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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are you involved in your Pagan Community? 9/9/12

Description: Purifing Your Home

When you feel negativity building up in your home, or the occupants are not getting along:

Use Sandalwood, Dragons blood or (if you can stand the smell) Patchouli Incense. Make certain that you carry your censer or a stick of incense into each room. Use this in conjunction with a chant and meditation. It's also a good idea to sprinkle sea or kosher salt on the carpet, then vacuum it up immediately after the ritual
Purifing Your Home

When you feel negativity building up in your home, or the occupants are not getting along:


Description: U2Description: Newsletter


Dear U2 Fan,

From The Ground Up, the official photo book of the U2360° tour, is all set for publication in just a couple of months.

This handsome hardback featuring photography from Ralph Larmann and text by Dylan Jones is published in October but if you're a subscriber, or considering becoming one - don't order it yet...

We're delighted to announce that we'll be releasing aspecial edition of From The Ground Up - just for our subscribers.

Featuring the same text and photography, this special edition comes with a little something extra - includingmore exclusive live tracks from U2360°.

No offer has been as warmly received as the current one with U22 so our 2012/13 package will bring you even more live tracks from U2360°. This will all be part of the surprise when the different elements of the new subscription offer are announced in October. With this email we wanted to give you a heads up thatU2360° From The Ground Up will be part of the deal.

Meanwhile on right now we're asking people for the U2 single they'll never forget - the one that stopped them in their tracks, that will always make a unique connection. Some great stories posted already - add yours here.

We're also looking to you to dive into the 'Reissue' area of the Discography section and add your reviews to albums the band have re-released - from Achtung Baby to Boy, October and War. Start listening. Start reviewing… exclusive prizes on offer.

Finally, as we've mentioned the next subscription offer, don't forget that the current one is available for a few more weeks. Here's what you need to know to get your own copy of U22 or maybe you've a friend who'd love one? When you buy a friend a gift subscription, we email you an electronic gift certificate. You send this to your friend, they subscribe to,download 12 tracks and we mail them 'U22'. They love you!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned, we think you're gonna like what's coming up!

Best wishes
The Team.

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Description: I make things to honor the Goddess in Her many...
8:01am Sep 5
I make things to honor the Goddess in Her many forms. Thought some might be interested!
I sell meditation beads, prayer beads rosaries for your spiritual practice.



From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan

Are you involved in your
Pagan Community?
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Many times, members of the Pagan community find themselves with different perspectives on interpersonal things like coming out of the broom closet, finding reputable teachers, and setting goals. After all, none of us are exactly the same, so none of us have exactly the same opinions or experiences. Let's talk about some of the different issues of interest within the Pagan community.

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While a Pagan-based business may be similar to other start-up businesses in many respects, there are also a few key issues that Pagan entrepreneurs have to face which may be non-existent for their non-Pagan counterparts. If you're thinking of starting up your own Pagan-based business, such as a bookstore, a candle shop, or an energy-work studio, there are a few things you should probably keep in mind before you begin. Read Full Article
If you're someone who's new to Pagan religions - or if you're someone who's been Pagan a while and wants to branch out a little - you might find it of benefit to yourself to find a teacher or mentor. However, many people decide that "finding a teacher" means just randomly posting on the Internet, asking strangers to contact them. This is not the ideal way to find someone who can teach you about spirituality, for a variety of reasons. Let's look at some of the things you should do if you're looking for a Pagan teacher - and some of the things you should really try to avoid. Read Full Article
With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it's no surprise that some members of the Pagan community are finding themselves accidentally "outed." A reader writes in and says, "I have a Facebook page, and there's a spot for "religion" and I put "Pagan." Now all these people that I hardly even know are looking at my Facebook page and sending me emails asking me if I'm really a witch and telling me I might go to hell and they're going to pray for me. It's none of their business! What do I do?" Read Full Article
After you've been Pagan or Wiccan for a while, you will eventually find yourself facing the question of whether or not to come out of the broom closet. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, this essentially means coming out as a Pagan or Wicca -- making it known to family, friends, neighbors, etc. It's a highly personal issue, and people have a number of reasons for choosing to stay closeted. Just as many people have reasons for making their beliefs known. Read Full Article


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