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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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from Patti Wigington
In this week's newsletter, a new law in Ireland is being protested by atheist groups and others, a British wildfire reveals a hidden mystery from thousands of years ago, and the Los Angeles Police Department ends their long affiliation with the Boy Scouts. Also, new - and disturbing - details have come out about the Sedona sweat lodge case, in which three people died.

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In the Spotlight
Irish Blasphemy Laws Face Protests
A new law in Ireland making "blasphemy" punishable by a fine of up to 25,000 Euros is facing sharp criticism from an atheist group, which has published a list of twenty-five quotes that could be construed as in violation of the regulation. Atheist Ireland, in an effort to have the law repealed, says "This new law is both silly and dangerous. It is silly because medieval religious laws have no place in a modern secular republic, where the criminal law should...Read More

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Exclusions conflict with city policies
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Wildfire Reveals Ancient Secret
This is cool. Back in October, a wildfire swept across some sixty acres near Scarborough, in Yorkshire. Recently, aerial surveyors from English Heritage got a chance to fly over the site, and took the first photos of a monument that could be as much as 4,500 years old. Although archaeologists were aware of the site's existance, this is the first time anyone's...Read More

More Details Come Out in Sedona Case
Back in October, tragedy struck at a sweatlodge retreat in Sedona, AZ, run by self-help guru James Arthur Ray. Three people died, and many more fell ill. It didn't take long for the fallout to being, because in December new allegations surfaced about a woman's suicide during a summer seminar. Now, documents in the Sedona investigation reveal that Ray and his staff seem to have a lengthy history of ignoring medical issues at their events. Lost consciousness, broken bones, vomiting, and all sorts of...Read More

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[supaganalliance] See AVATAR
I usually do not go out of my way to recommend movies. So I will make this short. See the John Camaron movie AVATAR at a theatre near you. There are some spiritual themes that are overtly Earth (or Pandora, in this case) worshiping. Also, do feed the inner geek; go for the 3D and wear the black glasses. Those in the area that have the 3D are Westates 8 in Cedar, Westates 8 Sunset Corner, Pineview Stadium 10 in St. G and possibly the IMAX in Springdale. (IF this is on the IMAX and in 3D, I will pay to see it again!) Feel free to pitch comments if you have already seen it!

this are ok here,working on what speach for a meet up I am guest specker at, this will be my second interview or speach. I am famous as a witch in utah county!.it will be like intro to wicca next saterday the 16th. will thats about it got to go. Blessed be... High Prietess char

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