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Monday, January 11, 2010


merry meet, happy happy shooping day! went grocery shopping fun fun,price matching,coupons. Walmart payson hates me. I save more money on my wears than when I worked there. they see me coming and the CSM's a start watching.I'm not stealingI just want the best price for what I'm buyingif thats wrong than sue me,no sue walmart.once I had the ad and everything and come in and went to price match and a CSM whom I knew was like oh no you can't price match this and and where's the need to come in less.I was so a fended, I left. just because I am an ex-employee does not meean I not deserve to be treated with respect as all customers do. But because I had worked there she profiles me as someone whos trying to steal from walmart. having cashiers watch me whenI stairing at batteries looking for speical one for my camera as if I'm stupid enugh to steal in front of them and by the cameras if I want to steal from walmart I could all to easly and get away with it too.So,go to hell to her, right?!

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Joanne V^^V

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hi all...this message has nothing to do with the announcement, but i wanted to ask anyone if they need any cleaning or painting done inside or out, at your house, apt. etc., or know anybody who does so we can get our business off the ground...we r in the greater salt lake area, but will travel for work, PLEASE feel free to contact me, Isabella, at 801 336-6192 or e-mail me at THANKS & blessings to all...have a nice day!!

Vampire Community News

A message to all members of Vampire Community News
Are Vampires Real? - Paranormal Magazine (UK) - Issue 42


Visit Vampire Community News at:

Irish Pagans sent a message to the members of PAGANS OF IRELAND.


Merry meet: The amount of international interest in setting up links has been overwhelming hence I will form an International Events Guide as well as a national pagan events guide. Rather than your inbox being filled up daily I will send a weekly general notice outlining events, classes, courses in Ireland and internationally. Please email me any information you wish to be enclosed in this weekly round-up by Wednesday of each week to enable all weekend activities to be listed.

Welcome to Pagans of Ireland network

now set up in DISCUSSION BOARD

You can meet with pagans in your own area through these discussion and networking page and please feel free to post any event or email it to me for the weekly Pagan Round-UP for festiivals, meetings, dating???, events or holiday celebrations



NOTE: I am unable to run this group alone due to its popularity
I have received notification from a few people who are interested in being admins


If you are qualified to run a professional service for our group members in a particular pagan path please email me with a full outline of experience.

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

Find people from your AOL address book on Facebook! Go to:

This message was intended for Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook or have these delivered to your phone via SMS? Go to:
Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Irish invited you to "Midsummer Paganfest & Litha Ball in association with Rochelle Moore" on Saturday, June 19 at 11:00am.

Event: Midsummer Paganfest & Litha Ball in association with Rochelle Moore
What: Holiday Party
Start Time: Saturday, June 19 at 11:00am
End Time: Monday, June 21 at 2:00pm
Where: Ireland

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

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Increase your productivity for the New Year
Barbara Bartlein
Jan 9th 2010 at 5:00PM
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Filed under: Career, Health

A study of a thousand business people reported that 89% take work home, 65% work more than one weekend a month and 53% spend less than two hours a week looking after their children. Completed by the American Management Association, the study also revealed that more than 68% of the survey respondents felt at least somewhat more overwhelmed at work than they did two years ago.

Are you looking for more time in your life to do the things you really want? We can't create more time, but by using time more effectively, you can streamline work and responsibilities. Here are some ideas for the New Year:

Observe yourself. The first step in time management is to know how you currently spend your time. Log all the hours and what you are doing for one week. You will quickly discover time that is lost with inefficiencies, interruptions, and lack of planning. Be especially wary of the great time waster - - television (and of course, the Internet). Discipline yourself to make better choices.
Go to bed. According to the 2005 Sleep in American Poll, approximately half of American workers report that lack of sleep regularly affects their performance on the job and at home. Adults in the U.S. report that they receive, on average, 6.9 hours of sleep each night. The recommended amount is 7.5 to 8.5 hours for a healthy adult. Don't skimp on sleep to get everything done. You may be more productive by sleeping that extra hour
Have a "don't do" list. Be clear on what things you don't want to do or interfere with your efficiency. I am often asked to lunch by people who want to "network." While I enjoy meeting new people, I have found this to be an enormous waste of time with little benefit to either party. I now refuse these requests and invite them instead to join me at a larger networking event.
Go paperless. You have the technology, so use it. Eliminate the paper trails, files, and copies. Use the computer to put your documents into files and organize your projects. At least twice a year, take a few hours to go through files and delete what isn't being used.
Make e-mail the communication of choice. Eliminate as many phone calls as possible. Integrate voicemails and faxes into your e-mail system to avoid wasting time on other technology.
Use e-mail filtering. This will keep the amount of e-mails at an acceptable level. Tools like "in-box rules" and search folders can mark and group messages based on content and importance.
Ignore new e-mails. It's fine to have the e-mail notification icon on your toolbar but discipline yourself to ignore it. Each time you switch between screens to check the latest incoming mail; you lose your flow and your productivity. Rather open your mail no more than once per hour.
Learn the computer programs. Most of us use less than 10% of the capacity of the programs we have installed on our computers. Yet, you can save time by using macros and other tools. Don't have time to sign up for a course? Download a free list of shortcuts from Microsoft.
Use a computerized contact management system. There are a number of great ones available such as ACT. Many also can integrate into your palm pilot for scheduling, contact, info, etc. It's a great way to keep track of key customer, contacts or even your Holiday list.
Set short deadlines. Long deadlines are the fodder for procrastination. Most of us wait until we are under the gun and then work like crazy to complete the project. Create a deadline system for yourself that includes daily goals even if it is only part of a project.
Understand who does the typing. Consulting with large corporations, I am often amazed that they try to save money by eliminating support staff. How many hours of time are wasted by folks who are typing with two fingers? Either learn to type or hire someone who does. This holds true for other projects too. If there is someone who can do it better, faster, and more efficient than you, outsource the work.
Systemize everything you can. From scheduling to grocery shopping, calendars to cleaning, create a system. Systems turn into habits and organized habits increase efficiency.
Eliminate everything from your schedule that does not add value. Too often reports, measurements and routine tasks are of little benefit and interfere with other projects. There is an old Scottish proverb: "Weighing sheep won't make them any fatter." Measurements have their place but periodically evaluate if they are still needed.
Implement these ideas to increase your productivity for 2010. Then take a nice vacation.

Barbara Bartlein is the People Pro. For her FREE e-mail newsletter, please visit: The People Pro.|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link6| Staffer Fired for Baring Her Sports Bra?|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link5|"Diet" Dr. Pepper|htmlws-main-n|dl3|link1| Values in Public Colleges|htmlws-main-n|dl4|link7| is awarded the mightiest of titles: it's Word of the Decade!

Free Redbox DVD rental
Julia Scott
Jan 11th 2010 at 11:30AM
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Filed under: Fantastic Freebies, Bargain Babe

Use code SNSV25 to get a free DVD rental through Redbox, those large red machines stationed near the entrance at many chain grocery and drug stores. The freebie is for one night; rentals are usually $1 per day, so if you keep it more than 24 hours you'll pay. You can also reserve a movie online and then pick it up at the store.

Find a Redbox near you. Unclear when this code expires, so use it soon!]|htmlws-main-n|dl7|link7| Dedication - 'The Simpsons Special' You 'Buy This Now!'? failed products and people: The 9 biggest fizzles in 2009

Blessed Be...High Priestess Char Norton
We had a good night at Bell's place trying out a few songs for the season. If you check the Files section and download the "ImbolcSongs.rtf" file, this file will show the songs we have tried and feel would be good for the group to get into the season. To address apprehension, the group parts will be tried out before the songs get rolling. The file has the possible breakouts, but there will be some fine-tuning so it will all come together and gel with the group. These songs have the benefit of sounding somewhat conventional when heard across Bell's neighborhood...

The first one shown is Neil Young's Light a Candle-
The look we had at this tonight was that elements of the Bell, 2 Scott's and Andrew choir would do the ballad parts and the group (after a runthrough) would do the chorus parts and end. This saves having the whole assemblage have to practice the whole song. It will work out when we are in person...

The next one is a Mother Goddess song (Stonehenge) by Kellianna-
The arrangement will be different when we do this in the group. Not only will it be done by more people, but the layering tracks in the YouTube clip will be replaced by doing the pieces in a certain sequence. Again, if it works the way it did tonight, it should all come together well and push us toward a spirit of growth and renewal.

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