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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I went to a meetup you just have to attened.
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Springville, UT
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Hello Bell,

I was wondering is there anything we should bring if we show up such as a drum? Or is our voice and sparkling personality enough?


--- In, "Bell" wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm hosting a music jam/practice session at my house this w/e Sunday 630pm - 9:30pm. darwinpagan(Scott) had brought up the idea of performing some paganish music at Imbolc this year. I know a few of you did gather before to learn some music and chants and I was sorry that I didnt get to attend that one.
> If anyone has some good music tablature for paganish music can you please send me what you have? Or better yet come and join us at my house tomarrow.
> I will be serving refreshments but not a sit down dinner so we can get right to the jam session.
> My address is posted on this site but let me give a little direction.
> Going out of St.G on i-15 North, take the first Washington. go under the expressway bridge staying in the right hand lane. At the light turn right (parallels the freeway). Go about 1/2 mile til about the 2nd street on your left named "Playa Della Rosita". Kony Country radio station is right there on the corner. Go up probably less than a 1/2 mile to my all light brown house on the left #371. There should be a Navy Chevy Tahoe and a gold sedan vehicle in the drive. You will need to park on the road in front of my house.
> This is also where the Imbolc celebration will be this year.
> Hope to see you all there.:)
> Bell
> ps you may call me at 435-668-5238

Emotional vampires: Bite back
Posted 2 months ago

Your life suck?

Don't be surprised if you're a victim of emotional vampires -- people who suck up all your positive energy.

Vampires just don't come out in the night or at Halloween -- seems they rule 24/7.

They lurk everywhere and wear many different disguises, says Dr. Judith Orloff, from needy relatives to workplace bullies.

There's the belittling boss, gossipy co-workers, nit-picking spouse, confrontational mother-in-law, drama-queen sister, controlling father-in-law -- the energy-sucking clan goes on.

According to Orloff, these beasts that burden go in for the kill by stirring up your emotions, pushing your buttons and lowering our resistances.

"They wreak havoc with our health

by adding stress to our lives," says Orloff.

"For instance, if a 'victim' calls you after a long days work complaining for two hours, you end up exhausted when you can be taking care of yourself."

Intentionally or not, these emotional leeches often make us feel depressed, defensive, angry and wiped out, says Orloff, author ofEmotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life(Harmony Books).

Proper self defence strategies are essential, otherwise unhealthy behaviours and symptoms may surface, including overeating, isolation, mood swings, or feeling fatigued.


These difficult people are often attracted to people with big hearts who don't know how to set boundaries, says Orloff, of, often victimized are those with low self esteem who can't defend themselves or have a hard time saying "no."

"No" is a complete sentence, she adds.

"You can run but you cannot hide from an emotional vampire," says psychotherapist Deborah Mecklinger, adding that they may appear as a

harmless Cinderella, Snow

White or even Casper the Friendly Ghost, "but a blood-sucking vampire is a blood

sucking vampire," so don't be

fooled. "Once

recognized, deal with the vampire head on, before they sink their teeth into


Practice setting limits

until you can do it with ease, Mecklinger suggests. Practice on a good-natured "Snow White" in your life.

"Don't be his or her next victim. Don't sleep through the ravages of the vampire. Be alert; use your words -- especially the littlest one you know. Say 'no' to the emotional vampires," says Mecklinger, of

"Be a broken record--repeat 'no' until they stop or go away. They will find their next victim," she says, adding that they look for weaknesses in their victims to prey upon and exploit.

Meanwhile, Orloff adds that it's important to become emotionally aware since we all have some tendencies to suck up people's energy.

"The solution is always to own up to where you're emotionally stuck and change the related behaviour. Emotional freedom is about developing awareness of ourselves and shifting out of negative patterns quickly.

"For instance, if you are just complaining and negative, take small doable action steps to turn the situation around. Pay off $25 on your credit card.

Ask your boss for projects that are stimulating. Talk to your mate about a behaviour that is irritating you.

"Once you take action, you can shift out of emotional vampire patterns."

- - -

FIVE that bite

Here are five types of emotional vampires you'll likely encounter, according to Dr. Judith Orloff's bookEmotional Freedom,and how to fend them off:

TYPE 1:The Narcissist-- look out for this self-important, attention hogging vampire. Often charming until her guru status is threatened.

Self-defence tips: Enjoy her good qualities, but keep your expectations realistic. To get her co-operation, show how your request satisfies her self-interest.

TYPE 2:The Victim--This vampire thinks the world is against him, and demands that others rescue him.

Self-defence tips: Limit your interactions, and don't get involved in his self-pity.

TYPE 3:The Controller --This dominating vampire is judgmental, has an opinion about everything and thinks he/she knows what's best for you.

Self-defence tips: Speak up and be confident. Don't get caught up in bickering. Assert your needs, and then agree to disagree.

TYPE 4:The Criticizer--This vampire feels qualified to judge and belittle, and bolster his own ego by making you feel small and ashamed.

Self-defence tips: Don't take what's said personally or get defensive. Address a misplaced criticism directly. Express appreciation for what's useful. Bounce back with a massive dose of loving-kindness.

TYPE 5:The Splitter--This vampire may treat you like his BFF one day, and then mercilessly attack you the next; a threatening rageaholic who revels in keeping others on an emotional rollercoaster.

Self-defence tips: Establish boundaries and be solution-oriented. Avoid skirmishes, refuse to take sides, and avoid eye contact when he/she's raging at you.

Adapted from the new book, Emotional Freedom by Dr. Judith Orloff

- - -

Dealing with an emotional vampire Dogged by a vampire?

Dr. Judith Orloff recommends these dos and don'ts:


* Take a breath to centre yourself

* Stay calm and matter-of-fact instead of taking their bait

* Listen to intuitions signaling danger, i. e. a bad feeling in your gut

* Pause and develop a plan for handling the situation before you react

* Communicate clearly, firmly and with a neutral tone when setting limits


* Panic

* Talk yourself out of your intuitions or call yourself neurotic

* Blurt out something you'll regret later

* Pick a fight

* Overeat to medicate stress

Are you infected? Signs that you're an energy-sucking leech:

* People avoid you

* You're self-obsessed, critical, controlling, negative, you gossip or bad mouth people

* You become a drama queen or king

* You become a chronic talker who doesn't let other people get a word in edgewise

* You make friends your "therapist" and overwhelm them with your issues/problems

Blessed Be...High Priestess Char Norton

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