in the space. Did you know Samsung is now the world's largest electronics and technology company, producing a $117 billion bottomline last year?

Category: Cosmetics (Luxury)
WINNER: Estee Lauder
Other Candidates: Clinique, Chanel,
Lancome, Shiseido

Estee Lauder Deal: Free shipping with code: FIRSTORDER2(expires 2/28/10)

Veteran or Newbie?
Established in 1946 as a family-run business, Estee Lauder is now one of the world's leading beauty manufacturers -- a veteran, for sure!

Category: Cosmetics
(Mass Merchandiser)
WINNER: Mary Kay
Other Candidates: Maybelline, L'Oreal, CoverGirl,
Revlon, Max Factor, Neutrogena, Avon, Almay,
Sephora, Rimmel, Coty

Mary Kay Deal: Timewise Miracle Set for 25% off

Veteran or Newbie?
Mary Kay Ash founded Mary Kay Inc. on September's Friday the 13th in 1963. Not at all an unlucky move for the now top beauty veteran!

Category: Retail Store (Apparel)
Other Candidates: Victoria's Secret, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, PacSun, Old Navy

JCrew Deal: Extra 20% off JCrew Final Sale with code: EXTRA20(deal good through 2/21)

Veteran or Newbie?
JCrew launched in 1983 as a mail order catalog for casual men's and women's clothing. Founder Arthur Cinader and his daughter expanded JCrew into a brick and mortar store in 1989 with its first store in New York City. In 1996, the company offered online ordering through its website, providing preppy, classic styles to Americans everywhere. With a start in the early 80's, we're considering this brand a newbie!

Category: Digital SLR Camera
Winner: Canon & Nikon (tie)
Other Candidates: Fuji, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Pentax

Canon Deal: Canon Rebel XS 10.1 MP DSLR Camera with Lens for $499 (regularly $669)
Nikon Deal: Nikon D500 12.3 MP DX DSLR Camera with Lens for $846

Veterans or Newbies?
Canon Inc. had its start in 1937 and produced Japan's first ever 35 mm camera. This veteran has made a name for itself in the world of business and consumer imaging products. Nikon Corporation, also a veteran, is a 93 year old brand. It was founded in 1917. Did you know Nikon's first camera was used to cover the Korean War? In 1991, this company also created some of the first digital SLRs for NASA.

Category: Smart Phone
Winner: Apple
Other Candidates: Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Palm, Motorola

Apple Deal: Apple iPhone Unlocked 4GB Cell Phone 2G Factory Refurbished Phone for $299.98

Veteran or Newbie?
Apple launched the iPhone on June 29, 2007 and since then, customers have lined up for every new release. Compare Apple to Blackberry whose first device was sold in 1999. Its status then is a newbie.

Category: HDTV (Plasma)
Winner: Samsung
Other Candidates: LG, Sony, Pioneer, Hitachi, Toshiba, Philips, Panasonic, Insignia

Samsung Deal: Free Shipping on $959 PN50B550 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV (regularly 1,399.99)

Veteran or Newbie?
Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969. By 1981, Samsung had manufactured over 10 million black and white TVs. Today, they are a leader in the world of HDTVs.

Your turn to speak up! Agree with the list or have a different opinion? What brands are you loyal to and why? See if people agree with you by checking out the comments below!

If you want to see the full list of 2010 Customer Loyalty Brand Winners, click here.


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Google Making Money off Typos
Posted Feb 18th 2010 1:30PM by Mark Fightmaster
Filed under: Google (GOOG)


A new study shows that Google (GOOG) may be profiting from typosquatting, NewScientist's Tech page reports. Typosquatting is the act of registering or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from someone else's trademark. Typosquatting is when someone registers a domain name, hoping for typos from those looking to go to certain domains. This action is based on common misspellings, typing errors, a different domain name, or a different top-level domain.

Here is the thing about typosquatting, if people make a mistake enough times, the typosquatter could profit thanks to ads placed on their page. How many times have you accidentally typed a domain name that is a letter off of the original? Or what about a flat-out typo? You are sent to a page that looks like a search page, except that it has sponsored ads that will make the site money if you follow the link. What is interesting is that Google maybe also be profiting from this.

Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman from Harvard estimated that Google has sponsored ads on nearly 60% of typosquatters' sites. Combine this with the fact that as many as 68 million people hit a typosquatter site per day and Google could earn $497 million per year from typo domains, according to the duo's research.

Is this legal? Yes. Google told NewScientist that it will remove ads from typosquatter sites if the owners of the trademarked site complain. It should be noted that Edelman is co-counsel on a lawsuit from a firm that is seeking damages from Google because its advertisements were on a typo domain that targeted a claimant's website.

What do you think -- is this practice ethical? Does this practice raise some interesting moral questions? For what it is worth, Edelman tells NewScientist that he is "not doing it for the money ... I'm doing it because it is important." I bet Google and the typosquatters may argue the point.
Tags: cybersquatting, goog, online ads, online advertising, typosquatting|htmlws-main-n|dl8|link6|

Kristen Stewart Talks 'Breaking Dawn'
by Todd Gilchrist Feb 19th 2010 // 9:45AM

Filed under: RumorMonger, Fandom

Kristen Stewart, star of the upcoming drama The Yellow Handkerchief, told reporters that she's unsure exactly what her next project will be, but thinks that Breaking Dawn, the fourth Twilight installment, will start shooting later this year. "Probably November," she revealed Thursday during a roundtable interview in Los Angeles. "But I don't know if it's going to be one or two [movies]."

In the last several weeks rumors abounded that the next installment of the blockbuster film series would be broken into two parts. Stewart confessed that she thought it would be a good idea given the volume of material in Stephenie Meyer's book. "I can't imagine they wouldn't want [to make two]," she said. "The story so completely warrants two films and it would be really disappointing to have to be able to go, okay, we have to lose this sequence and this scene and this sequence. So I would like to do two movies, but I to be completely honest don't know what they're going to do."

The Yellow Handkerchief, which also stars William Hurt, Eddie Redmayne and Maria Bello, opens in limited release on February 26, 2010.

Tags: breaking dawn, BreakingDawn, Eddie Redmayne, EddieRedmayne, featured, kristen stewart, KristenStewart, maria bello, MariaBello, the yellow handkerchief, TheYellowHandkerchief, twilight, william hurt, WilliamHurt

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'Eclipse' Pics: Lip Locking, Bella & Edward's Almost-Sex, and Violence
by Monika Bartyzel Feb 16th 2010 // 3:45PM

Filed under: Drama, Romance, Remakes and Sequels, Images

UPDATE: Sorry folks, the images were leaked and weren't supposed to be online yet. As such, Summit Entertainment has asked us to remove them. We'll re-post when given the all clear. The above image is currently the only approved image for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Get ready to change your pants, Twihards! The Eclipse inundation has started with lots of hot and steamy lip action between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). It starts off with laughter in that meadow the two lovebirds always return to, but quickly devolves into a sexy flip-book of ever-increasing sauciness. Considering the lushness of the pillows behind them, the middle pictures (all in our gallery below) must be in Edward's new bed, either when he tries to extol the virtues of said bed, or when Bella tries to seduce him to get some human sex. There are kisses, leg grabs, and bared chesticles.

And, because Stephenie Meyer's little vampiric romance loves to mix the creepy in with the lust, these pics are attached with a shot of Riley (Xavier Samuel) and Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) ready to rip Edward's head off. Yeah, I know. That's not part of the book. It looks like the powers that be wanted Edward to be in more risque danger and here he is, with Riley ready to rip off an arm and Victoria ready to decapitate. It could just be a dream ruse, but considering the floundering Edward was in New Moon, I'm not holding my breath. They like to ignore his mindreading and make him a lame fighter on-screen.

So, Twi-hards, what do you think of the footage thus far? Do you have to take a minute to compose yourselves? Are you mourning the new, wigged Victoria? Weigh in below.

(And Jacob does represent in this little series of pics: His little carved wolf charm is visible in at least one picture.)
Razzies Nominate 'New Moon' and Sandra Bullock as Worst of 2009
by Christopher Campbell Feb 1st 2010 // 11:12AM

Filed under: Awards, Newsstand

What was the worst movie of 2009? According to the Razzie Award nominations, which were announced this morning, the five contenders for that title are G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Old Dogs, Land of the Lost, Transformers: Rise of the Fallen and All About Steve. That last film also featured one of the worst actresses of 2009: Sandra Bullock, who has otherwise had a more honorable year with Best Actress wins at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards (and an expected Oscar nomination, to be announced tomorrow morning) for her dramatic turn in The Blind Side and a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for The Proposal. Her competition for the Razzie includes Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker and Megan Fox (for both Jennifer's Body and the Transformers sequel).

Worst lead male performances of the year came from Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and all three Jonas Brothers, who share a nomination for their eponymous 3-D concert film (did they not just appear as themselves?). The Jonas' are also up for the Razzie for Worst Screen Couple, where their challengers include Kristen Stewart and "EITHER Robert Pattinson OR Taylor Whatz-His-Fang." Twilight fans will be furious to learn Pattinson is up for Worst Supporting Actor and New Moon is nominated for Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel and Worst Screenplay, too. Surprisingly, the first film in the franchise avoided any nominations last year.

For this special 30th-anniversary year, the Razzies will also (dis)honor the worst of the past decade. Film nominees include Battlefield Earth, Freddy Got Fingered, Gigli, I Know Who Killed Me and the Guy Ritchie-directed Swept Away remake. Worst actor and actresses of the decade include Rob Schneider, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Check out a full list of nominees after the jump.

All About Steve
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Land of the Lost
Old Dogs
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

All Three Jonas Brothers (Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience)
Will Ferrell (Land of the Lost)
Steve Martin (Pink Panther 2)
Eddie Murphy (Imagine That)
John Travolta (Old Dogs)

Beyonce (Obsessed)
Sandra Bullock (All About Steve
Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie)
Megan Fox (Jennifer's Body and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
Sarah Jessica Parker (Did You Hear About the Morgans?)

Any Two (or More) Jonas Brothers (Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience)
Sandra Bullock & Bradley Cooper (All About Steve)
Will Ferrell & Any Co-Star, Creature or "Comic Riff" (Land of the Lost)
Shia LeBouf & EITHER Megan Fox OR Any Transformer (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
Kristin Stewart & EITHER Robert Pattinson OR Taylor Whatz-His-Fang (Twilight Saga: New Moon)

Candice Bergen (Bride Wars)
Ali Larter (Obsessed)
Sienna Miller (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
Kelly Preston (Old Dogs)
Julie White (as Mom) (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, or "Trannies, Too")

Billy Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie)
Hugh Heffner (as Himself) (Miss March)
Robert Pattinson (Twilight Saga: New Moon)
Jorma Taccone (as Cha-Ka) (Land of the Lost)
Marlon Wayans (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

(Combined Category for 2009)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Land of the Lost
Pink Panther 2 (A Rip-Off of a Sequel to a Remake)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Twilight Saga: New Moon

Michael Bay ("Trannies, Too")
Walt Becker (Old Dogs)
Brad Silberling (Land of the Lost)
Stephen Sommers (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
Phil Traill (All About Steve)

All About Steve, Screenplay by Kim Barker
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Screenplay by Stuart Beattie and David Elliot & Paul Lovett, Based on Hasbro's G.I. JOE® Characters.
Land of the Lost, Written by Chris Henchy & Dennis McNicholas, Based on Sid & Marty Krofft's TV Series
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Written by Ehren Kruger & Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, Based on Hasbro's Transformers Action Figures
Twilight Saga: New Moon, Screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, Based on the Novel by Stephenie Meyer

(3 Special 30th RAZZIE-versary Awardz)
Battlefield Earth - Nominated for 10 RAZZIES® / "Winner" of 8 (Including Worst Drama of Our First 25 Yrs)
Freddy Got Fingered - Nominated for 9 RAZZIES® / "Winner" of 5
Gigli - Nominated for 10 RAZZIES® / "Winner" of 7 (Including Worst Comedy of Our First 25 Yrs)
I Know Who Killed Me - Nominated for 9 RAZZIES® / "Winner" of 8
Swept Away - Nominated for 9 RAZZIES® / "Winner" of 5

Ben Affleck (Nominated for 9 "Achievements," "Winner" of 2 RAZZIES®)
Eddie Murphy (Nominated for 12 "Achievements," "Winner" of 3 RAZZIES®)
Mike Myers (Nominated for 4 "Achievements," "Winner" of 2 RAZZIES®)
Rob Schneider (Nominated for 6 "Achievements," "Winner" of 1 RAZZIE®)
John Travolta (Nominated for 6 "Achievements," "Winner" of 3 RAZZIES®)

Mariah Carey (The Single Biggest Individual Vote Getter of the Decade: 70+% of ALL Votes for Worst Actress of 2001)
Paris Hilton (Nominated for 5 "Achievements," "Winner" of 4 RAZZIES®)
Lindsay Lohan (Nominated for 5 "Achievements," "Winner" of 3 RAZZIES®)
Jennifer Lopez (Nominated for 9 "Achievements," "Winner" of 2 RAZZIES®)
Madonna (Nominated for 6 "Achievements,""Winner" of 4 RAZZIES®)

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Go to for the complete listing and we have several others in the works, along with credits for some courses already taken. Our class list grows monthly, so keep checking the main seminary page that has the list of course. If you know someone who you feel would be an appropriate instructor for any course, please first go to to look at the course submission guidelines, then send your idea and outline to

Please also keep your eyes peeled for our new courses. If you are taking a course, remember that when it's done, you need to email me your essay or I can't send out your certificate. The essays are posted on If you have submitted your essay, but not gotten your degree, look for your essay there. If you find it, then your essay has been processed and the certificate should be on its way. If it was posted awhile ago and you don't have it, let me know please so I can re-issue you one for you.

Seminary Information:

The new book, MORE Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage is available for purchase. It's an amazing book.

If you need ceremonies for a divorce, pet funeral, more wedding things, more funerals, etc., this is the book for you. It's a great stand alone book or it can be used with the first volume of ceremonies bearing most of the same name.

This(above) is supposed to be the link. The links have been acting funky lately, so if it doesn't work, go to the church store and you'll find it in the 'complete catalog' or it may also be on a big link on the front page.

The church store is at We've been updating our shopping cart so now you can fill-in the boxes and we have more choices in the drop-down menus. Our cardmaker has been very busy creating new and interesting cards.

To join the seminary, go to From that page, you will find information about each class and a link to apply to be a student. Thistakes only a few minutes to do and, once entered into the database, you'll start receiving emails every two weeks with samples of courses and other information.

Below is an essay from one of the students of the Master of Religious Philosophy Course. I will periodically be including some of the essays to give you an idea of what the courses are about and to determine what might be of interest.

Dr. of Spirituality

Final Essay – The Miracle of Prayer

Rev. Terri Zastovnik

As I reflect on my life and its circumstances over the course of the last year and since the beginning of this course I have learned that the power of prayer truly does bring miracles.

I have always felt that my prayer life was stable and that God truly does answer my prayers. In my earlier years as a young Christian I would find myself asking why God wasn't answering. Patience is but a virtue ...we all know that, but as humans we fall short daily with a common fault …lack of patience. And secondly, I would find myself questioning why my prayers weren't always answered with what I had put my faith in.

Through this course I have learned so much more about my own prayer life. How consistent is it? What do I put into it? Am I offering thanks and praise to the Lord for the blessings that He has bestowed upon me? Am I thanking him for meeting my needs according to his word before receiving those blessings?

A few years ago I purchased a small box for my husband. He was battling an illness and through it found his faith to be faltering. I asked him to pray with thanksgiving in his heart and to write those prayers/prayer requests down, put them in the box and leave them in God's hands. At the end of that year we went back through the box and to his amazement saw how God did bless and answer his prayers. As a Hospice Chaplain I do the same with my patients and their family members. I have also begun an exercise with those that I serve that incorporate a "gratitude list" in their daily prayer life. By using these techniques my patients are more able to find peace and thanksgiving even in the midst of a terminal illness.

I also found myself asking "Have I truly forgiven myself as Jesus has? I have lived to believe that in order to be forgiven we must first forgive ourselves. In order to love others we must first love ourselves. We are God's children and he loves us unconditionally. Unfortunately, we live in an earthy world full of sin. We struggle at times in the midst of this stressful world with who we truly are as God's children. With the pressures of life in all of its demands and judgment we perceive ourselves as less than worthy. As children of God we have to constantly remind ourselves that although forgiveness from others is at times less than easily obtained – we ultimately are forgiven. Our Father in Heaven has offered us the most precious gift through His son Jesus Christ. Because of Him, His ultimate love and mercy we are free. As I work with my patients, their loved ones and even my own loved ones I try to instill in them the truth that they are free. I teach them to forgive others as well as themselves. I ask them to take unforgiveness and doubt to our Father asking that the Holy Spirit offer us strength and courage. Many find that when they can lay this at the foot of the cross once and for all that they can come to peace. In my experiences as a Hospice Chaplain, I have witnessed the difference in death experiences with patients who pass with unresolved issues as compared to those who have found peace. Those who have found resolve with relationships and with themselves tend to pass more peacefully than those who don't. I see it in other situations as well. Those who know and understand that they are forgiven and can forgive others are in general happier more relaxed individuals.

In conclusion, through the teachings of this course my overall prayer life has changed. I find myself in constant communication with my Father in Heaven. My day is very stressful with my incredible workload, my ongoing battle with my illness and with the demands of being the only source of income in my home, but I can truly say that because of my increased prayer life I can face each day with renewed confidence and peace. My ministry has strengthened and I see a more powerful positive difference in the way that I serve the Lord in the lives of others. I continue to live by a few important principals – 1) I am forgiven because of Christ's ultimate love for me; 2) I am nothing without God; and 3) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Rev. Dr. Terri M. Zastovnik Do you know:

The Dr. of Spiritual Development is one of our newest courses and is fascinating. We are looking at a chaplaincy course as well.

After you've been ordained, even if you've lost or misplaced your credential, you are still ordained. You can confirm your ordination by writing to

We have a terrific forum where you can join in interesting discussions with other ministers?


From time to time, we have the Bachelor of Divinity and the Master of Divinity degrees available, along with their respective cards. They aren't offered very often or for very long, so keep an eye out.

Our membership certificates are on sale. You aren't required to have one, but for those who ask, it does show that you are indeed a member of the ULC Seminary. It's also great to show your pride of membership.

Consider ordering the Instant Ministry.

You'll be prepared for any ceremony request and will be able to perform in an educated and professional manner.

Please check out our card product video by clicking here.

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Stories & Sermons

We're always looking to hear your sermons, poetry and Stories. Tell us about your wedding or funeral experiences or how you came to the church.

Take a look at the spiritual sermon section. We have weekly mailings full of interesting essays and mini-courses. Well worth your time to read.

Keep an eye out for the ID cards for the courses offered by headquarters. We have quite a few up already with more on the way.


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Paganism / Wiccan

Paganism / Wiccan
Pagan Living

From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan
This week, we're looking at a Colorado senator who Twitters his double standards when it comes to religious freedoms, the question of whether religious questions are throwing off Britain's census data, and an extensive look at the religious and philosophical beliefs of our founding fathers. Also, this week's hottest articles are on how to make your own Tarot cards, and whether or not one can be a Christian Wiccan or witch. Have a magical week, and don't forget to take a look at our catalog of free online classes!

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Colorado Senator "Foggy" on Tolerance

The Colorado Independent has a great editorial from John Tomasic, who questions Senator Dave Schultheis about that whole religious tolerance thing. Schultheis -- like many other politicians -- has a Twitter account on which he recently bemoaned the plight of a Christian girl in Egypt, who is apparently being treated unfairly by the Muslims around her. Then, just twenty-odd minutes later, Schultheis Tweeted his clear displeasure about Wiccans and Pagans getting a place to worship at the Air Force Academy, asking, "Where does it end?" Where, indeed? Perhaps it will end when all religious groups are ... Read more

Margot Adler to Lecture in Stockton

If you're in California, or planning to be next week, author Margot Adler will be hosting a lecture at the Long Theatre at University of the Pacific on Tuesday, February 16. Adler is the author of Drawing Down the Moon, one of the books every Pagan should try to read, and has been a journalist and host at NPR for many years. She's also going to be signing books after the presentation. For more info about the... Read more

How Christian Were Our Founding Fathers?

One of the arguments that religious fundamentalists tend to throw out with alarming regularity is that the United States was founded by Christians, therefore the country is a Christian nation, therefore, all people must allow for Christianity to be present in all aspects of law, goverment, education, and so forth. Typically, the simplest response to this logic -- for me, at least -- has been, "Uh, no, the founding fathers were actually deists who supported a separation of church and state." Now, however, there's a nifty -- and extensively detailed -- piece in the magazine section of...Read More

Religious Questions Throw of UK Census Data

Here's an interesting one from the UK. Apparently the 2011 census in Britain will be the last one done for a while, because some rather open-ended questions seem to be skewing the data, according to the Office of National Statistics. Rapid shifts in demographics -- particularly the large influx of emigrants to the UK -- render the census data obsolete fairly quickly, so the ONS is considering changing their system to one in which they would use existing records. Data from tax assessments, medical records and so forth might be... Read More

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This is an announcement, If you have ever been uncomfortable.... You do not need to experience this discomfort anymore.

It has come up again and again that one of our members has made people uncomfortable and I have lightly addressed it but tried not to interfere too much. I want members to ALWAYS feel that they can talk about anything. Someone who interrupted and interjected with off topic information quite often has decided to quit the group. This gentleman will no longer attend and anyone who felt uncomfortable or even choose not to attend because of this conflict can now feel rest assured, your calm presence is desired and respected.

Metaphysics, Psychic Powers, Sensitivity and other subjects we cover are very personal and a nonconfrontational, safe environment are preferred and desirable.

Thank You for understanding.

Our calendar is pretty full with more Tolle lessons, a party, Jennie will be a guest speaker and our Tarot classes. We added voice recordings of our meetings and a Group of Teachings for Sunday..... All for you, Our members.

Check it out!

What: The Springville Metaphysical Group - open subject

When: Saturday, February 27, 2010 5:00 PM

Art City Coffee
484 S. 1750 W. ste D Freeway exit 260 - Behind Del Taco in Walmart Plaza ... (Google map is wrong)
Springville, UT 84663
801 489 3600

This week is an open discussion.

Steve has quit the group. He was going to host this week's subject and talk about the voices and conflict he has in his head regarding Aliens. Since this is no longer an option, we will talk about whatever comes up.

Normally, the basic framework is to start with an opening discussion of the subject of the week. Members can add their personal experiences on the subject being discussed and usually do. Then after our discussion, a 5 to 10 minute meditation so we all come closer to a calmer and clearer mindset as we leave.

The hour and a half is usually very short for the conversations we have and it moves quickly.

We have a very upbeat group of positive and talented people.


Learn more here:

This message was sent by Christopher Rumfield ( from The Springville Metaphysical and Law Of Attraction Group..
To learn more about Christopher Rumfield, visit his/her member profile
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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668 | Christopher Rumfield sent you this message from The Springville
Metaphysical and Law Of Attraction Group. on Meetup:

"Jenny said she will talk on the 2012 stuff because she knows a
lot about it.

Are you interested in sharing what you know about the crop
circles on that or another meetup?

I know a little but what I know is mostly rumor... I don't
know much regarding the alien aspect... at least not enough to
fill an entire meetup group. :-)


To see Christopher Rumfield's profile, go here:

If you feel this was inappropriate you can block Christopher
Rumfield from contacting you by clicking here: (or
forward this email to

Add to your address book to receive all Meetup

To manage your email settings, go to:
Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

Announcing a new Meetup for The Church of the Sacred Circle Meetup!

What: Charmed Goddesses

When: Sunday, February 21, 2010 2:00 PM

Avalon's Home
7752 Steffensen Dr
Cottonwood Heights , UT 84121

We will be making our own healing candles to use and burn when we need support and healing.
We will also be discussing and demonstrating how to do candle spells. Since this is our Charmed Goddesses group, it is for our female members only, sorry guys!

Sacred Circle will provide wax, wicks, candle coloring pigment

Participants will bring their own candle molds (such as empty shampoo bottles for pillar candles) and will
need to bring things to add to their own candles such as essential oils, stones or charms for healing.

Please note, this will be held at Pamela's home. Please bring a potluck dish to share.

Goddess: Brighid

Learn more here:

Please Note: If you hit "REPLY", your message will be sent to everyone on this mailing list (
This message was sent by Heron ( from The Church of the Sacred Circle Meetup.
To learn more about Heron, visit his/her member profile
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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668 | Rochelle Moore sent a message to the members of WITCH - By Rochelle Moore (autobiographical book).

Subject: WITCH - gwack,wise one...ancient and gothic literature

Hi this is a very interesting read and link (photos on main wall of group)
join in

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

Find people from your AOL address book on Facebook! Go to:

This message was intended for Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:
Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.Misty Wood sent a message to the members of Talking Tarot and other Spiritual techniques.

Subject: A Wiccan prayer for Spiritual Renewal

Dear Ancient Ones,

In your honor, to seek your love and guidance, I am here in sacred space. I pray for spiritual renewal.

Please grant me the gifts of patience and kindness,hope and reverence, May I be healed from past pain and open my heart to new life, new love.
I pray, enable me to move on, move forward. To see the beauty of your ways and experience divinity daily through all things living and with spirit

Thank you, and Blessed Be!

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

Find people from your AOL address book on Facebook! Go to:

This message was intended for Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook or have these delivered to your phone via SMS? Go to:
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Special Update....................

It's hard to find a friend who is:
96% Talented
97% Funny
98% Loving
99% Intelligent
100% Sweet
So ......................

Don't lose me, okay?

Thank You,

Think about what you are doing... All the time.
Meetup Reminder
Club des Vampires Utah Chapter Meetup Group
Your group has a Meetup tomorrow!
You still need to RSVP.
O-Town Meetup


Thursday, February 18, 2010 6:00 PM

5 Yes / 5 Maybe

Grounds For Coffee
111 25th Street
Ogden UT 84401




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"Fun people, coffee, laughter."
— kailover

"to have community with others of our ilk"
— michael

Learn more about this Meetup

Meetup Description
Hello, everyone!

Please note that our next meetup is scheduled for Thursday, February 18th at 6 pm.
We'll chat over coffee, about whatever is on your minds.
Hope to see y'all then!

Please see the summer camping discussion and give me your input. If you have other ideas for meetups, email me or Mike - we're open to ideas!

~Carpe Noctum~


Add to your address book to receive all Meetup emails

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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

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A message to all members of Vampire Community News
Jonathan Sharkey's Teen Girlfriend Taken Into Custody By Faribault Police

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Meetup Reminder
The Church of the Sacred Circle Meetup
Your group has a Meetup tomorrow!
You still need to RSVP.
Crystal Allies Gem Club


Friday, February 19, 2010 7:00 PM

10 Yes / 3 Maybe

Sacred Circle Temple
3464 W 3800 South
Salt Lake City UT 84119




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"I always feel like I belong with this group!"
— Emerald Fae

"Good place for beginners and seekers, also children are welcome."
— April Love

Learn more about this Meetup

Meetup Description

Come and learn all about the different attributes of
different stones, crystals, quartz and all manner of stone
energy work!! Bring your own stones and knowledge to share
with everyone.

Bring snacks and drink to share too.

Facilitated by Demetria

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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

You are cordially invited to take part in this Limited Engagement.

The First Ever...
Highly Anticipated. ..

Rooftop Ice Skating, Tea, Coffee & Pastry Tasting, Party & Social Mixer

You asked for it. Now you have the opportunity to sample the different coffee
and tea available through Yggdresil Tea of Life and curbsidecoffee. net.

We have reserved a Rooftop Ice Skating Rink just for the event. How often do you get to have fun like this?

Bring a date...
Bring a friend...
Bring the family...

Kids Enter Free. We have skates in all sizes. Hot Chocolate available for the Kids.

The Event will be Thursday, Feb 25 6:00 - 10:00 PM

310 West 11000
South Jordan Heights, UT 84095


Bright Blessings



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You are cordially invited to take part in this Limited Engagement.

The First Ever...
Highly Anticipated. ..

Rooftop Ice Skating, Tea, Coffee & Pastry Tasting, Party & Social Mixer

You asked for it. Now you have the opportunity to sample the different coffee
and tea available through Yggdresil Tea of Life and curbsidecoffee. net.

We have reserved a Rooftop Ice Skating Rink just for the event. How often do you get to have fun like this?

Bring a date...
Bring a friend...
Bring the family...

Kids Enter Free. We have skates in all sizes. Hot Chocolate available for the Kids.

The Event will be Thursday, Feb 25 6:00 - 10:00 PM

310 West 11000
South Jordan Heights, UT 84095


Bright Blessings



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The Utah Good Witches Meetup
Your group has a Meetup Friday, March 5, 2010 12:00 AM!
ALICE IN WONDERLAND ~ Midnight showing !!


Friday, March 5, 2010 12:00 AM

13 Yes / 0 Maybe

Jordan Commons
9335 S State St
Sandy UT 84070




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"Great. Enjoyed it much."
— Dineh

"Because life is all about showing up."
— Russell

Learn more about this Meetup

Meetup Description
Get dressed up like the characters (or not) and meet at the show for a very important date !!

From Walt Disney Pictures and visionary director Tim Burton comes an epic 3D fantasy adventure ALICE IN WONDERLAND, a magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time. JOHNNY DEPP stars as the Mad Hatter and MIA WASIKOWSKA as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror. The all-star cast also includes ANNE HATHAWAY, HELENA BONHAM CARTER and CRISPIN GLOVER.

Capturing the wonder of Lewis Carroll’s beloved “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (1865) and “Through the Looking-Glass” (1871) with stunning, avant-garde visuals and the most charismatic characters in literary history, ALICE IN WONDERLAND comes to the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™ on March 5, 2010.

Get your tickets for the IMAX in Jordan Commons !!

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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668


Misty Wood sent a message to the members of Talking Tarot and other Spiritual techniques.

Subject: A friendship blessing.

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.

May all life's... passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!;;

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Rochelle Moore sent a message to the members of BEYOND THE THIRD EYE Rochelle Moore (book/group)THE PARANORMAL ENCYCLOPEDIA.

Subject: topic for this week in discussion forum - THE ORIGINS OF GHOSTS & SPIRITS - chapter 6 from my book B

We take a look back at one of the most famous poetic pieces in history - with a lean towards the subject of ECTOPLASM

all welcome
author - beyond the third eye

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Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.Lena Frazier Midkiff sent a message to the members of Witchcraft, The Old Religion.

Subject: Support Larry Midkiff

As most of you know my name is Lena Frazier Midkiff, wife of Larry Midkiff and he is being accused of something that he just did not do and this will be proven however in the mean my son Brian Johnson Frazier made a group in honor of my husband please join and support the cause to prove Larry's innocence. I have posted the link, and also read the topic that I posted on the discussion board. Thank you all for taking the time to support my husband..
Many blessings
Mrs. Larry Midkiff!/group.php?gid=345127840902

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Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304. Meetup Reminder
The Springville Metaphysical and Law Of Attraction Group.
Your group has a Meetup tomorrow!
You RSVPed Yes.
The Springville Metaphysical Meetup Group - Build Law of Attraction "The Secret"


Saturday, February 20, 2010 5:00 PM

10 Yes / 0 Maybe
There's still room for 20 more.

Art City Coffee
484 S. 1750 W. ste D Freeway exit 260 - Behind Del Taco in Walmart Plaza ... (Google map is wrong)
Springville UT 84663
801 489 3600

Update your RSVP
Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

"Because everyone needs some postive light in their life."
— Shelley

"Any positive influence in your life is beneficial"
— Anne Rumfield

Learn more about this Meetup

Meetup Description
Let's talk about the power of the Law of Attraction, Experience, Intentions plus the action of Divine Laws. We will have an exercise near the end of the session to put it in practice.... as a group. :-)

Basically Like a workshop.

The basic framework is to start with an opening discussion of the subject of the week. Members can add their personal experiences on the subject being discussed and usually do. Then after our discussion, a 5 to 10 minute meditation so we all come closer to a calmer and clearer mindset as we leave.

The hour and a half is usually very short for the conversations we have and it moves quickly.

We have a very upbeat group of positive and talented people.


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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

Reminder from: supaganalliance Yahoo! Group

Title: Witches' Brew

Date: Sunday February 21, 2010
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the third Sunday.
Location: Starbuck's at Barnes and Noble
Street: Red Cliffs Mall
City State Zip: St George, UT

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__,_._,___ Meetup Announcement
The Church of the Sacred Circle Meetup
Your group has a Meetup Friday, March 5, 2010 7:00 PM!
Game Night


Friday, March 5, 2010 7:00 PM

12 Yes / 2 Maybe

Sacred Circle Temple
3464 W 3800 South
Salt Lake City UT 84119




Here's what people are saying about this Meetup Group

— Conner

"Good place for beginners and seekers, also children are welcome."
— April Love

Learn more about this Meetup

Meetup Description
Come bring your family to have a fun filled night with various games
(bunco,board games ect)! Bring your own games , snacks and drinks
to share!

Come commune with community !

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Meetup, PO Box 4668 #37895 New York, New York 10163-4668

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