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Sunday, July 7, 2013

more 4th fun

Charlene Norton yes,yes I understand I can't even pay for TP right now
So true.

Charlene Norton Annie Glyer Being poor is more than worrying about paying rent, about having to ride the bus, about having to eat unhealthy food. It's about feeling like a second class citizen. It's about the reality that you will die sooner. And society doesn't care.
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Hidai Ca'amal well put, your invisible.
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Monty Ferbert Your what you believe you are and how you think. It's what you do with the tools you have .
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Annie Glyer You are obviously not poor, Monty.
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Joe H Woods Monty Ferbert, you can't think food on the table, if you have no tools, there's none to use. You don't understand living in poverty.
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Patricia Kirby To be sick and poor is worse...
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Jeremy Larson I've found society stares actually. And looks down upon you. Occasionally giving you words of encouragement, but not much else. If you try to rise up, and fight for change, I've found there are people right along side you, living in worse conditions, that will try to fight you on it, and try to prevent you from changing anything. Why? Stockholm syndrome? I don't understand it. I suppose it's one way of learning who your friends and who your enemies really are, and where their loyalties lie, when you try to form a union, or advocate for better wages and/or working conditions.
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Hugh McElroy some of society cares. The denomination I am with was founded with a mission specifically to all poor. They have somewhat drifted from that but are beginning to make a return to their roots.
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Cash Martin Lee Frost No Monty, not in this society.
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Jeremy Larson The poor are considered greedy when they try to fight for better wages. The wealthy are admired, on the other hand, when they do the same for themselves. And no amount greater is too much for the wealthy, and no amount is too little for the poor. $0.10/hr. BE GREATFUL... if your poor. $20,000,000 bonus if your rich.. that's great.. but imagine if it was $40,000,000 next year.. everyone smiles and laughs and thinks how great that would be for them, no matter the cost to everyone else, especially the poor.
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Kevin T Cullip Well said Annie.
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Martie Behrens ...and the republicans areNOT 'tone-deaf', they DON'T CARE. period. i believe there are (because I am one) people who were RAISED, taught manners, and taught the difference between right and wrong. I was taught that goodness of heart doesn't come from having money, it comes from working every day to BE a good person. I am one of the people who DO care, would never look down on someone who is struggling and do NOT admire the wealthy..(like the repulsive romney?? NO WAY!) I always wish I could do more,help more....republicans have no soul,no compassion, no sympathy, no empathy, no ability to feel shame or guilt.
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Karla Petersen Hello, I get what Monty is saying: poverty is a state of a man/woman thinks, so is she/he...yet, I thoroughly understand Annie, she is where she is, living her reality. Dealing with reality is what can get us beyond/through. I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS over us! Love you and praying.
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Karla Petersen I care, Annie!
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Francine Shacter That is the real horror: in this land of plenty, the wealthy feel no connection to those who are not wealthy and that is pretty awful!
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Christina Constance There is nothing more humiliating than going down to file for Social Assistance other than having to speak to one of the "case managers" on the phone because they have lost your paperwork for the hundredth time and being judged by her because you don't have a computer, yet alone a computer with a scanner, to get the paperwork to her via pc. Because, it's a complete disgrace to be poor, in need, to these " workers" who are suppose to help you. It's an abomination to be poor, in need, and not own a traditional computer and have your phone shut off. I have never been treated with such disgust and disrespect in my life. If not for my young children I would gladly tell her to shove
 it; I am a person too. But, reality sets in and my children need health insurance and the slight amount of food assistance, so as I poor person I become a no one.


Sylvester the talking kitty cat doesn't like anything. When his owner asks him what he does like, constant "NO"s spark a little song, that of course, the kit...
 it; I am a person too. But, reality sets in and my children need health insurance and the slight amount of food assistance, so as I poor person I become a no one.

So true.

"L'Oreal" is a beautiful 2-1/2 month old female kitten who was surrendered by her owner on June 27, 2013 along with her sisters (Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, and Maybelline). This sweet baby girl has a jet black short smooth coat, a long tail, and a very pretty face. She and her sister "Maybelline" are nearly identical twins except that "L'Oreal" is somewhat larger. These sisters are sharing a tower in our Jungle Room and all of them are equally cute and playful. The adoption fee for "L'Oreal" would be $20 and includes vaccinations, basic wormer, and a $20 spay voucher that will be honored by area veterinarians. She received vaccinations and wormer on June 29, 2013.

3 from 4 Black Cats and 3 from 8 cats in my household :)
From the left Dux, Parker and Mouse :D

Every one has different coping skills. Some people have none and some are better than others during tragedies. Those who have stronger ones can reach out and embrace those that are weaker and in need. We can be strength for them especially during the time when they are in shock. We can encourage them to learn the necessary skills for recovery. It is possible. xo

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