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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Please send Healing to Deborah Ann Light that she be well.
Deborah Ann Light, who lives in Florida, is a beloved Pagan Elder, author, Goddess scholar, and longtime member of Circle Sanctuary.
Deborah has been hospitalized since Saturday, September 15, 2012.
Send healing so that she has comfort, regains strength and vitality, experiences loving support, and is well.
Send support to her doctors and other medical staff that they be successful in understanding the cause of her illness and that they find effective treatments.
Send support to her partner Jeri Baldwin and other loved ones caring for her.
EXPRESS well-wishes at her Healing page:
Well wishes can also be posted at the Circle Healing Circle Page on Facebook.
NETWORK: share this call for healing widely - post the link, forward this email, tell others.
Many Thanks!
Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary
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South African Police Service - Religious Crimes Unit Mandate - August 21, 2012

South African Pagan Rights Alliance - Official Objections To SAPS - September 
10, 2012

(Pages 8-10 pertain to the "Vampire Community")

Human Tissues Act - South Africa:

Removal of tissue, blood, blood products or gametes from living persons

55. A person may not remove tissue, blood, a blood product or gametes from the 
body of another living person for the purpose referred to in section 56 unless 
it is done-
(a) with the written consent of the person from whom the tissue, blood, blood
product or gametes are removed granted in the prescribed manner; and
(b) in accordance with prescribed conditions.

Use of tissue, blood, blood products or gametes removed or withdrawn from living

56. (1) A person may use tissue or gametes removed or blood or a blood product
withdrawn from a living person only for such medical or dental purposes as may 
(2) (a) Subject to paragraph (b), the following tissue, blood, blood products or
gametes may not be removed or withdrawn from a living person for any purpose
contemplated in subsection (1):
(i) Tissue, blood, a blood product or a gamete from a person who is mentally ill 
within the meaning of the Mental Health Care Act, 2002 (Act No. 17 of 2002);
(ii) tissue which is not replaceable by natural processes from a person younger 
than 18 years;
(iii) a gamete from a person younger than 18 years; or
(iv) placenta, embryonic or fetal tissue, stem cells and umbilical cord, 
excluding umbilical cord progenitor cells.
(b) The Minister may authorise the removal or withdrawal of tissue, blood, a 
product or gametes contemplated in paragraph (a) and may impose any condition 
may be necessary in respect of such removal or withdrawal.

New unit to look into vampires, zombies and harmful curses.
18 September 2012

THE state can’t ignore the tokoloshe, zombies, vampires, Satanists and people 
who practise black magic any longer . . .
Very soon there will be a special SAPS unit to investigate dead chickens buried 
in the garden,
muthi over the doorposts and people ordered to do evil deeds by evil spirits!
Animal sacrifice and muthi murders, or human mutilation for muthi purposes, top 
their list of priorities.
A police memo dated 21 August, which was leaked to the People’s Paper, states 
that “two detectives per province have been trained in the investigation of 
vampires, zombie intimidation and curses intended to do harm, as well as other 
such occurrences”.
The detectives will work for the Occult Related Crime Unit.
The detailed memorandum was sent to divisional, provincial and deputy national 
commissioners, as well as heads of offices and commanders of SAPS training 
The SAPS said it recognises the freedom of religious expression that relates to 
witchcraft and Satanism but pointed out that crimes related to these beliefs 
need to be punished.
The memo also tells the cops to stay neutral during investigations.
Johan Burger of the Institute for Security Studies told Daily Sun the unit is a 
good idea.
“Regular detectives can’t deal with such crimes,” he said.
“The investigation of these kinds of crimes needs specific training and specific 
The police’s Colonel Tummi Shai said the SAPS has always had detectives 
specialising in such crimes.
“The crimes were just not classified as occult crimes,” Shai said.
Damon Leff of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance said his organisation 
isn’t sure about the unit.
“The supernatural should not be investigated by the SAPS as there’s no 
scientific evidence to prove it,” he said.
Phephesile Maseko of the Traditional Healers Organisation said traditional 
healers who kill for ritual purposes are not inyangas.
“They are just murderers,” she said.
A previous unit that investigated occult-related crime was disbanded years ago 
after being found to be “out of touch” with the country’s new Constitution.
Led by Kobus Jonker from 1991 to 2001, it reportedly investigated 300 cases of 
muthi-related crimes alone.
Its strong focus on Satanism led to the unit being accused of pushing a strictly 
Christian agenda.

Pagans challenge occult-related crime training
South African pagans have expressed concern after it was revealed the SA Police 
Service (SAPS) is training detectives to be specialists in “occult-related 
18 September 2012 | YADHANA JADOO

JOHANNESBURG - A leaked internal police memo entitled “Investigation of Harmful 
Occult-Related Crimes: Investigation Support Capacity” is being circulated on 
the Internet.

The police document mentions that two detectives per province must be experts in 
dealing with occult crimes. The memo says these include muti murders, curses 
intended to cause harm, vampirism, spiritual intimidation including “astral 
coercion”,  rape by “tokoloshe spirits”, poltergeist phenomena, voodoo,  black 
magic and traditional healers involved in criminal activities.

“This newly envisioned scope of investigation must be viewed with suspicion and 
be of concern to anyone engaged in the practice of witchcraft, traditional 
African religion, and other occult spiritualities, including satanism,”  the  SA 
Pagan Rights Alliance (Sapra) said.

The specialists will help other detectives in cases that involve  crimes “rooted 
in the supernatural”.

The memo addresses all divisional and provincial commissioners, heads of office, 
all commanders at SAPS colleges and all deputy national commissioners. It 
indicated that two detectives per province recently received specialised 
training in the investigation of “harmful occult-related crimes”.

“The investigation of harmful occult-related crimes demands a great deal of 
spiritual and emotional balance...

It is important for members of the SAPS to remain neutral during investigations 
and their focus must remain unbiased regarding the occult-related criminal 
discourse,” the memo states.

Questions to the SAPS yesterday about  the extent of the “specialised training” 
and how such crimes would be investigated were unanswered.

Sapra said it believed  the new police mandate potentially threatened religious 
minorities who may be used as scapegoats on the basis of belief.

THE INSIDER: Something Interesting To Sink Your Teeth Into
By The Insider - 19 September 2012, 06:04

THE Insider is in receipt of a rather strange missive with a disconcerting 
preamble: "This is a story you will want to research and report on before 
international attention is brought to bear..." It continues, "The South African 
Police Service may now be targeting Wiccans, Pagans, Healers, Occultists, 
Satanists, and Vampires as part of a secret new initiative (lumping them all 
together as … ‘Satanic’ or ‘Occult’ crimes). The sweeping generalisations, 
oblique, and intentionally vague references outlined in this document may 
potentially be used to violate the rights and religious protections of 
law-abiding South Africans by purposefully inciting a ‘Satanic Panic’ — much 
like the one that swept the US in the 1980s and was later proven unfounded by 
the FBI ...

"There are dangerous individuals out there who should be brought to justice but 
law-abiding practitioners of alternative religions and consensual ritual beliefs 
and practices that don’t result in the loss of life … shouldn’t be the focus of 
clandestine SAPS investigations. Especially when the underlying aim is to 
further the private agendas of elected officials and mainstream religious 
groups. This is very embarrassing for a country that is supposedly striving to 
be more progressive towards embracing 21st century human rights ideals."

The Insider has no quibble with any of this and, indeed, many of his friends and 
their friends are pagans. The letter was "signed off", however, by various 
groups, most of which the Insider had no idea existed, to wit the South African 
Pagan Rights Alliance, the South African Vampire Community and the South African 
Vampire Alliance. Let’s hope you’re not reading this at twilight....

Pulling Lucifer’s Tail
South African pagans and members of other minority religions were understandably 
upset this week when a leaked memo revealed that the police are training two 
detectives per province to deal with “occult-related crimes”.
20 September 2012 | MICHAEL COETZEE

For many it undoubtedly brought back memories of the now-defunct SAPS 
Occult-Related Crime Unit.

It used to be headed by a man who still uses every opportunity he can to pursue 
his campaign of misinformation about witchcraft, paganism, satanism and occult 
practices, Kobus Jonker (he likes to be called “Dr”, but his PhDs seem to 
originate from diploma mills).

With the dawning of a new South Africa and the adoption of a constitution that 
guarantees freedom of religious belief and practice, Jonker and his fellow 
fundamentalist Christian crusaders suddenly found themselves unable to use the 
organs of state to pursue their agenda.

Some former members formed religious ministries to continue their work, and like 
Jonker they are sometimes contacted by poorly informed journalists who fall for 
the “expert” tag they like to hang around their necks.

Now, with the leaking of the memo, it seems that the masters of misinformation 
have somehow got their foot in the door again.

The memo reveals that police detectives will receive special training to deal 
with “categories of crime” that include the “practice of voodoo in order to 
cause harm”, “vampirism”, “astral coercion” and “poltergeist phenomena”.

A reasonable person may well ask whether our police officers shouldn't rather 
receive more training in catching corporeal criminals before they go after 
invisible and intangible ones, but that is a topic for another day.

One of the many things that are wrong with this police plan is how a whole bunch 
of unrelated or scarcely related things are grouped together under the umbrella 
of “occult-related crimes”, and held up as deserving special police scrutiny and 

The reality is that astral coercion doesn’t exist, that occultists and religious 
satanists don’t go around killing people (at least not more than the general 
population), and that witchcraft as a religion and as a cultural practice is 
distinct from the practice of satanism and sometimes paganism as a religion.

But those who sell themselves as experts on occult-related crimes either don’t 
know this, which would mean they are not experts at all, or they do know it but 
wilfully mislead people.

They have a religious agenda which they pursue by being the “go-to people” for 
information on the occult, witchcraft etc, and instead of providing real 
information, they spread lies and propaganda.

In public relations terms they certainly realise the importance of “controlling 
the message” and have been quite successful at doing so, notwithstanding 
substantial gains by groups such as the South African Pagan Rights Alliance in 
setting the record straight.

Police management needs to remember that the SAPS is there to protect all South 
Africans, of whatever religious persuasion and of none at all.

Minority religions especially are often the target of discrimination and even 
violence from “mainstream” quarters, so their practitioners are often in need of 
even greater protection.

The last thing we need is for President Jacob Zuma’s “minorities have fewer 
rights” approach to be applied in the world of law enforcement and religious 

Police On A Witch Hunt
Nashira Davids and Philani Nombembe
20 September, 2012 00:06

Witches in South Africa believe police are out to get them.

The SA Pagan Rights Alliance has claimed that it has heard that the SA Police 
Service has trained two detectives in each province to investigate "harmful 
occult-related" crimes. The alliance represents witches "who identify witchcraft 
as their religion".

The crimes police were trained specially for include:

    Witchcraft-related offences, including black magic, witch-finding and 
    The practice of voodoo intended to cause harm;
    Vampirism and joint infringement of the Human Tissue Act;
    Murder or human sacrifice leaving evidence of occult involvement; and,
    Allegations of rape by a tokoloshe spirit.

The alliance has objected to what it calls the "launch of regional 
occult-related crime units". But national police spokesman Colonel Vish Naidoo 
said police were not targeting religious groups and that investigating such 
crimes was not new.

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You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] Team.

Hunter and Prey

by getfang
The interests and practices of those who self-identify as vampires are wide and varied. While it is understood and accepted that the source of vampirism itself is innate, and not merely a lifestyle preference, there are several common threads which tie various segments of the community together; deeper concepts and ideals which serve to strengthen these common ties.
The following is a contribution by Silver Mage on the subject of the vampire as a hunter.
Hunter and Prey
While I’m well aware that the following statement will no doubt upset many who read this, it does have a direct bearing on a topic dear to many people’s hearts. I’m a hunter. Yes, I’ve seen the Elmer Fudd cartoons and heard all the jokes and knocks about the perversion of shooting “poor defenseless” animals. For those that haven’t been properly introduced to this old man, I grew up in a time when hunting was a necessity and not a “sport”. I hunted for food, not for bragging rights and when I get the chance, I still do. Game animals have less fat, less cholesterol and more taste per ounce than all but the most expensive cuts of meat on the menu today.
Now, you’re asking yourself, “Just what the heck (or any word you choose to put here) has hunting got to do with a Vampire site?” Basically Vampires are hunters. While modern Vampires use bars, dances and other gathering spots to locate potential prey, in the old days (pre-nineteen hundred) a Vampire needed to use all the skills hunters use today. Stalking had an entirely different meaning back then.  To be an effective hunter the classic Vampire would search the local village/town/city for suitable victims (never liked that term as applied to hunting, so I’ll stick to the term prey for the rest of this article). Once the appropriate prey had been located the hunter needed to select a place to procure the prey and then wait patiently while the selected subject passed by unaware that they are about to become the hunter’s next meal.
I’ve always found it odd that the majority of Vampires portrayed in modern literature and movies are male as the female is almost always the most successful hunter of prey. I guess human males are more susceptible to the wiles of a delightfully beautiful woman than women are to the handsome ruggedness of a male Vampire. In almost all predatory animals the female is the one more likely to provide sustenance for her offspring. So, the female has learned over the eons to provided protection and provender for her young. (Yes, there are a lot of predator species that are pair bonded; there are also a lot that are not.)
Back to Vampires and their hunting abilities.
Having procured his or her meal, the typical Vampire of older ages would rush the prey off to their secluded domicile and feed. Here’s where things get a little dicey. By killing their prey the Vampire reduces the number of humans available to procreate and thus reduces the number of prey to feed on. Typically a predator will feed on a herd of animals until the “easy ones” are eliminated and then move on to greener pastures, thus allowing the former feeding grounds to repopulate. It’s a wise stratagem for predators but not so much for their prey.
If a hunter of intelligent species takes too many of the herd then the locals will raise the alarm and set out to “eliminate” the predator, be it wolf, lion or Vampire. If, again like modern hunters, the Vampire limits it’s feeding to the “fringes” of society then there’s less chance of upsetting the locals and creating a climate of fear and hate. (The modern hunter has limits set every year determined by numbers harvested the previous years and the annual count of the current year.)
In today’s societies, well at least the more modern ones, Vampires no longer need to prowl the night and select suitable prey. As I understand it there are gathering places where hunter and prey can be introduced to their mutual satisfaction. I’m not sure if the idea of selecting a fancy meal from a menu is more desirable to me than actually hunting down that meal for myself or not. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that I’ve provide for my family with my own abilities. In any case, as one hunter to another, “bon appetite”.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and/or contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policies, positions or recommendations of the owners, agents or subsidiaries of  Anything derived from the content of this article is at the reader’s own discretion.  Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information.

A Single Vampire is Mad, Thousands are a Minority

by getfang
There is an old Sufi saying: "In the world, but not of the world."  And while this phrase may mean different things to different people, with various reasons for feeling (or needing to feel) separated from the world, those outside mainstream society would say it signifies a certain "otherness" that ultimately causes many to feel isolated, and retreat.  Even in large numbers, even within established communities and counter-cultures, a person may feel ostracized or even at risk in the presence of the majority.  But from those cultures and communities that have stood the test of time, established solidarity, and fought long hard battles as they've not only distinguished themselves but solidified their place among the masses, the real vampire community may have much to learn.
The following piece is a perspective on the subject of culture parallels and mainstream acceptance written by Hesperus — a self-identified psychic vampire, and member of the OVC.
A Single Vampire is Mad, Thousands are a Minority
Few members of our community go untouched by anti-vampire prejudice. For those of us brave enough to publicly acknowledge our natures, the vulgar assumptions by others about our habits or mental health are insulting and can even threaten our safety and our freedom. Those among us who understandably choose a higher level of discretion to avoid the threats posed by an ill-informed and potentially dangerous society often live in an exhausting state of perpetual hyper-vigilance, feeling compelled to conceal an integral part of their identities. These conditions are familiar to me, personally, not only as a vampire but as a gay man. Thankfully, the prevailing attitudes regarding sexual minorities, as illuminated in large part by changes in representation in media, are shifting toward greater acceptance and threats of violence and forcible institutionalization are much abated. The vampire community, on the other hand, continues to find itself consistently depicted as insidious, predatory creatures fixated on victimizing innocent, unsuspecting people. The representation of minorities in this way more or less summarizes the propaganda used to marginalize every oppressed community throughout history. Learning from the hard-won successes and continuing battles of those who have had to fight to combat irrational and vilifying depictions of their community could offer invaluable encouragement and insight into our own.
The development of a firm sense of identity and community has followed a similar path for both gay men and vampires. Throughout ancient history homosexual acts are widely reported and yet the idea of a homosexual, a personal identity predicated on an innate tendency, is a comparatively recent concept. In both groups, a sense of identity arose from an inherent inclination that is not shared by the majority: the romantic attraction to people of the same gender for gays, and the need to derive sustenance from the vitality of others for vampires. With this shift from isolated behaviors to intrinsic natures established, the recognition of common struggles, needs, values and dialects led to the assertion that we qualified as a distinct community. A major milestone for the gay community toward this end was the establishment of the Mattachine Society in the early 1950s, not unlike the founding of like-minded groups and Houses in the early vampire community. It is also not uncommon for members of both communities to face disbelief from friends and family upon their decision to share the results of their self-discovery. Combatting regular invalidation of one's identity can have a major impact on the development of that identity.
The environment in which the gay community developed its collective character can be gleaned from how they were represented in the media of the time. It was exceptionally rare for homosexuals to be portrayed at all until relatively recently and, when we were, we were depicted as sexual predators lurking near schoolgrounds, waiting for an opportunity to corrupt children, magically infecting them with homosexuality. The closest that such representations came to a compassionate rendering of homosexuals was when they declared our sexual deviance to be a mental illness in need of immediate treatment. Seeing these exclusively negative portrayals was often very damaging especially to younger gay people, many of whom were still in the process of developing their sense of identity. Naturally, this environment demanded a high degree of discretion, as the consequences of stigma could be irreparable and even mortal. After much struggling and outspoken activism, the gay community has made great progress toward establishing a stable, positive media presence by consistently demanding equal recognition and denouncing defamation.
Depictions of vampires in popular culture today are just as damaging. The overwhelming majority of media representations of us, at present, are grotesquely inaccurate and negative; we are displayed as murderers who cannot control our primal impulses, callous monsters who hold no value for human life, deviant sex maniacs who manipulate others so that we may bypass their inhibitions and sexually assault them and somehow infect them with the terrible disease of vampirism. When a vampire is depicted as a hero, it is only when he denounces his "true nature" as a predator and starves himself, often valiantly killing off as many other evil vampires as he can while doing so. This is as insidious as it is atrocious.
Unlike prejudice based on more easily visible traits like race or sex, the possibility for discretion or remaining completely "in the closet" offers itself to sexual minorities and vampires alike. While this may, at first, seem to be an advantage, it can have crippling effects on the development of a solid community. Furthermore, remaining in hiding often contributes to the internalization of the discrimatory propaganda that claims that such minorities are forever lurking in the shadows, hiding in plain sight and awaiting any opportunity to strike. Because of the legitimate risk posed to personal safety, financial, legal, and social stability by living openly as a vampire, however, any decision regarding how openly to express this aspect of one's nature should be respected and never challenged or condemned. What must be challenged and condemned are the demonizing portrayals of our community that make openness unacceptably dangerous for so many of us.
For all of the common ground shared by our communities, the primary obstacles faced by other oppressed minorities have been the institutionalized discrimination of governments and the largely unchecked threats posed by others fuelled by the hatred reinforced by those discriminatory institutions. That hatred is consistently justified by malicious stereotypes, the inventions of which often lead to the originating of oppressive legislation. The primary obstacle to safety for the vampire community today is the threat of violence from an ignorant and hostile humanity that sees us as monstrous, predatory beasts that can do nothing but harm. While there are some notable exceptions (e.g.: Louisiana Revised Statute 14:107.1, which makes consensual blood consumption, even during religious rites, illegal and punishable by between five and twenty-five years in prison per offense), few laws have been specifically enacted to suppress our community.
The question, then, becomes whether an increased visibility would aid the members of our community or put us at greater risk. Similar tactics of slandering a minority have immediately preceded the enaction of oppressive laws repeatedly throughout history. The only reason that such laws aimed at vampires are not widely in place already is that the majority sees us as fictional, too horrible to truly exist. As the community begins the transition into public view—an inevitability in our age—it is vital that we learn from those who have made similar transitions in the past. We must be able to set aside our differences in order to effect a safer world for ourselves and for future generations; we must forge meaningful alliances with sympathetic communities and, above all, we must continue in our lives as our natures dictate. To do this is to prove those who vilify and demonize us wrong at every point. We are not diseased or insane; we are not possessed of or by demons; we are not rabid predators victimizing the innocent at every opportunity; and we are not the first to be unjustly defamed by such calumnies.
The above prognosis of society's reaction to our growing conspicuity may seem unjustified or paranoid. Human history, though, speaks for itself; its pattern of greeting anything new with suspicion and suppression is unquestionably consistent and the expectation that such history will recur in our case without our active interference is reasonable. However, paranoia is symptomatic of poor planning. There is no need for rash action, merely appropriate preparation. Fear of widespread violence or the institutionalization of discrimination against us is not presently justified and panic would be counter-productive. Instead, this is the time to organize peaceably and find ourselves.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and/or contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policies, positions or recommendations of the owners, agents or subsidiaries of  Anything derived from the content of this article is at the reader’s own discretion.  Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information.
we don't sale love spells here's why!
There are a lot of those....

some days!
Time has come for me to say good night. Again a blessed Mabon to everyone. Back tomorrow! )O(

Fall is here!  :)

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Use incense to enhance your rituals. Image © Patti Wigington 2009; Licensed to
This week, we're going to be looking at the use of oils and incense in modern Pagan practice. While not everyone includes oils or incense as part of ritual or magic, many people find that these items enhance their magical workings. Incense and oil have been used in many cultures, for thousands of years, for a variety of purposes. Let's look at some of the basics of oil and incense, and talk about some ways you can use them in your practice.  Follow Pagan/Wiccan on Twitter or Join Me On Facebook.
Incense 101: Making and Using Incense 
For thousands of years, people have used fragrant flowers, plants, and herbs as incense. Using smoke to send prayers out to the gods is one of the oldest known forms of ceremony. From the censers of the Catholic church to the Pagan bonfire rituals, incense is a powerful way to let your intent be known. You can make your own quite easily, using a blend of herbs, flowers, wood bark, resins, and berries. Most of these are items you can grow yourself, find in the woods, or purchase inexpensively. Read Full Article
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Incense Recipes 
Here are some of the most popular incense recipes from About Pagan/Wiccan, including a variety of seasonal scents, our Samhain Spirit incense, Mabon Harvest incense, and our Full Moon incense blend. Read Full Article
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Intro to Magical Oils 
Our ancestors used oils in ceremony and ritual hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Because many essential oils are still available, we can continue making our own blends today. In the past, oils were created by placing oil or fat over a heat source, and then adding fragrant herbs and flowers to the oil. Many companies today offer synthetic oils at a fraction of the cost of essential oils (essential oils are the ones actually extracted from a plant). However, for magical purposes it's best to use authentic, essential oils -- these contain the magical properties of the plant, which synthetic oils do not have. Read Full Article
Magical Oil Recipes 
Here are some of our most popular magical oil recipes, including Money Oil, Blessing Oil, and Gratitude Oil. Try these basic recipes to get started, and then branch out and invent your own! Read Full Article
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From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan
Are you raising Pagan kids? Are you raising Pagan kids? Image © Getty Images; Licensed to
As more people embrace earth-based spiritual paths, it's becoming more common to find Pagans who are rearing children in their faith. Let's talk about some tips and tricks for raising Pagan kids, and living as a Pagan family -- how can you celebrate the Sabbats in a kid-friendly fashion, deal with teachers who may be insensitive to your beliefs, and raise well-adjusted kids in a non-mainstream religion? Have a magical week, and watch for Friday's special Mabon newsletter!  Follow Pagan/Wiccan on Twitter or Join Me On Facebook.
Keeping Kids Involved in Pagan Practice 
As the modern Pagan movement progresses and evolves, the Pagan community has grown to encompass people of all age levels. Those who discovered Paganism as teens or college students two or three decades ago are now raising their own children, and so the demographic within the Pagan community is constantly changing. It's not uncommon at all to meet families in which one or both parents are Pagans or Wiccans, and they may have kids who follow a variety of religious paths. One of the questions that arises, though, is that of how to include children in Pagan practice. Read Full Article
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Books for Pagan Kids 
The biggest problem here is that there just really isn't a whole lot out there commercially available for kids in Wiccan and Pagan families. That makes it kind of tough sometimes to find books... however, once you do a little digging, you'll find there are a ton of books that support Pagan and Wiccan principles and values. Things like stewardship of the earth, respect for nature, reverence of the ancestors, tolerance for diversity, a hope towards peace -- all things that many Wiccan and Pagan parents would like to see instilled in their kids. Read Full Article
Ten Activities for Pagan Kids 
For many Pagans and Wiccans, it's hard to find kid-friendly activities that celebrate our spiritual path. Believe it or not, sharing your beliefs with your kids is easier than you think. After all, you're the parent, so you can lead by example. Show your children what you do, and they'll emulate you in their own way. Teaching by doing is the key. By living a Pagan life, you'll show your kids what it means to be Pagan or Wiccan or whatever your family's path is. These very simple activities are easy enough that you can do them with nearly any child, so have fun with them! Read Full Article
Your Rights as a Pagan Parent 
When it comes to raising our kids, it's sometimes hard to know what rights we have as Pagan or Wiccan parents. In the United States, we have the same rights as parents of any other religion. Learn how you can avoid discrimination in schools, simply by opening up the lines of communication. Read Full Article
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Plan a Caribbean Vacation  Whether you're planning a romantic escape, a girlfriend getaway, or an active family vacation we've got the resources you need. Read more...> How to Eat Locally  Eating locally has many benefits, the food is fresher, tastes better, and has less environmental impact. But how can you get started? Read more...>
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Are you ready for Mabon? Are you ready for Mabon? Image © Getty Images; Licensed to
For our northern hemisphere readers, it is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. The fields are nearly empty, because the crops have been plucked and stored for the coming winter. Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, and it is when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest. On September 22, for many Pagan traditions it is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. Be sure to read All About Mabonfor more rituals, folklore, and activities! Our readers below the equator are celebrating Ostara, the spring equinox. Winter is winding down, and signs that the earth is coming back to life are beginning to appear. Whichever of these Sabbats you may be celebrating this weekend, I wish you all the blessings of the season!  Follow Pagan/Wiccan on Twitter or Join Me On Facebook.
Mabon History 
Two days a year, the Northern and Southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight. Not only that, each receives the same amount of light as they do dark -- this is because the earth is tilted at a right angle to the sun, and the sun is directly over the equator. In Latin, the word equinox translates to "equal night." Let's look at some ways that Mabon is celebrated around the world, and some of the symbols of the season. Read Full Article
Mabon Rituals 
Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Mabon, but typically the focus is on either the second harvest aspect, or the balance between light and dark. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying -- and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.Red Full Article
Mabon Traditions and Customs 
Interested in learning about some of the traditions behind the celebrations of September? Find out why Mabon is important, learn the legend of Persephone and Demeter, and explore the magic of apples and more! Read Full Article
All About Ostara 
It's the time of the vernal equinox of you live in the Southern Hemisphere, and it's a true marker that Spring has come. There are many different ways you can celebrate this Sabbat, depending on your tradition. Read Full Article
See More About:  ostara  sabbat indexes  spring holidays
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Plan a Caribbean Vacation  Whether you're planning a romantic escape, a girlfriend getaway, or an active family vacation we've got the resources you need. Read more...> How to Eat Locally  Eating locally has many benefits, the food is fresher, tastes better, and has less environmental impact. But how can you get started? Read more...>
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These subtle but very powerful patterns are driven by the force of habit and spontaneous reaction. Often based in difficult emotions and negative conclusions, they can be some of your strongest destiny creators! But they don’t have to direct your destiny any longer!
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Defy Gravity
Defy Gravity: Understanding Your Seven Graces Caroline Myss - On Demand Lecture
Experience this On Demand Seminar for FREE  for a LIMITED TIME  Use Priority Code: 4753Offer Expires October 4th, 2012
What is grace and how does it influence your life? Grace is a mystical substance, a divine force that makes itself known through the consequence of its presence in your life. In this powerful On Demand Lecture, visionary author Caroline Myss teaches you how to access the profound power of grace and in turn change your life. Drawing from innovative concepts in her new book, Defy Gravity, Caroline introduces you to the seven powerful graces that have numerous expressions in your day-to-day life. They are: Reverence, Piety, Understanding, Fortitude, Counsel, Knowledge, and Wisdom. And from them flow other graces such as the grace of compassion, healing, and endurance. The grace of Counsel, for example, is a profound grace that elevates your consciousness in situations where you need to communicate the truth to another person, the type of truth that you know will change both of your lives. Or this grace is what you call upon when you need to receive inner counsel regarding what it is you should do next with your life.  These graces are provided to us as the essential ingredients of our humanness. They are the deepest and most profound power of what it means to be a spiritual being. They are meant to be utilized for personal growth and to be shared generously with others. How do you access your graces? How do you know when you are in a field of grace? How do you recognize the presence and direct intervention of a particular grace? Caroline answers these questions and more.
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Hay House is proud to release For the Sender by Alex Woodard. 
For the Sender - Alex Woodard
For the Sender
For the Sender
Alex Woodard
Watch the Trailer
"We have these same tragedies, victories, and triumphs... we just call them by a different name. That's how we're all part of the same story." —Alex Woodard  Heart-warming and intimate, For The Sender is one of the most inspiring books of the year. Through his own story of loss and grief, author Alex Woodard takes the reader on a personal journey of interconnection and transformation with the discovery that sometimes, giving back is the only way to true healing.  After years of chasing his dreams, singer-songwriter Alex Woodard finally had a record deal and an album to promote. He offered to write a song for anybody who preordered his self-titled release; all they had to do was send him a letter about their story, and he would write and record a song just for them at his kitchen table.  The promotion came and went—and as the year wore on and the record deal fell apart, Alex watched his best friend, a Labrador named Kona, die in his living room with her head in his lap. Her passing shined a harsh light on how far away Alex really was from his dreams, and autumn found him trying to let go of both Kona and everything he thought would have happened by now.  And then he got a letter from Emily.  Emily had finally found the love of a soul mate, a true kindred spirit and best friend, when autumn took him away. Every year since his passing, she writes him a letter to say she misses him and remembers the beautiful moments they had together. She usually tucks the letter away into a box, since there is nowhere to send it, but this autumn she sent the letter to Alex.  She didn't want Alex to write a song for her. She just felt like his songs were pieces of himself he gave to others, and she wanted to give him a piece of herself as her own kind of gift.  But Alex did write a song for her. And that song became two, then three, then eventually twelve as more letters came in and Alex showed them to a group of talented musicians who share "family dinners" in his San Diego neighborhood. The letters ranged from descriptions of unfathomable grief and destruction in Haiti to more intimate tales of being and belonging, which soon took on a life of their own through the songs.  He didn't know it yet, but Emily's letter had started Alex down his own path of moving through loss and reconciling broken dreams, culminating one cold December night on a small stage in suburban Atlanta. And he found out for himself that a song is like a letter, and a letter is like a prayer.  It's more for the sender.
Autumn - Emily
Listen to an Excerpt from the Audiobook
THE LETTER  It was autumn when I got this letter from Emily, who I didn't yet know but had somehow come across my songs. I was watching my dreams fall like the leaves on the limbs outside my window, barely hanging on before quietly drifting to the ground. And it wasn't only my dreams. My best friend, a labrador named Kona, had recently succumbed to bone cancer with her head on my lap in my living room, and I was taking a hard look at my life as a result. Her death closed a chapter of my life, one of chasing dreams and retreating into solitude when things didn't work out. I didn't know what the next chapter looked like, but I did know that the leaves were doing a better job of letting go than I was.  Emily's words about her own loss, love, and gratitude resonated deeply with me, almost as if she knew what I was going through and had sent the letter on purpose. She had lost her soulmate one autumn, which was also their favorite time of year, and every year around that time she sent him a letter. She included that letter with her own note to me and I showed both to my friend Sean Watkins. We wrote a song about it called "For the Sender," which launched this project.  These letters seem to bring out beautiful truths buried in the wreckage of tragedy. I can see how the struggles and triumphs we talk about over dinner, or on the playground, or to the mirror, are unique because they come from different voices, but are all part of the same conversation. The stories belong to all of us.  Dear Alex,  Every year around this time, I feel a little nostalgic and sad, because this is the season when I lost someone who meant a great deal to me. You see, I am one of the lucky ones, I have experienced the amazing connection of love with a soul mate. A real kindred spirit. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago, but I still consider myself lucky, not only because I have felt true love, but I have lost it as well and that too can be considered a gift; for I now know even more than before just how precious life and love are. Of course, I am not always able to smile through the day, sometimes I still miss him, painfully so. Like in autumn, not only the time of year when he was taken from me, but also the time we loved best. So, every year around this time, when the memories fill me, I write him a letter. I thought I'd share it with you, not so you'd write a song for he and I, but because I think your songs are gifts. Pieces of yourself used to help other people with their stories. So, here is a piece of myself. It is all I have to share in return for the wonderful thing you are doing with your music and your talent.  —Emily  I open the parchment-thin pages, and the auburn-colored leaves included in the envelope fall out onto the table along with a photograph of a man with his arms outstretched, who I assume is Emily's soul mate. And the air catches in my throat as I begin to read.  Dear Anno,  The leaves have begun to change again. It began a few weeks ago, but with a subtlety I am not sure I can describe. As if Nature was planning a surprise party, for weeks the plans go on behind your back, bit by bit. Then suddenly one morning you walk outside, and the brisk autumn air screams "SURPRISE!" You look up and see all the colors, like old friends: orange, umber, yellow, sienna, burgundy, green, and brown. The trees are ablaze in a patchwork of fiery brilliance that comforts your very soul.  My favorite coffee shop has pumpkin coffee now. I drink it down in gulps that fill my thoughts with memories of autumns past when we carved funny faces in pumpkins and ate caramels as we walked in the woods looking for pinecones. We were so young then, so happy and free spirited. I still feel that way sometimes. It's like a cosmic gift from the universe. It doesn't happen often, but when it does- Oh, the feeling! Like an orgasm for the soul when you feel alive and free of worry. When doubt and fear are strangers to you and you remember what fun feels like. Do you remember fun? We used to have lots of it this time of year; jumping in leaf piles and laughing, hot apple cider flowing in our veins, the smell of cinnamon and spice in the air.  It lasted only a short time before the season of hot cocoa and snowflakes would quickly drift in and frost over our little world, but while it lasted, autumn was a happy time. We were young and in love, and the world was beautiful.  I still miss you, you know, when the trees are on fire, my heart yearns for you. When the night becomes chilled and the hot apple cider is sipped around the bonfires, I still think of you. Sometimes, I swear I can feel your arms wrap around me at night when I stand out in the cold. The cool night wind tickles my neck like the scruff of your unshaved face as we cuddled close to the fire.  I don't know where the soul goes when a person dies, but I hope it is autumn where you are, too, and that you think of me sometimes when the leaves blow off the trees and the jack-olanterns are smiling. I miss you.  Forever... Your Em 
Watch the Video
Listen to the Song
Download Song
THE SONG  Sometimes songs take different shapes as they evolve, and this one has become about expressing pain, or joy, or just what is... and how maybe, hopefully, that's enough.  For the Sender  hello my friend it's me again writing words i cannot send you  autumn's cold the leaves are old and letting go but not me  cause it's when we met and it's when you left and it's when our love was the best so every year i write you this letter but like a prayer it's more for the sender do you remember  sometimes i swear you're in the air am i just a great pretender  am i alone i want to know if you remember  it's when we met and it's when you left and it's when our love was the best so every year i write you this letter but like a prayer it's more for the sender  do you remember do you remember do you remember do you remember
Enter to Win
For The Sender is certain to touch the heart and soul of the reader, invoking a powerful awareness of both the healing nature of music and the universally shared understanding of the human condition. Alex's words and songs will simultaneously break and mend the heart, inspiring a palpable feeling of oneness that lingers on long after the last page is turned.
AmazonBarnes and NobleHay House
See it Live
THE EXPERIENCE  For The Sender is a book, album, and concert event that demonstrates the healing power of music. Join Alex as he takes you on a moving journey of release, redemption, and realization through the letters, songs, and story of For The SenderFriday, September 28th, 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET Soundwave on In celebration of his new book and CD set For the Sender, Alex performed an intimate concert at the Hay House offices with some of the musicians who participated in his project.  Saturday, October 27th, 5:00pm - 5:30 pm I Can Do It! Pasadena Can't make the event, experience the conference through a live online video stream!  Saturday, November 3rd, 5:00pm - 5:30 pm I Can Do It! IGNITE! New York Can't make the event, experience the conference through a live online video stream! 
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Daily Om: Learning to Live by Madisyn Taylor  Hardcover $19.95 $1.99 (Save 90%)The Beauty Quotient Formula  by Robert M. Tornambe M.D.  Hardcover  $24.95 $1.99 (Save 92%)Yoga Pure And Simple by Kisen Paperback  $15.95 $0.99 (Save 93%)Waiting for Autumn  by Scott Blum  hardcover  $14.95 $0.99 (Save 93%)
Your Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  Hardcover $6.95 $3.99 (Save 42%)You On A Diet Workout  by Mehmet Oz, M.D.  DVD $11.99 $4.99 (Save 58%)Soul to Soul  by Gary Zukav Hardcover $26.00 $4.99 (Save 80%)Life Among the Dead  by Lisa Williams  Paperback  $15.00 $4.99 (Save 66%)
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Stress Relief Bundle by Hay House Complete Kit $50.85 $33.05 (Save 35%)Financial Freedom Bundle  by Hay House Complete Kit  $70.75 $40.00 (Save 43%)Secrets of Attraction Bundle  by Sandra Anne Taylor  Complete Kit $40.95 $18.00 (Save 56%)Blissful Living Bundle  by Susan Smith Jones  Complete Kit $52.85 $35.00 (Save 33%)
Discounted prices are effective while supplies last. All discounts expire on September 24th, 2012 at Midnight Pacific Time. 

Get Fanged7:16pm Sep 15
What does it mean to lead a Real Vampire Community? To find out, GetFanged recently talked with Belfazaar Ashantison, (founder of NOVA and active member of the vampire community) about everything from leadership to voodoo to donor rights, and where he sees himself in ten years.
GetFanged Interviews Belfazaar Ashantison: Vampire Community Leader and Founder of NOVA
Within the real vampire community, online and off, there are many individuals who strive to be seen ...

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