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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Charmed ,what is it back in 2014?

After  meeting Brian Krause @ Salt Lake City Com A Con 2013 last year, I secretly hope for a Charmed

reunion or at least maybe that they would get together  on GMA. Brian was great, sweet an nice guy.

 The nicest guy you'd ever meet, as stars go.
I have met a few. But I as, I was perusing you-tube for Wiccan
Documentaries as I do every sunday. As you know I post them on our coven and council page, to give info

to all. Well, I came across something Charming, and wicked.. Buzz about a possible Charmed movie  or

new CBS TV show! Spearheaded by Alyssa Milano, She has gotten all 4 main stars to agree to this movie . 

They even got Brian Krause to join in this venture. So, Friends and fellow witches watch for this to be out 

soon . Word is that the movie will be out this year. Here are links stories about charmed maybe coming 

back. charmed movie 2014 So lets be watching for that, but you can all ways watch

 classic episodes of Charmed, Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenaged  Witch, or there are movies Teen witch,

 The Craft, and more. For a full list  go to  Witchcraft in television or List of Witch Movies or Witches . OR

Witches in literature, read about it witch books  or List of fictional witches or books about wiccan  to

continue your training  recommended reading or Best_Books_for_Wiccans  Blessed Be...

Reverend High Priestess Char Norton M.W.R.

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  1. Oh wow! I would LOVE that! A Charmed movie....awesome. :) I am just excited enough to see season 2 of Witches of East End on LIfetime!